The 10 Best Documentaries And Videos About Zayn Malik

Jan 22, 2024 | Best Of, Celebrities, Music

Zayn Malik is a musical phenomenon whose talents have captivated millions around the globe. He has created an impressive body of work that showcases his multifaceted sound and style. His meteoric rise to fame was well documented, but what about Zayn’s story behind the scenes? The best way to get an understanding into who he is beyond his music is through documentaries. Here is a list of the top documentaries about Zayn Malik that provide an in-depth look into his life, including his personal and professional milestones. From never before seen footage to interviews with family and friends, these documentaries will take viewers on a journey through Zayn’s life like no other. Get ready to get to know Zayn in ways you never thought possible!


1. Rare Footage Of Harry Styles And Zayn Hanging Out

Rare footage of two former One Direction members, Harry Styles and Zayn Malik, has surfaced online! The video shows the duo hanging out in an energetic environment, with both their infectious laughs reverberating through the room. With Malik being a devoted Muslim and Styles’s penchant for flamboyant fashion choices, it is truly amazing to see this unlikely pair together again after all these years. Despite their contrasting personalities, it is clear that there is still a strong bond between the two. The video shows them talking about life after One Direction and what it has been like for them to forge their own individual paths since the group’s disbandment.


2. Zayn and Harry Styles Forgotten Moments

It’s impossible to overestimate the incredible impact that Zayn Malik and Harry Styles have had on the entertainment industry. Since first gaining attention as part of One Direction, these two superstars have gone on to pursue their own successful solo careers – all while continuing to influence popular culture in powerful ways.


3. Important Message To Zayn

People have been talking about Harry Styles for many reasons. Some say he is a queerbaiter, but others believe in his mission to spread love and acceptance. Recently, Harry took to Twitter to share an important message with Zayn Malik, the pop star and former member of One Direction: ” Hey Zayn, just wanted you to know I’m thinking of you.


4. Harry Styles Loved Zayn, Never Louis Tomlinson

One of the most beloved singers in the world, Zayn Malik, has been praised for his talents and contributions to the music industry. He was once part of a band called One Direction, alongside four other members who were all as talented as he was. During their time together, each member had a distinct personality that set them apart from one another.


5. Harry Styles’ Shocking Confessions About Zayn In Fine Line

Zayn Malik is no stranger to making headlines. From his solo career success to his on-again, off again romance with Gigi Hadid, the singer/songwriter has become a beacon of pop culture influence. But what’s often overlooked about Zayn is the impact that he has had on other artists in the industry, particularly former One Direction bandmate Harry Styles. In his 2019 album, Fine Line, Harry made several references to Zayn that have been seen as a tribute and reflection of their time together in the band.


6. Zayn Broke Harry Styles

Zayn Malik’s incredible journey to fame is the subject of  a 2020 documentary that follows his rise from obscurity to becoming one of the most recognizable names in music. Through exclusive interviews and never-before-seen footage, this film tells the story of how Zayn broke away from former bandmate Harry Styles and embarked on a solo career that quickly skyrocketed him to success.this follows Zayn’s journey as he pushes through personal and professional obstacles and finds himself embracing a new identity, all while remaining true to his roots. Fans of the singer will be delighted by this in-depth look at his life, from his early days in One Direction to becoming a global phenomenon. From humble beginnings to international stardom.


7. Zayn Was Super Possessive of Harry

Zayn Malik and Harry Styles have always had a strong bond, but one of the topics that came up in many documentaries was about Zayn’s possessiveness over his good friend. He felt responsible for making sure Harry was taken care of and protected, even if it meant getting involved in different situations. It’s clear why this is such an important aspect to discuss when talking about the close friendship between these two superstars.


8. Harry Protecting Zayn In One Direction

It’s no secret that Zayn Malik has had a rough journey since his departure from One Direction, but it hasn’t been without moments of kindness. Many fans have fond memories of Harry Styles coming to the rescue of Zayn on multiple occasions during their time together in the boy band.


9. Zayn Malik’s ‘Vibez’

This year has seen an incredible range of amazing documentaries come out that have shone a light on many fascinating topics. Among them is Pixar’s Soul, an animated exploration of life and death, as well as Zayn Malik’s ‘Vibez’, which takes fans behind the scenes of the pop star’s creative process. Both films provide unique perspectives on their respective subjects, and are highly recommended for anyone who wants to look at life in a different way.


10. Zayn Being Jealous/Possessive Of Harry

It’s something that fans noticed right from the start – when Zayn Malik and Harry Styles were in One Direction, they weren’t the closest of friends. In fact, it seemed like there was a bit of tension between them, that at times could erupt into jealousy. It might come as no surprise then that one documentary about Zayn focuses on these moments and paints a picture of the pair’s tumultuous relationship. The documentary,aims to get to the bottom of why Zayn felt so possessive and jealous of Harry during their time in One Direction. Interviews with those closest to them reveal a fascinating insight into what was going on behind the scenes and it makes for compelling viewing.


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