The 11 Best Documentaries About Cuba

Jul 9, 2023 | Best Of, History

Cuba is a stunning country, boasting breathtaking mountains and pristine beaches. But did you know that its culture and history are just as captivating? To learn more about the island nation’s past, check out some of the amazing documentaries available on Cuba. Here are six of our top picks to help you explore this fascinating land.


1. Havana and its People

Havana is a city with a rich history and vibrant culture, but it’s also in danger of being lost to the rest of society. In this documentary, we explore Havana’s transformation from its days as a slave-traded center to its current status as one of the most beautiful and lively cities on Earth – learning about its people and their unique stories along the way. Discover why Havana is so special, and how our understanding of it can help us better appreciate all that makes this incredible city so important.


2. Cuba! The Real Cuba!

Do you want to learn about the fascinating culture and history of Cuba? Then this documentary is for you! From stunning landscapes to stories from local people, we’ll take a journey through Cuban life. Join us and explore the country’s past and present – from Spanish colonialism to today. This video will give you an insightful look into one of the most interesting countries in the world!


3. Nueva Nostalgia

Welcome to Nueva Nostalgia, a documentary about Cuba’s journey from revolution to modernity. In this video, we explore the capital Havana and its unique time warp atmosphere of outdated cars and crumbling facades. Despite hard times, young Cubans are optimistic for the future- they’ve even invented “El Paquete,” an elaborate information network that brings Bundesliga matches, telenovelas and US TV shows across the island! We also follow some young architects who have struck a deal with La Guarida restaurant: profits will go towards restoring an old mansion in Havana. This kind of trade-off is increasingly common in modern times as Cuba slowly opens up – so join us on this journey through Cuban nostalgia and new beginnings!


4. How Fidel Castro Came To Power

This documentary will take a look at Fidel Castro’s rise to power. From his humble beginnings as a revolutionary in Cuba, to becoming the leader of the country – this film will explore some of the key moments in his life that shaped who he was and how he governed. We’ll also examine some of Castro’s successes and accomplishments during his tenure, and show why he remains an intriguing figure for many today.


5. Cuban Revolution: Fidel Castro, Raul Castro, Che Guevara

Fidel Castro, Raul Castro and Che Guevara are three revolutionary figures who have shaped Cuba’s history. This documentary will explore how Fidel became involved in crime as a teenager to make money, his journey to becoming president of the National Assembly and founding the Communist Party of Cuba, and how he worked towards achieving Cuban independence. Learn more about these iconic leaders who changed the course of Cuba’s future with this captivating documentary!


6. Cuba: Columbus to Castro

This documentary takes a deep dive into the history of Cuba, from Christopher Columbus’ discovery of the island to Fidel Castro’s rise to power. We meet key figures in Cuban history such as Fidel and Raúl Castro, and uncover why Cuba became a communist nation. Learn how this small Caribbean country has had an impact on global politics and culture today. Join us as we explore Cuba: Columbus to Castro!


7. Cuba: High prices, lines and shortages

Cuba is a country facing many difficult challenges. With sanctions in place for decades, the Cuban people are struggling with shortages of food, medicine and electricity. Inflation and prices have skyrocketed – leaving many without access to basic necessities. Even the famous ingenuity of the Cuban people is being stretched as they attempt to cope with this crisis.


8. Fidel Castro – Comandante of Communist Cuba

Explore the life of Fidel Castro, one of the most controversial figures in 20th century history. From his rise to power in 1959 as leader of Communist Cuba, to his death in 2016, this documentary delves deep into Castro’s legacy and examines how he shaped Cuban society. Learn about Castro’s revolutionary ideas and tactics that changed Cuba forever!


9. The Shocking Truth About How Cuba Became Insanely Poor

Discover the shocking truth about how Cuba became an impoverished nation. In this video, we explore the history and current state of Cuba’s economy from its beginnings as a prosperous paradise to its present-day struggles with food shortages and economic decline. We investigate the key factors that have shaped the country’s economic trajectory, including colonization and corporate domination, as well as Fidel Castro’s communist rule. Get an in-depth look at this complex issue and understand why Cuba is facing such severe poverty today.


10. Fulgencio Batista – Cuba’s Mafia Backed Dictator

In the mid-20th century, Cuba was in the grip of a dictator with strong ties to organized crime. Fulgencio Batista’s rule saw corruption and crime run rampant while his mafia backers profited from it all. Learn about this dark period in Cuban history and how Batista’s regime eventually fell thanks to Fidel Castro’s revolution.


11. The REAL Cuba that they don’t show you

Welcome to the REAL Cuba that they don’t show you! I’m Czech from Czech in Effect and today we’re taking an inside look at Centro Habana, located next to Old Havana. In this video I will expose the everyday struggles of Cuban people living in La Habana – including shortages of gas, food and poor network coverage. Get ready to experience a unique insight into life on the island nation as we explore what it’s like beyond the tourist attractions. Join me for a journey through The Real Cuba!

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