The 10 Best Documentaries About Tigers

Jul 10, 2023 | Animals, Best Of

Tigers are an iconic symbol of power and beauty that have been revered in India for centuries. Unfortunately, their numbers have drastically declined due to human population growth and poaching activities. There is still hope for these majestic creatures though, as organizations around the world are working hard to save them from extinction. If you’re looking to learn more about tigers or even get involved in conservation efforts, then check out this list of seven must-watch documentaries about tigers! These films will provide insight into the struggles they face and how we can help save them from disappearing forever.


1. The Tiger and the Monk

The Wat Pa Luangta Bua monastery in Thailand is home to some of the most majestic animals on Earth: tigers. But these big cats are now one of the most endangered species, with only 500-2000 Indochinese tigers left in existence. This documentary takes a look at a unique and special relationship between humans and predators, as monks raise these cubs from infancy and hand feed them to make sure they don’t go feral again after being released into forests for population control purposes. It’s a heartbreaking story that reveals how poachers threaten this beautiful bond between man and nature, but also celebrates the compassion Buddhist teachings have for wild creatures.


2. Siberian Tigers

Tigers are majestic creatures that roam the wild and have inspired awe in people for centuries. They are powerful predators, and their beautiful orange-brown coats with dark vertical stripes make them a sight to behold. In this documentary, we will explore the habitat of tigers and discover why they require large contiguous areas to hunt prey, raise their young, and live as solitary but social beings. We’ll also learn about how these animals impact human life and investigate some of the best documentaries out there about tigers!


3. Killer Tigers of India

Tigers are a symbol of strength and power, but they most often associated with India. In this documentary from Nat Geo we explore the diverse habitats of these majestic creatures in Asia, including India’s Kanha National Park. Get ready to immerse yourself into the world of tigers as you witness their beauty and ferocity up close! This is a must-watch for anyone who appreciates nature at its finest.


4. The Sumatran Tiger: The Last of Their Kind

The Sumatran Tiger is a critically endangered species and their population has been decreasing rapidly over the last 25 years. In this documentary, we follow a small group of dedicated individuals who are trying to save these majestic predators from extinction. We learn about the conflict between humans and tigers as they struggle for survival on one piece of land. We also witness powerful creatures pushed to their limits due to habitat destruction and the lack of prey that leaves them with no choice but to turn to humans for food. The Zoological Society of London’s Tom Maddox has an urgent mission: he needs to find solutions for the tiger conflict that will affect both human beings and tigers alike! Join us in this heart-warming journey as we try our best to beat the clock in saving these beautiful animals before it’s too late!


5. The Survival Of A Tiger

Tigers are a magnificent and mysterious creature, but their population numbers are dwindling. With only 10,000 tigers left in the world today, conservation efforts are underway to save them from extinction. This documentary shot in India and Nepal offers an inside look into the plight of these majestic animals as well as current conservation efforts to protect them. Get ready for an insightful journey into the world of tigers!


6. The Truth About One Of The Worlds Most Famous Tigers | Looking For Sultan | Real Wild

Tigers are majestic creatures, and this documentary takes us on a journey to uncover the story of Sultan, one of the up-and-coming dominant tigers of Ranthambore. Follow father and son wildlife filmmakers Mike and Gautam as they attempt to solve this mystery by tracking down missing pieces. Along the way, they come across many obstacles in their mission to find Sultan before it’s too late. From poachers to angry farmers that might poison or kill any animals that cause damage to their crops or livestock, these brave individuals face many dangers in order for them to save Sultan from harm. Join us on an exciting adventure into the world of wild tigers!


7. The Story of Tiger Attacks at Tadoba | Tadoba Jungle Safari | Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve

Tigers are one of the most majestic creatures on Earth and have been admired for centuries. But with human encroachment, conflict between humans and tigers has become a major issue in many parts of the world. In this documentary, we will explore some of the best documentaries about tigers to learn more about their relationship with humans. We’ll also discuss how people can take concrete steps to reduce or root out conflicts between them and these animals, like what I experienced during my first visit to Tadoba Tiger Reserve Forest’s buffer zone.


8. The World Behind ‘Tiger King’: Inside America’s Captive Tiger Trade

Tigers are one of the most majestic creatures on Earth, and yet their numbers have been dwindling for years. This documentary takes a deep look at America’s captive tiger trade, speaking to advocates and activists who are fighting to protect these beautiful animals. Learn more about the world behind ‘Tiger King’ as we explore inside this controversial industry in an effort to help save one of our planet’s most iconic species.


9. What Makes A Man-Eater?

In this documentary, we explore the story of one Bengal tiger that was driven to become a man-eater in Nepal and India. We discuss what drove it to this extreme behavior, how it became known as ‘The Beast of Champawat’, and how people worked together to stop its reign of terror. Join us on an exploration into this unique tale and learn more about why some tigers turn into man-eaters!


10. Adorable Baby White Bengal Tiger Meets New Friend

Meet Pipo, the adorable baby white Bengal tiger! Abandoned by his mother, this little cub is being cared for with hopes of reintegration with other white tigers. Meanwhile, Francois is fighting to save the seal population in South Africa – he recently found three two-month-old pups who were starving on an island in the bay. Watch as these beautiful animals find friendship and hope against all odds.

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