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Sep 7, 2023 | Articles, Best Of, Media

Movie documentaries have become one of the most popular genres for those looking to explore the big screen. Whether it’s a captivating story of an iconic performer, a revealing exploration of how a beloved movie was made, or even just a fun look at some cult classics that everyone knows and loves, there’s something for every type of film fan out there. That’s why we decided to dive into this world and bring you our list of the best movie documentaries out there.


1. The Most Overlooked Movie About Movies

When it comes to movies, there’s one that always seems to get overlooked when people talk about the best of the genre: The Best Documentary About Movies. This documentary takes an in-depth look at what goes on behind the scenes in film production, from pre-production and casting all the way through filming and post-production.


2. How to Talk About Movies and Films in English

Interested in knowing more about the world of films? Here you’ll find the best documentaries about movies that will provide you with an insightful look into the film industry. From behind-the-scenes stories to fascinating discussions on movie-making techniques, these docs will take you on a journey into the silver screen.


3. 100 Films That Changed My Life

If there is one thing that cinema has taught me, it’s that sometimes the best stories come from reality. Documentary films provide an excellent way to explore the world and gain a deeper understanding of the people and events that shape our lives. Here are 100 movies that have shaped my perspective on life and have helped form who I am today.


4. Genius Movies

If you want to witness the sheer genius of some of the most creative minds in movie history, then our picks for the very best Genius films is exactly what you need. From directors pushing boundaries and innovating the craft to actors giving incredible performances, these movies are truly inspiring.


5. Movies Everyone Needs To See At Least Once

Ready for a cinematic journey? Then let’s start! Here are some of the most iconic movies that every film lover must watch at least once in their lifetime. From “The Breakfast Club” to “The Dark Knight”, “The Exorcist” to “The Godfather”, these films have all made their mark on movie history.


6. Things I Hate About Movies

Sometimes, when I’m watching a movie, there are certain aspects that really get on my nerves. The mundane dialogue that sounds like it was written by a robot, the wooden acting from actors who have no passion for their craft, or worse yet – the movies with no plot whatsoever.


7. Geeking out about movies for 24 minutes straight

I’m thrilled to share with you my favorite films of all time! From 90s classics, to futuristic dystopias; from dark comedies to too many rom coms, these movies are sure to entertain. I’ve watched each of them so many times that they motivated me to go to UCLA film school! It’s the perfect selection for a summer movie night, so why not give them a watch? Plus, you’ll get to experience some incredible allegories for modern-day capitalism.


8. Most Underrated Movies of All Time

Sometimes, the best movies are those that go underappreciated. These underrated gems are often overlooked in favor of more popular films, but they deserve their due praise! Here on this list we’ll be highlighting some of these hidden treasures. From “Dan in Real Life” to “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” and even the classic whodunit “Clue”, these films are worth a second look.


9. Comedy About Movies & Movie Tropes

Get ready for a night of hilarity as some of the funniest comedians around take a look at the most iconic and award-winning films. From Purple Rain to The Lion King, John Mulaney, Gina Yashere, Jim Gaffigan, Trevor Noah and many more make jokes about all our favourite movies.


10. Best Feel Good Movies

Looking for something that will lift your spirits? We’ve got just the thing! This list features films guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and leave you with an overall feeling of joy. From “Rudy” to “The Princess Bride” and even “Little Miss Sunshine”, our countdown covers it all!

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