The 10 Best Documentaries About Southwest Airlines

Jan 5, 2024 | Aviation, Best Of

From the people who revolutionized commercial air travel to those who rely on its services to go back home, Southwest Airlines has been a part of countless stories. People have marveled at the success of this airline’s human-centered approach that emphasizes customer satisfaction over profit. Documentaries about Southwest Airlines provide an in-depth look into the lives of the employees and passengers of this famous airline. Here, we present a list of the 10 best documentaries about Southwest Airlines to further your knowledge of this iconic company.


1. Southwest Airlines – Why They’re Successful

From coast to coast, Southwest Airlines is an iconic part of America’s transportation network. But what makes it so successful? This article looks at the 10 best documentaries about Southwest and sheds light on how they’ve achieved their success in such a competitive industry. The first documentary takes us back to 1971 when Herb Kelleher founded Southwest Airlines.


2. Why Southwest Is Rethinking Its Boeing 737 Strategy

Canceling thousands of flights has forced Southwest Airlines to explore the possibility of switching their fleet from Boeing to Airbus. With two fatal crashes on Boeing 737 Max planes in recent years, many are wondering if it is worth the trouble for Southwest to make this shift?


3. How Southwest Airlines Continues To Make Money Almost 50 Years Later

For over fifty years, Southwest Airlines has been a major disruptor in the airline industry. Their success is built upon providing reliable air travel at reasonable prices, and achieving one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings among carriers – all while remaining profitable. How have they achieved this?


4. Southwest Airlines: Our Purpose and Vision

At Southwest Airlines, we take pride in connecting people to what’s important in their lives. Our mission is to make reliable and low-cost air travel accessible for everyone, while providing a friendly customer service experience. We strive to be the pioneering airline that sets itself apart from the competition by delivering each of our customers to places, events, and people that mean so much them.


5. History of Southwest Airlines

Established in 1967, Southwest Airlines is one of the largest airlines in the United States and worldwide low-cost carriers. Despite facing obstacles such as federal laws that restricted their long-haul flights from their original Dallas Love Field hub, they have overcome this through innovative business practices. As a result, they are able to serve many destinations across Texas while continuing to grow at exceptional rates. Their unique blend of daring and creativity has made them a formidable force in the aviation industry.


6. Close To 800 Aircraft! The Southwest Airlines Fleet In 2023

Southwest Airlines is a dominant force in the US aviation industry, and its fleet of planes continues to expand. As we leap forward to 2023, the airline’s total aircraft numbers are now close to 800 planes! This impressive feat is largely thanks to Southwest’s focus on continually taking delivery of new jets each month.


7. BEST LOW COST AIRLINE IN AMERICA? Southwest Airlines Review

Are you looking for an airline that goes beyond the ordinary? Southwest Airlines may be just the ticket. As one of America’s largest and most successful low-cost carriers, Southwest has a long history of providing affordable flights to destinations around the world. With their commitment to cutting costs while still delivering great service, this innovative airline is a favorite among travelers seeking low fares without sacrificing comfort.


8. The story behind the Southwest Airlines meltdown

While some may think of Southwest Airlines as a major airline corporation, few know the story behind its initial rise in the industry. The documentary “Southwest Meltdown” dives deep into this history and sheds light on how the company grew from humble beginnings to become one of the largest airlines in the world.


9. Southwest Airlines Tips to Become a Pro!

Are you ready to become a Southwest Airlines pro? With their extensive network spanning the entire globe, Southwest Airlines is one of the biggest and most successful airlines in the world. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, they provide reliable service with comfortable amenities at an affordable rate.


10. Legendary CEO of Southwest Airines

Herb Kelleher was a revolutionary in the world of travel. As a Texas lawyer, he wanted to develop an efficient form transportation that would reduce costs throughout his home state. With his client and co-founder Rollin King, they founded Air Southwest Company in 1967 with this idea in mind. Despite legal challenges made by competitors trying to stop them and keep their fares high, they were successful in winning key court cases that allowed their business to flourish.

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