The 11 Best Documentaries About Food Waste

Jul 18, 2023 | Best Of, Social

Food waste is a disgusting problem across the world, yet often takes a backseat to more pressing issues. Documentaries can be an effective tool for sparking conversation about this important and unavoidable topic. Here’s a list of some of the best documentaries that bring food waste into focus, highlighting the realities of our culture and the potential solutions available.


1. The Global Food Waste Crisis and The Danish Solution

The documentary, produced by the Danish government, focuses on their efforts to reduce food waste from farm to fork. It follows three families and a restaurant manager as they cut down their food-waste with creative solutions. With interviews of industry experts, farmers and chefs, this film provides insight into the complex issue of food-waste and how it can be addressed


2. Tossed Out: Food Waste in America

In the US, we waste a staggering 40% of our food, much more than any other country. Everyday billions of pounds of food are thrown away due to improper storage or lack of market demand. This equates to over $165 billion in losses from the farm gate to the kitchen table. The majority of this waste is occurring at the consumer end – with


3. Why Do We Waste Perfectly Good Food In The U.S.?

In this thought-provoking documentary, Yara examines how a variety of factors contribute to our wasteful culture. He speaks with experts in the food industry, farmers, and everyday people about why we’re throwing away perfectly good food. From packaging requirements to issue of purchasing too much or not enough food, he delves into every aspect of food waste in the United States


4. Food waste is the world’s dumbest problem

In the premiere episode, “Food Waste: The World’s Dumbest Problem”, Sanjayan dives into the facts about how food waste is one of the leading drivers of climate change. From exploring food deserts to exposing some outrageous statistics, Sanjayan guides us through an engaging exploration of what we can do as individuals to reduce our food waste and help protect our


5. The Big Waste: Why Do We Throw Away So Much Food?

Have you ever wondered why so much food goes to waste in America? Karim Chrobog, a film director, dives into the shocking reality of this issue and examines its immense human and environmental repercussions. Watch this documentary as we explore the big waste of food that is occurring throughout the country!


6. Dumpster Diving in LA: From Trash to Treasure

Are you ready to be inspired? Follow the amazing journey of one filmmaker and his friends as they dive into LA’s supermarket dumpsters, rescuing thousands of dollars worth of food in the process. This award-winning documentary is not only captivating entertainment but also a powerful call to action for America’s 43 billion kgs of wasted food each year. Watch this heartwarming story challenge some of America’s largest grocery chains and spark change for a better future. Originally released in 2010, it is an absolute must-see!


7. Rethinking The World’s Waste: Circular Economy- Climate For Change: Closing The Loop

Do you want to learn about the circular economy and how it can help reduce plastic waste in our oceans and landfills? Join us as we explore the world of entrepreneurs who are tackling this global crisis head-on. We’ll meet those finding new ways to retrieve plastic from waterways, turning it into fuel or back into plastic again. We’ll also look at initiatives to reduce single-use plastics in everyday life by working on alternative materials. Additionally, we will examine solutions for food waste such as repurposing food for human consumption, animal feed, and even biofuel! Finally, we’ll take a look at cultivated meat; now available in Singapore – could this be the future of food?


8. Food waste: How much food do supermarkets throw away?

Food waste is a huge problem in Canada, with $31 billion worth of food thrown away each year. In this video, David Common goes dumpster-diving at Walmart to reveal the shocking truth about how much good food supermarkets are throwing away. Follow him on his journey to uncover the scale of this global issue and learn what we can do to help reduce it.


9. Bones, Shells & Peels: A Feast With Food Waste?

But will they be able to transcend traditional recipes and create something special out of food waste? Join us on this culinary journey as Isaac guides the contestants through a unique challenge – transforming bones, shells and peels into an unforgettable feast. Will their creations be delicious enough for even the most discerning palate? Find out in Bones, Shells & Peels: A


10. Tristram Stuart: The global food waste scandal

Tristram’s work has uncovered the startling truth that over one-third of the world’s food is wasted. He reveals the appalling amount of resources – including land, water and energy – which are consumed to produce this excess food only for it to end up in landfills instead of on dinner tables.


11. Food Waste causes Climate Change. Here’s how we stop it.

Climate change is an urgent issue, and food waste plays a major role in worsening the situation. In this video, I explore how food waste contributes to climate change and hunger on both a global and national level. From farms to grocery stores to our homes, there are many solutions that can help us reduce food waste while helping feed those who need it most. These easy fixes include creating shopping lists, using guides for when your food spoils, and setting up compost areas at home. With these simple tips, we could potentially make a huge difference in fighting climate change as well as world hunger! Watch the video now to find out more about how we can collectively tackle this “world’s dumbest problem”.

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