The 11 Best documentaries about missing persons

Sep 6, 2023 | Best Of, Crime

When it comes to missing persons cases, documentary films offer a one-of-a-kind opportunity to explore the mysterious and often tragic circumstances behind their disappearance. These captivating documentaries seek to shed light on some of the most heartbreaking cases of unsolved disappearances that have left families and friends searching for answers.


1. The Most Mysterious Disappearances You’ve Ever Heard

Join us as we explore the unsolved mysteries of missing persons that have left their families and friends in heartbreak and confusion. From people vanishing without a trace to strange reappearances, these documentaries offer a glimpse into some of the most bizarre cases involving disappearances. We’ll investigate clues to discover what could have happened.


2. The Unsolved Disappearance of Lucas Tronche

Lucas Tronche was a leader who inspired those around him. Despite his quiet and compassionate nature, he had a deep-seated passion for scouting and survivalism – an urge to help others that shaped his life. However, the afternoon of March 18th in 2015 changed everything when Lucas suddenly disappeared without explanation or trace.


3. The Most Chilling Story You’ve NEVER Heard Of: Michael Madden

The mystery of Michael Madden’s disappearance has become a legend amongst true crime enthusiasts. What happened that fateful night in 1996? Was something sinister at play, or was it simply an unfortunate accident? Join us as we explore the chilling details of this long-forgotten missing persons case.


4. Unsolved Mysterious Disappearances

This documentary dives into the gripping accounts of people who have gone missing. Loved ones and law enforcement are desperately searching for leads, seeking any clues from sites where a person was last seen. This series explores the journeys taken to uncover the truth and understand why somebody vanished without a trace.


5. The Extremely Bizarre Disappearance of Sneha Anne Philip

The story of Dr. Sneha Anne Philip is one that echoes across time, the mystery of her disappearance still unsolved to this day. All who knew her in Manhattan spoke fondly of her intelligence and creativity, qualities often found in an independent spirit like hers.


6. The Missing

Every two minutes someone in Britain is nowhere to be found. While most are returned safely within 48 hours, many people are still missing and their families are left without answers. This documentary takes a look into the heart-wrenching stories of three families who have had loved ones disappear in mysterious circumstances.


7. Finding Robert Fisher

Robert Fisher, a man with dark secrets, had been accused of killing his wife and two children in 2001. Despite an extensive search effort for the suspect that spanned the entire state of Arizona, he remains at large to this day. This story has become infamous over the years as one of the most notorious unsolved missing persons cases in Arizona’s history.


8. Family Who Disappeared Found Trapped Inside Secret Room Locked For 9 Years

Are you ready to discover some of the most strange and amazing stories of solved missing persons cases? Fromile Sibiya, who went from a hospital with an broken leg to being found in an impossible location, to the family who were trapped in their own home for nine years, these true tales will have you on the edge of your seat.


9. When People Mysteriously Dissapear

Every two minutes someone in Britain is disappearing. 3,000 of these cases remain unsolved each year, leaving family members with no answers and searching for closure. This documentary tells the heartbreaking stories of three families whose loved ones vanished into thin air.


10. Unexplained Disappearances With Unexpected Twists

Do you ever feel like things happen that can’t be explained? We all know the feeling of unease when something doesn’t quite add up. That’s why today, we’re uncovering some of the most mysterious missing persons cases ever seen. From the strange disappearance of Patrick McNeill to the unforgettable vanishing of Kayelyn Louder.


11. The Missing Tourist

When a tourist from Japan sets out on an awe-inspiring journey to visit the Aurora Borealis in Canada’s remote Northwest Territories, no one is prepared for what will happen. The Missing Tourist dives deep into this unsettling mystery as it follows the search for answers that span two different cultures.

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