The 10 Best Documentaries About Uber

Oct 10, 2023 | Best Of, Culture, Technology

The rise of Uber has been a fascinating journey that has captivated the attention of the world. Countless documentaries have been made about the company, its unprecedented success and how it’s changed business throughout the world. Here we list some of the best documentaries about Uber that will give you insight into why this revolutionary business is shaking up every industry it touches. So, if you want to dive into the company’s success story and learn about its impact on our society, these documentaries are for you! From stories of drivers to fascinating interviews with Uber executives, these are some of the most comprehensive looks at the ride-sharing giant.


1. The Uber Story: Fraud, Betrayal, Death & Cars

Uber is a success story of tenacity, innovation and ambition. From an idea to becoming a global empire, the journey of Uber has been full of struggles and controversies. Along the way, Travis Kalanick faced countless challenges but was able to beat them all in order to reach his goal. The documentary not only looks at Uber’s incredible progress but also touches on a few controversies that the company was involved in. Issues such as Uber’s culture, their fight to stay relevant in China and using Greyball software to outwit local authorities are all discussed.


2. How ride-share Uber outwitted regulators and crushed competition

In 2009, Uber revolutionized the transportation industry with its new ride-sharing service. The company quickly gained traction and outwitted regulators by offering users a way to get around without having to pay for traditional taxi services. This allowed Uber to gain a foothold in cities where taxis had traditionally been the only mode of transport available. The innovative approach also put pressure on traditional taxi companies, who found it difficult to compete with the lower prices and convenience of Uber. Additionally, because the company was able to operate outside of standard regulations, they were able to gain a competitive advantage over their rivals.


3. Uber Vs Grab | Rideshare Apps Wars

The once-dominant Uber has been overthrown in Southeast Asia by Grab, a Singapore-based rideshare app. How did this insurgent startup rise up to take the place of one of the world’s most valuable tech companies? Explore the warring forces of rideshare apps and find out why Uber was pushed out in this documentary! With interviews from both sides, uncover the tactics each team used to gain an edge. Whether you’re a rideshare app user, investor, or tech enthusiast, this documentary will give an inside look into the battle between Uber and Grab.


4. BBC Panorama: Taking Us for a Ride – The Uber Files

The US-based tech firm Uber had a meteoric rise in Europe, becoming the largest and most successful ride sharing app of its kind. However, this success came at a cost. The aggressive expansion across Europe sparked police raids and violent protests from traditional taxi drivers who felt undercut by the company’s deep subsidies to fares. Now, BBC Panorama has obtained access to a trove of internal documents that shed light on how the company managed to skirt authorities and outmaneuver its competitors. The resulting documentary, Taking Us For A Ride – The Uber Files, is sure to be an unmissable watch for any tech or business enthusiast.


5. Is your Uber safe? – The Fifth Estate

Are you riding safe with Uber? The Fifth Estate investigates the ease of becoming an Uber driver and uncovers the risks to customers’ safety. As the industry’s leading transportation choice, this documentary takes a critical look at its lack of training for drivers and how computer algorithms are used to match riders with drivers. We ask important questions about customer safety within modern rideshare services, and this documentary is essential viewing for those on the go. Are you safe in an Uber? Find out with The Fifth Estate.


6. UBER (company) – Documentary

UBER Technologies Inc. has become a household name as of late, taking over cities worldwide with their convenient and affordable car transportation and food delivery mobile apps. While the iconic word “Uber” originates from the German term ‘über’, meaning ‘above’ or ‘topmost’, it has now come to define a whole new business model across many industries known as “Uberification” or “Uberisation”. It is no wonder that this revolutionary company has become the focus of several award-winning documentaries over the years.

7. Uber vs Grab: Cab Wars in Southeast Asia

The rise of ride-sharing apps has drastically changed the way people move around cities, but in Southeast Asia, one company has risen to the top – Grab. By taking a hyper-local approach that focused on the unique needs of each market they entered, the Grab app quickly became known as the go-to choice for travel in this part of the world. Through unprecedented access inside this tech start-up, we can find out how they achieved such success and become the market leader. Uber vs Grab: Cab Wars in Southeast Asia takes you on an inside look into the cutthroat world of ride-sharing apps to reveal the secrets of Grab’s success story.

8. Short Documentary – The Descent Of Man

In the fight for the future of London’s taxi industry, there is a heated debate between iconic Black Cabs and tech giants Uber. Who is the true enemy in this clash between old and new? This 30 minute documentary takes an inside look at the changing landscape, showing how both sides are struggling to keep up with a rapidly advancing technological world. From the personal stories of cab drivers to interviews with leading Uber executives, this documentary will offer an unbiased view of a rapidly evolving industry.

9. Targeted And Killed By A Fake Uber Driver

Samantha Josephson was an ambitious young student at USC. In 2019, the unsuspecting 21-year-old went out with friends for a night of fun. However, a stranger targeted her and posed as an Uber driver to kidnap her. Tragically, it ended in her death and sent shockwaves across the world of safety when travelling by car. Her story reminds us of the need to be vigilant and double check when hailing a car, whether it’s through Uber or another ride-sharing service. It’s an important reminder that safety should always come first. Let’s take a moment to remember Samantha Josephson and how we can protect ourselves from similar tragedies in the future.

10. Uber: The Good, The Bad, and The Sexual Assaults

Uber has become one of the world’s most popular ride-sharing services, revolutionizing the way people get around. Unfortunately, it has also been linked to some tragic stories. The death of Samantha Josephson is just one example that highlights how dangerous Uber can be if safety precautions are not taken. By familiarizing yourself with her story, you can learn more about Uber and its potential risks, as well as how to protect yourself when using ride-sharing services.

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