The 10 Best Documentaries About The Tulsa Massacre

Jan 18, 2024 | Best Of, Crime, History

Tulsa is a vibrant city full of culture and history. It’s also been the backdrop for some amazing documentaries that showcase the city’s unique character and its people. From classic films documenting Tulsa’s past, to modern pieces exploring the city’s present-day stories, these ten documentaries capture every aspect of life in Tulsa.


1. Rise Again: Tulsa and the Red Summer

Tulsa, Oklahoma is the home of a horrific discovery: an unearthed mass grave that reveals a dark past of racial terror. DeNeen Brown, Washington Post reporter, embarked on an investigative journey to uncover the truth about this reign of fear and violence in America.


2. “Tulsa 1921: An American Tragedy”

“Tulsa 1921: An American Tragedy” is a powerful documentary about the racial massacre of Black citizens in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The film explores the history of the event and examines its implications for modern-day society.


3. From the archives: Tulsa burning

In 1999, 60 Minutes correspondent Bob Simon reported on the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre – an event widely considered one of the most violent and devastating racial attacks in US history. The massacre saw white mobs descend on a prosperous African American neighborhood known as Greenwood, resulting in hundreds of deaths, injuries, and thousands of homes destroyed.


4. Blood On Black Wall Street: The Legacy Of The Tulsa Race Massacre

As the centennial anniversary of the Tulsa Race Massacre nears, an exploration of justice and healing is underway. Trymaine Lee travels to Black Wall Street, the once proud center of African American achievement in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The effects of this devastating violence still linger today and residents remain haunted by what justice looks like after more than a century has passed.


5. Tulsa Race Massacre Centennial

Tulsa, Oklahoma is an iconic city full of history and beauty. In 2021 it will be the centennial anniversary of one of the most notorious events in Tulsa’s history; the Tulsa Race Massacre. This event was a devastating moment in time that left hundreds dead and thousands homeless.


6. Tulsa Race Massacre: 100 Years Later

Home to the historically successful Black Wall Street, Greenwood District suffered a great loss throughout the Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921. In remembrance of the tragedy, which was kept quiet for 75 years, “Tulsa Race Massacre: 100 Years Later” blends art and storytelling to bring awareness to this area’s past and present struggles.


7. The Greenwood District: Tulsa’s Lost Black Wall Street

Tulsa, Oklahoma has a rich and vibrant history. One of its most celebrated chapters is the story of the Greenwood District – once known as “Black Wall Street”. This documentary will take you on a journey back in time to discover the incredible rise and tragic fall of this historic district.


8. What Was the Tulsa Massacre?

Tulsa, Oklahoma was the home of Greenwood, a peaceful and prosperous Black neighborhood. Despite its success, in May 1921, a white mob numbering in the thousands attacked and destroyed it. The effects of this atrocity were devastating – thousands lost their homes while an unknown number perished.


9. 1921 Tulsa Massacre WAS A BIG LIE

Tulsa, Oklahoma is home to a story of one of the most tragic moments in American history: The 1921 Tulsa Massacre. As many as 300 people were killed during two days of attacks that ended with the city destroyed and broken apart by racial violence.


10. History of Tulsa: Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa, Oklahoma is a city with fascinating history and heritage. After the discovery of oil in 1901, it quickly became a boomtown and business center for Oklahoma’s farm region. Throughout its history, Tulsa has served as an important hub for meatpacking, grain and cotton production.



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