The 10 Best Documentaries About The Moon

Nov 26, 2023 | Aliens/UFO, Best Of

This is a unique and inspiring experience for anyone who wishes to explore the mysteries of the Moon. It not only provides an in-depth look at some of the most captivating documentaries ever made about our closest celestial neighbor, but also reveals the fascinating stories behind each film. From award-winning films like “For All Mankind” to historically significant ones like “The Astronaut’s Wife”, offers a comprehensive overview of the wonders and secrets that lie beyond our planet. Dive into this journey, explore the untold stories, and discover why these films are considered some of the greatest documentaries about the Moon.


1. Moon Landing – The World’s Greatest Hoax

When the Apollo 11 mission took off from Kennedy Space Center in July 1969, it was a huge step for mankind. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the two men to walk on the moon, a feat which still remains unsurpassed even today. This momentous event has been under scrutiny since then – with 52% of the British population believing that it’s an elaborate hoax designed to get the US an edge in the space race.


2. Magic of the Moon – The 8th Continent

Beginning a new era, the first man walked on the moon 50 years ago. Apollo 11 marked an iconic moment in history that would forever be remembered. But did this event mark the peak of human interaction with the moon? Is there more to uncover about this celestial body? Through a documentary series, viewers can dive into the fascinating and unknown facts of our lunar neighbor.


3. Apollo 11: How Did NASA Land A Man On The Moon

In 1962, President John F. Kennedy declared his ambition to achieve the impossible- landing a man on the moon before the end of the decade. Despite all odds, seven years later, with NASA’s Apollo program at its peak and full of determination, this triumph was brought to fruition. The Moon has always been an enigma for us on Earth; however, through understanding .


4. Inside the moon landing conspiracy

We’ve seen it with our own eyes – the momentous occasion of Apollo 11 astronauts taking their first steps on the Moon. It was a magnificent spectacle, one that will never be forgotten. But now, It is set to challenge this event in an unprecedented documentary which claims that the Moon landing was all a hoax orchestrated by NASA and the White House to deceive Russia during the space race. It calls into question a momentous event that has been accepted by people around the world since its 1969 airing. With interviews from key experts, and never-before-seen footage,it delves deep into this conspiracy theory to explore if it could really be true. Don’t miss your chance to hear both sides of this intriguing story in this gripping.



SPACETIME – SCIENCE SHOW: Before Neil Armstrong and the Apollo 11 mission took us to the moon, interest in lunar exploration was waning. But with that famous first step of mankind onto the lunar surface, a new spark of interest lit up around the world. Superpowers such as China, Japan, India, Russia, Europe and the USA all began making plans to return to the moon. 11 more people followed Armstrong’s footsteps in subsequent years, and now a 2.0 version of exploration on the moon is underway. As we look back at this incredible accomplishment, let us also remember that it was just one part of a much larger story – one that many countries are now eager to be a part of.


6. Apollo 17: The Last Men on the Moon

This is an inspiring story of courage and resilience in the face of a mission that had never been attempted before. It’s the remarkable tale of three brave astronauts, each representing a different generation, who took on one of mankind’s toughest challenges—to land on the moon.


7. Back To The Moon – The Race Is On

In 1969, Neil Armstrong took a historic step onto the lunar surface. His journey was followed by only eleven others until 1972 when the moon once again fell silent. Jump ahead to the new millennium and the great space nations of China, Japan, India, Russia, Europe and the United States are now reviving their interest in exploring our celestial neighbour. But what is possible on the moon? Are we capable of creating cars, villages and even vacation resorts?


8. Factors That Saved Apollo 13

The gripping tale of Apollo 13 is one of distant desperation and incredible heroism. Three astronauts, trapped in a spacecraft 200,000 miles away from home, faced a life-or-death situation when an oxygen leak threatened their lives. With limited supplies onboard the vessel and the looming threat of carbon dioxide poisoning, dehydration and freezing temperatures, NASA teams worked around the clock to engineer creative solutions to ensure the crew’s survival.


9. The Problem with the Next Moon Mission

As the world looks to the future of space exploration, one destination stands out as a worthy target: the Moon. The mystery of this ancient celestial body has captivated humanity since its discovery, and any mission there could potentially yield amazing results. But before we can get back to our favorite satellite, serious challenges must be addressed.


10. The Moon’s Dark History Revealed

If you’ve ever wondered what mysteries could be hidden in the darkness of the moon, this documentary series will have all the answers. In The Proof Is Out There: The Moon’s Dark History Revealed (Season 1), some of the world’s top scientists and researchers team up to explore and uncover hidden secrets that have gone unnoticed for centuries. With cutting edge technology and insightful analysis, the show uncovers facts about the moon that have been left in shadows until now.



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