The 11 Best Documentaries About Abandoned Places

Jul 11, 2023 | Best Of, Travel

Exploring the forgotten places of our world can be an exhilarating and mysterious experience. From crumbling walls to closed-off rooms, these locations have a way of stirring up curiosity in us – who used to inhabit them? What caused them to become abandoned? Urban explorers venture into these eerie spaces in search of stories and atmospheres that will leave you feeling both unsettled and intrigued.

For those looking for a unique learning experience or just curious about what lies behind these captivating locations, we’ve put together eight thrilling documentaries about abandoned places from around the world. Whether it’s uncovering secrets or finding something surprisingly unexpected, these documentaries will take you on a journey through some of the most popular spots for urban exploration. So get ready to explore!


1. Abandoned Millionaires Family Mansion With Exotic Luxury Cars Left Behind

What happened to the mysterious abandoned mansion of a millionaire? Everyone is curious why a family who used to live there suddenly disappeared. In this documentary, you will explore the thrilling abandoned places and uncover the secrets behind their disappearance. Discover what remains in these deserted locations including an old corvette that reflects pure abandonment. Join us as we take on this thrilling journey full of mystery and adventure!


2. Secret Military Tunnels, Abandoned Rocket Fuel Factory & Ghost Town

Are you curious about the secrets behind abandoned places? Then this is the documentary for you!

In this video, we explore eight of the most thrilling abandoned places around the world. From a ghost town in Italy to secret military tunnels in Russia and an abandoned rocket fuel factory, these are places that not everyone can get access to. We’ll also answer questions such as why were they abandoned or what happened to them. So if you want to uncover some mysteries, don’t miss out on this exciting documentary!


3. Exploring an Abandoned Chinese Ghost City

Come explore the fascinating world of abandoned places with this amazing documentary! Visit the Xiangyun International Project, a sprawling 1800 acre ghost city in China that has been left untouched since 2014. Marvel at its stunning architecture and artistry as you learn about how humans create something beautiful but eventually leave it behind. This video offers an unforgettable journey into these remarkable abandoned places.


4. Exploring Abandoned Detroit: The City of Neglect

Detroit is a city that has been struggling for decades, but it still holds some of the most stunning and thrilling abandoned places. In this video, we explore eight of these incredible destinations in Detroit, from long-forgotten factories to eerie homes. Discover how urban decay can be transformed into art and learn about the pieces of history that have been left behind. Whether you’re looking for an adrenaline rush or simply interested in learning more about Detroit’s past, this documentary will take you on a journey through some of America’s most captivating abandoned sites!


5. World’s Loneliest Subway Station & Spooky Underground Gym

This documentary will take you to some of the most thrilling and exciting abandoned places around the world. From the loneliest metro station in China, to an old GDR gymnasium in Germany, and even to forgotten places in New York City – this documentary has it all! Follow Jan Schwiderek as he searches for deserted and abandoned places, explore Russia’s most modern underground with its eerie loneliness, and see breathtaking images from Chris’ spectacular shots of forgotten places. Get ready for a journey full of mystery and surprises!


6. World’s Scariest Hotel, Abandoned Village & UFO Houses

Do you want to explore the spooky, thrilling world of abandoned places? Then this documentary is for you! Visit Ghost Hotel in Malaysia, Albergo Diffuso in Italy and UFO houses in Taiwan – each one offering an incredible experience. Paul, a Galileo reporter takes us on a journey into the unknown and shares his story from spending the night at Ghost Hotel. We also visit Abruzzo village where guests share their homes with locals to get an immersive experience of living with them. Lastly, we explore Taiwan’s mysterious ghost town shaped like UFOs that has been left deserted for years. Uncover these unique stories and enjoy your trip back in time!


7. World’s Most Mysterious Places: Gate to Hell & Places of Rituals

Are you looking for a thrilling adventure? Explore the most mysterious places in the world and discover their secrets! This documentary takes you on an exciting journey to the Czech Republic, uncovering amazing stories about forgotten abandoned places. Learn why these locations have been left behind and what makes them so unique. From ancient ruins to hidden gems, this documentary has it all!


8. Inside the World’s Most Luxurious Abandoned City (never seen before)

Welcome to one of the most thrilling abandoned places on the planet. Varosha was once a bustling city with thousands of tourists visiting every year, but now it lies in ruins after 47 years since its abandonment. Discover this heartbreaking story and gain an understanding of the complexities behind the decades-old conflict in Cyprus. Join me as I explore this ghost town and observe first hand how peace is still far from being achieved here. Take this journey with me as I send hope and positivity to all Cypriots for a better future ahead!


9. The abandoned mansions of Pakistan

For the last few decades, hundreds of abandoned mansions have been cropping up in Pakistani villages. We follow three local men who left their homes to migrate to Oslo – searching for a better life. But with time, they realised that their dreams could still come true back home. Each man built his own mansion as a way of showing how far he had come in his life – although it didn’t always come without heartache. This documentary takes an intimate look at these three men and their incredible journeys from poverty to prosperity.


10. World’s Richest Country & Unknown World under Moscow

In this episode of Mystery Places, we explore the wealth and grandeur of some fascinating abandoned places around the world. From a mind-blowing hotel in Italy to a chicken-shaped church in Indonesia, we’ll discover what lies beneath these mysterious locations. We’ll also take you to the richest country on earth and uncover an unknown world under Moscow. Join us as we reveal the secrets behind these thrilling abandoned places!


11. Inside India’s Cursed Temples of Kiradu

Discover the paranormal legend surrounding India’s 12th century ruins of Kiradu. Brut reporter Piyush Jha visits these mysterious temples at dawn to unlock the mystery and explore why they were abandoned as cursed places.

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