The 11 Best Documentaries About Generation Y

Aug 10, 2023 | Best Of, People, Social

Generation Y is often described as a generation of creativity, ambition and innovation. But what lies beneath the surface? To truly understand the hearts and minds of this vibrant age group, we need to look deeper into their lives through documentaries. From films about relationships and social media to entrepreneurship and technology.


1. Millennials’ hustle culture to survive tough times

What do Millennials have in common? They’re constantly hustling to survive. With competitive job markets, sky-high rent prices, and record levels of student loan debt, they’ve had to develop a unique set of survival strategies. From side gigs to freelance opportunities, Generation Y is willing to go the extra mile to make it work.


2. What’s Wrong With Millennials?

Looking at the millennial generation from an objective universal perspective, you can see they are a game-changing force. They have the potential to disrupt and rebuild the current societal order. And their coming of age in the information age has opened up a world of seemingly unlimited choices for them.


3. Healing the Millennial Wound

As Generation Y moves forward, many have been pushed to a crossroads as a result of the adverse effects of existing rules. This game-changing generation is responding with resilience and determination to rewrite the traditional framework, and redefine the rules of the game itself. With boldness and creativity, they are creating new paths that will pave the way for future generations.


4. Generations Throughout History

The generations of American culture stand in stark contrast to each other. From the era of the Greatest Generation, which saw a rapid rise in wealth and prosperity, to Gen Y’s unique outlook on life and technology, each provides a distinct window into different times and different lifestyles. From documentaries that capture the changing nature of everyday life through history.


5. The Difference Between Generation X and Millennials

Gen Xers grew up amidst the Cold War, a time of indomitable tension between two superpower nations. We lived with fear and uncertainty in our hearts, but also had the strength to persevere. It was during this era that we learned how to be resilient adults and how to stand firm against anything that could break us down.


6. A Generation of Weakness

Simon Sinek peels back the layers on what has led to Gen Y’s sense of entitlement. Parenting strategies that don’t quite hit the mark, technology that gives us everything we want almost instantly, and an environment in which patience is a virtue of a bygone era have all contributed to this new wave of people unable to cope in reality.


7. Boomers vs Generation Y

Generation Y, also known as the Millennial Generation, is a topic of much debate amongst those who grew up in the decades prior. As technology and social media have become increasingly popular over the past two decades, this newer generation has taken on both a new set of habits and societal norms that are vastly different from Boomers and other generations.


8. Generation Y

Understanding the complexities of Generation Y can be a challenging task, but Butzi is here to help! Through their documentary project they deconstruct the preconceived notions that create a divide between generations. Labels such as impatience, laziness and dissatisfaction are exposed for what they truly are – misconceptions which often lead to misunderstandings in regards to generational differences.


9. The conflict between Generation Y and Z

Generation Y, the young adults that are rapidly redefining our economy and culture, have become subject to a number of documentaries in recent years. These films often focus on the struggles faced by this generation – from student debt and low wages to an uncertain job market – while still celebrating their ambition and creativity.


10. Messages from Generation y

Generation Y has seen a lot of societal and cultural changes that have shaped how we live today. Our attitudes, values, and beliefs are deeply rooted in our upbringing. Through the lens of these documentaries, we can get an intimate look at what makes Generation Y tick.


11. Generation Y in the Boardroom

With exponential advances in technology and society, Generation Y and Z are the forces driving Governance 3.0. Dr Karl George MBE will explore how these two generations have changed governance from its roots to what lies ahead for social change. From business to strategic development, accountancy to ethics, Karl George is an esteemed global expert on corporate governance and board behaviour.

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