The 10 Best Documentaries About Siamese Twins And Twins

Jul 13, 2023 | Best Of, Health, History

Twins such as jackie and lola anders are a source of fascination and intrigue for many, and this is no more apparent than when the topic of Siamese twins comes up. Documentaries about these extraordinary individuals shed light on their unique lives, providing viewers with an insight into a world that few could even imagine. From stories of separation to tales of courage in the face of adversity, these 10 documentaries about Siamese twins and twins bring insight and understanding into the lives of these extraordinary people. Join us as we explore these tales of human resilience, and discover why these remarkable individuals deserve our admiration and respect. Read on to find out more!


1. Conjoined babies abandoned by drug addict mum

This incredible story follows two conjoined babies who were abandoned by their drug-addicted mother and left to die. In this 60 Minutes Australia documentary, we explore the miraculous journey of these twins as they are taken in and cared for by a loving family. Witness the amazing bond between them, as well as some of the challenges faced during their medical treatment. This is an inspiring tale that will leave you with hope and joy!


2. 15 Siamese Twins You Won’t Believe Exist

Are you ready to be amazed? Get ready for a journey of discovery! We will take you through 15 unbelievable stories of Siamese twins. See how these unique individuals defy the odds and prove that anything is possible. From their struggles to their triumphs, come along with us on an amazing adventure and get inspired by the courage of these extraordinary people.


3. Two Heads, One Body:

This documentary follows the story of Irish Siamese twins Katie and Eilish. It is an up close and personal look at their family’s journey leading up to a separation operation which, unfortunately, results in the death of Katie. This moving portrait shows how remarkable this family truly is during such a difficult time. Watch as they navigate through emotions, struggles and ultimately hope for better days ahead.


4. The Incredible Bond Between Twins

Do we have control over our lives, or is our fate predetermined by genetics? Through her unique perspective as an identical twin, director Leora Eisen delves into the fascinating life experiences she shares with her late sister Linda Lewis to explore this question. In this compelling documentary, discover how identity and destiny are intertwined in a search for recognition of individual selves.


5. The World’s Oldest Conjoined Twins Move Home

Ronnie and Donnie Galyon are 58-year-old conjoined twins who nearly died last year. They need round the clock care, but their small house of 20 years is no longer suitable for them. Jim, their younger brother, is keen for them to move in with him and his wife Mary, but they don’t have enough room. That’s when the local community in Ohio steps up to help! Watch this video to find out how they built an addition on Jim and Mary’s house so Ronnie and Donnie can move in with them – all thanks to the kindness of strangers!


6. Twin Sisters Separated at Birth Reunite on ‘GMA’

Two sisters, separated by continents and oceans, have never met each other until now. These two girls were adopted from China and grew up on opposite sides of the world. But despite the distance between them, they had one thing in common – a longing to find their family. Watch this heartwarming story as these two sisters finally meet for the first time and embark on an incredible journey of self-discovery!


7. Korean Adoptee Reunites with Identical Twin Brother!

In this powerful documentary, we follow the incredible story of a Korean adoptee’s reunion with his identical twin brother. Being separated at birth, Dan and his brother had no idea about each other’s existence until they were reunited as adults. In Part 3 of this series, we hear how their reunion changed both of their lives forever. We witness incredible moments between these two brothers that will leave you in awe! Tune in to see what happens when family bonds are stronger than any distance or difference can ever create.


8. Twins reunited after 70 years apart

Born in Germany after their Polish mother was sent to a forced labour camp, George Skrzynecky and Lucian Poznanski were separated at birth. Follow the amazing story of these two brothers as they are reunited 70 years later – an incredible journey that will leave you inspired! Witness their remarkable reunion and find out what it took to bring them back together.


9, Conjoined Twin Sisters Tell Their Story

On March 9, 2001, Emily and James Stark welcomed Lexi and Sydney into the world – conjoined twins. Join Megyn Kelly TODAY as we hear from the family about their incredible journey to separation surgery and how it has impacted their lives. The girls share how they still nap in what they call the “conjoined twin position,” which is calming for them. Get to know Lexi and Sydney on this special episode of TODAY!


10. Twins separated at birth

Twins born in China, adopted and raised by different families around the world have been reunited and are being studied to answer questions about nature versus nurture. Researchers are studying these twins to learn more about how much of our personalities, behaviors, and passions come from our genetics or from the environment we grow up in. Watch this amazing documentary as “48 Hours” reporter Erin Moriarty shares the remarkable stories of these extraordinary siblings!



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