The 10 Best Documentaries About Yemen

Oct 16, 2023 | Best Of, Geography

Documentaries can be powerful tools to understand the world around us and to educate ourselves on current issues. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best documentaries about Yemen. From stories of resilience in the face of conflict and poverty to tales of creativity amidst hardship, these films offer an intimate glimpse into the lives of Yemeni people and their culture. Take a journey with us and discover the compelling stories of Yemen. From a harrowing tale of survival in war-torn Yemen to a poetic look at its resilient people, these documentaries will move you and get you thinking about life in this Arabian country.


1. Yemen’s dirty war

The Yemen conflict has already caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands and has forced millions from their homes. It is a humanitarian disaster that the United Nations has ranked as the worst in modern history. But behind this tragedy, lies an intriguing story of resilience and courage – one that is brought to life through documentary films. These movies provide insight into the suffering and trauma experienced by civilians in the region, as well as the courage and resilience of those who are trying to make it through each day.

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2. Yemen: The Natural Beauty Of The Most Dangerous Country

Travel to Yemen and discover for yourself the rock formation believed to be Noah’s Ark. Then, explore the pristine island of Socotra with its unspoiled beauty. Marvel at the grandeur of Oman and uncover secrets related to frankincense and camels. Finally, walk along the Indian Ocean coast for unforgettable natural vistas. These are some of the best documentaries about Yemen that will help you experience the wonders of this beautiful country. So, why not start your journey today and explore the culture, history, and nature of Yemen? Pack your bags and embark on a journey through Yemen to see what magnificent secrets await!


3. Yemen in Crisis: The Houthis

Yemen is a country that has been torn apart by war and famine. It’s a humanitarian crisis of unprecedented proportions, and the Houthis are at the center of it all. But who are these people? What do they want? And why have they chosen to resist Saudi-led aggression against their own nation? This documentary seeks to answer these questions and more, exploring the history of the Houthis and their role in standing up for Yemen’s freedom. It’s a story of resilience, courage and fortitude in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds, as well as a testament to the power of community and collective action. From their humble beginnings as a small group fighting for justice and equality to their current position at the heart of the conflict, this documentary gives an insight into the Houthis and their desire to create a brighter future for Yemen.


4. Yemen: The North-South Divide

The tragedy of Yemen is a tale that seems to have no end. Long before the world watched in horror as rebel Houthis killed former President Saleh, Yemen had been plagued by political and sectarian strife for centuries. The country’s complex history has led to its current state of unrest, with rival forces vying for control over land and resources. Documentaries have become a powerful tool for understanding Yemen and its people. From the historical to the personal, documentaries can provide insight into the challenges facing Yemen and how these struggles are seen by those living in the country. Through first-hand accounts of survivors and experts, we gain an intimate look at a nation torn apart by war.


5. Socotra – The treasure island between Yemen and Somalia

The Island of Socotra is a treasure trove of natural beauty and unique biodiversity. Located off the Horn of Africa, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is renowned for its dragon’s blood trees, which are native only to this remote island. Unaffected by the civil war raging on the Yemeni mainland, Socotra enjoys an air of peace and serenity that beckons visitors from around the globe. For many people, this little paradise is a dream destination that they hope to visit one day. With its crystal-clear waters and lush hillsides, Socotra has something for every nature lover to appreciate – and perhaps even bring home an unforgettable memory.


6. Yemen is a Starving Nation

Yemen has been facing a dramatic situation for years now, with the Triple F crisis of soaring food prices, plunging fuel revenues, and financial turmoil. The documentary “Hungry Children” (2010) is a vivid example of this tragic reality. It follows the story of several Yemeni families struggling to cope with poverty, malnutrition, and the lack of basic amenities such as clean water and medical care. As the documentary unfolds, viewers are taken on a journey deep into the heart of Yemen, where they witness first-hand how desperate these families have become. This stark reminder of the human cost of poverty brings home the need for immediate action to bring relief to those suffering from this crisis.

7. Inside Yemen: The Forgotten War

No other conflict has had such devastating consequences for civilians as the war in Yemen. It is estimated that almost half of the population, around 16 million people, are facing severe food insecurity. Moreover, a staggering 80% of Yemen’s population depends on humanitarian aid to survive. The situation has only been made worse by an economic collapse, with prices spiking and millions of Yemenis driven into poverty. The UN has warned that if the war continues, it could become one of the worst famines in a hundred years. In an effort to raise awareness about this crisis, several documentaries have been released that document the human toll of this conflict.


8. Yemen: A History of Conflict – Narrated by David Strathairn

The Yemeni civil war has been a cause for great concern since it first broke out in 2015. This conflict, which involves multiple parties and competing interests, has wreaked havoc on the lives of its citizens as starvation and displacement have become all too common. To better understand the situation at hand, it is important to investigate how such a complex crisis began and what further steps can be taken to reach a resolution. Great Decisions provides an in-depth look into the origins of this conflict and examines the motivations of different foreign actors, exploring potential solutions for bringing peace back to Yemen.


9. History of Yemen

Yemen is an ancient center of civilization in the Near East that has long been regarded as a fortunate land. It boasts fertile terrain and adequate rainfall, which helped foster sustainable populations for centuries and led to it being described as Eudaimon Arabia – meaning “Happy Arabia” – by the Greek geographer Ptolemy. By the 12th to 8th centuries BCE, Yemenis had already developed the South Arabian alphabet and many of its ancient kingdoms have been dated to this period. This has resulted in a rich cultural history that is still evident today. From traditional architecture to customs, Yemeni culture is both captivating and unique.


10. Yemen and the global arms trade

The Western world has become increasingly aware of the devastating consequences that its military exports have had on the citizens of Yemen. In recent years, it has come to light that weapons manufactured in the West and shipped to countries such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are ending up in the hands of Yemeni militia groups, leading to an escalation in violence and destruction throughout the country. The situation in Yemen is dire, and it’s been apparent for some time that documentaries have become a powerful tool to spread awareness about the conflict. Documentaries such as The War Around Us (2015), Inside Yemen (2016) and Eyes of War (2018) provide an intimate look at the daily struggles faced by Yemeni citizens.

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