The 10 Best Documentaries And Videos About Unit 731

Oct 10, 2023 | Best Of, Crime

Unit 731 was a covert biological and chemical warfare research unit of the Imperial Japanese Army during World War II. It has been called the “largest-scale experiment involving human beings in history,” due to its horrific experiments performed on innocent men, women, and children. Here, we take a look at some of the best documentaries about Unit 731 and its atrocities. From first-hand accounts to historical evidence, these documentaries shed light on the hidden horrors of Unit 731 and tell a story that must never be forgotten. So, dive in and discover the truth about this dark chapter in history.


1. Unit 731 – Elite Doctors and Human Experimentation

Unit 731 of the Japanese Imperial Army was a sinister force that conducted horrifying human experiments in Manchuria during the Sino-Japanese War. This elite group used biological weapons for their testing and left a legacy of suffering in its wake.The documentary series about this dark period in history offers an eye-opening look at the secrets hidden by Unit 731 – from the development of deadly pathogens to the cruel experiments performed on innocent victims. From exploring the psychological toll inflicted upon those who were subjected to these tests to delving into evidence of medical malpractice, each episode offers a unique insight into this dark chapter in human history.


2. The Demon of Unit 731

In this episode of Interesting Lives, we explore the dark forces behind Shiro Ishii and his infamous work in Unit 731. We delve deep into the horrors he and his cohorts inflicted during their experiments, as well as the lasting legacy that still haunts Japan to this day. From medical atrocities to biological warfare, hear firsthand accounts from survivors of Ishii’s twisted experimentations and learn why this is still considered one of the darkest chapters in history. With exclusive interviews and harrowing tales, The Demon of Unit 731 will leave you with a greater understanding of the horrors inflicted upon innocent people, as well as an appreciation for how far we have come since then. Be sure to watch and discover more about this dark chapter in history.


3. Kizu The Untold Story Of Unit 731

Kizu: Untold Story of Unit 731 is a harrowing exploration of the darkest period in Japan’s military history. Through interviews with survivors and archival footage, this documentary reveals the truth behind Unit 731—the secret Japanese biological warfare unit which committed heinous crimes against humanity during World War II. This powerful film brings to light stories of medical experimentation, mass murder, cruelty and tragedy that had been hidden for decades. With an unflinching eye, Kizu reveals the truth behind one of history’s most heinous crimes and its lasting legacy on both Japanese society and the world at large.


4. UNIT 731 Japanese Human Experimentation – The Aftermath – NEW HD 2018

UNIT 731 – A Legacy of Brutal Experiments. Fifty years on, the cruel legacy of Unit 731 still haunts Japan and the world. During World War II, under the cloak of secrecy, Japanese doctors conducted horrific human experimentation in an attempt to perfect biological warfare techniques. The victims were mostly Chinese citizens with some Russians and Koreans forced into participating in the experiments. In one instance, people were subjected to lethal doses of anthrax, plague and other toxins with no regard for their welfare.After the war ended, these same Japanese doctors refused to take responsibility for their actions and instead sought protection from the United States in exchange for the knowledge they had gained from their experiments.



5. The Unspeakable Things That Happened In Unit 731

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6. Jocko Podcast 133 w/ Echo Charles: The Horrors of Unit 731

This podcast dives deep into one of the most cruel and horrific events in history: Unit 731. It’s hard to believe that something like this could happen less than 80 years ago – a reminder that humanity has not evolved as much since then. Echo Charles recounts the details of this atrocity, leaving us with chills running down our spines yet in awe at how people banded together in an effort to bring justice and closure to the survivors. Though it is a difficult subject, this is documentary is essential viewing. It’s a must for anyone looking to gain knowledge about history, and how we can ensure that such atrocities never happen again.


7. The Truth of Unit 731: Elite medical students and human experiments

The dark secrets of Unit 731 have been hidden from the public eye for too long. An elite group of medical students, backed by imperial Japan, conducted some of the most nefarious experiments imaginable on innocent human beings. The actions of this unit have had lasting impacts on those affected and across generations, and yet only recently has the truth started to come out. This documentary will bring these secrets to light and explore how this unit of the Imperial Japanese Army conducted some of the most heinous acts in history. Through interviews with survivors, their families, and experts on the topic, we will uncover the truth about Unit 731 and its lasting effects.


8. Unit 731: The Story They Don’t Want You To Hear

Unit 731: Uncovering the Horrors of WarThe atrocities of war are not something to be taken lightly. It has been a devastating part of our history for centuries, claiming millions of lives and causing unimaginable destruction. The story of Unit 731 is one that few know – it’s a nightmare that has been hidden from public view for years. But now it must be brought to light. Unit 731 was a medical research unit based in Japan during World War II, and its operations were kept top secret by the Japanese government. They conducted cruel experiments on prisoners of war, including vivisection without anesthesia, injecting prisoners with deadly diseases and human experimentation.


9. HasanAbi reacts to Unit 731: Japan’s Human Experimentation Laboratory and Shinzo Abe

HasanAbi covers a shocking topic that deeply resonates with viewers all over the world – Unit 731, Japan’s notorious human experimentation laboratory. HasanAbi delves deep into Imperial Japan’s sordid history and addresses the controversial topics surrounding Shinzo Abe, the Prime Minister of Japan. The documentary begins with an eye-opening overview of the atrocities committed by Unit 731, and the gravity of the events quickly becomes apparent. HasanAbi continues to review the evidence and highlights how Unit 731 was a key factor in Japan’s war machine during World War II.

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