The 11 Best Documentaries About Children With Disabilities

Jul 29, 2023 | Best Of, Health

Children with disabilities face many struggles and challenges in their lives, but they are no less capable of achieving great things. From physical needs such as wheelchairs or ramps to emotional support systems and educational services, these children require special care and attention. To discover more about the unique experiences of those living with disabilities, check out some of the inspiring documentaries that have been created on this topic. These films showcase how individuals can overcome obstacles and make a positive impact in the world despite any difficulties they may be facing along the way.


1. Autism: Challenging Behaviour

This documentary explores the challenging behaviour of those on the autism spectrum and how Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) has been used to help them. It delves into both sides of this heated debate – from passionate parents who believe ABA is a great way for their children to learn, to critics who argue it’s dehumanizing and abusive. See what happens when an individual is forced into social norms they’re not comfortable with and explore how this could lead some people on the autism spectrum into depression or even suicide.


2. Two Children with Undiagnosed Disabilities

This documentary follows the lives of two children who have not been diagnosed with any disability. Through a series of flashbacks, we see how their parents have dealt with this uncertainty over the years. We witness moments when one son’s disability was identified, and watch as both kids struggle to cope in school and everyday life without answers. The film also looks into what could be causing these disabilities or if there is a way to fix them permanently. Follow along on an emotional journey that no parent should ever have to face.


3. Living with learning disabilities

Do you have learning disabilities or know someone who does? This video is for you. We follow seven men and women with mental disabilities and learning difficulties as they embark on a journey to become education specialists at the Institute for Inclusive Education at Cologne University of Applied Sciences. See how these individuals overcome stress from their newfound profession, increase their self-esteem, and gain acceptance from their peers! Join us in this inspiring documentary that follows the lives of these brave people as they pursue their dream careers.


4. Children with Special Needs

This documentary series focuses on children with special needs and their families. We’ll look into the various disabilities, difficulties and challenges they may face, and how parents can help them cope. Learn about different types of support for these children, as well as strategies that can be used to ensure their success in navigating life. Discover inspiring stories from those who have overcome incredible obstacles while living with a disability or special need. Get an inside look at the lives of these young individuals and see how they are changing the world every day!


5. Meet The Incredible Children Born With Disabilities

Do you want to meet some incredible children born with disabilities? ‘Born to be Different’ is a captivating documentary that captures the struggles and joys of life with a disabled child. Join us as we follow Shelbie, William and their families on this powerful journey.


6. A Mother Learns to Accept Her Son’s Disability

Randi, a passionate dancer, struggles to accept her son’s rare genetic disorder. This inspirational documentary follows Randi and her son on their journey of connection as Rivkah Beth Medow and Jen Rainin capture the beauty in accepting differences. Through this story of parenting, explore the power of unconditional love and acceptance that leads to true healing.


7. Life With Our Undiagnosed Special Needs Children

Twins Dzakir and Dzakwan, siblings Atira and Seana, and Jayden all experience delays in development. Their parents share their personal journeys to find answers about their children’s health, from hospitalisations to genetic testing.


8. BBC Documentary – The Disability Paradox

This video explores the Disability Paradox – can a person with a disability be truly happy? Through personal stories from members of the disabled community, we uncover what makes them content and fulfilled. Join us on this journey as we answer the question: Can you achieve true happiness when living with a disability?


9. How We Live With Autism: Our Special Needs & Strengths

Do you know someone living with autism? Are you looking to learn more about what it means for a family and how they cope? This video is an eye-opening look at two families who are dealing with the challenges of having children on the spectrum. From financial security to emotional stress, we explore the difficult decisions that must be made in order to help their autistic kids reach independence. We also see Marcus’ story of finding acceptance after a violent outburst towards his stepdad, as well as Andric’s struggle with homework and meltdowns while his mother tries her best not to neglect her other children. Get an inside glimpse into these brave families’ lives and join us in our journey of understanding how they live with autism – their special needs and strengths!


10. I Need More Funding To Help My Disabled Children

Being a parent of two severely disabled children is an incredibly difficult task. Henrietta, in her struggle to keep her home and provide for her family, has turned to recording video diaries as a way of coping with the immense mental strain she faces every day. In this documentary we follow Henrietta’s journey as she strives to find more funding to help support her children and their needs. A heart-wrenching story that shows the power of love and resilience in times of adversity.


11. Meet The Child Born With A Split Spine

This inspiring documentary follows six extraordinary families and their children born with different types of disabilities. From the initial shock of diagnosis to dealing with medical problems and operations, ‘Born to be Different’ is an honest look at how these parents cope under immense pressure as they navigate through the first three years of their child’s life.

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