The 10 Best Documentaries About Roosters

Nov 9, 2023 | Animals, Best Of

The rooster is a symbol of honor, courage and strength. It’s no wonder then that these feisty birds have inspired so many filmmakers to document their lives on film. From the majestic beauty of a flock in full flight to the secrets behind the crowing habits of roosters, explore the best documentaries about these remarkable creatures with our list of the 10 best films about roosters. From heartfelt stories of rescue and survival to documentaries that explore the complex relationship between humans and these birds, there’s something for everyone in this collection of must-see rooster movies.

The documentary is a must-watch for anyone interested in animals, family dynamics, or the slapstick comedy of roosters. Next up is “I am Rooster” — a delightful exploration of chickens as urban pets. This humorous and vibrant film follows six families across three cities who keep pet roosters in their homes. From hipsters in Austin to hip-hoppers in LA, the film reveals the complex and vibrant relationships between urbanites and their feathered friends. For a more serious look at the timeline of roosters, “The Rooster’s Tale” is a documentary tracing the history of roosters back to ancient times.


2. The Natural History of Chickens Full Documentary

If you’re a fan of poultry, then you won’t want to miss The Natural History of Chickens documentary! This comprehensive film dives into the fascinating world of roosters and chickens, exploring their history, behaviors, diet, and more. From small backyard flocks to large-scale commercial operations, this documentary provides an informative look at one of the most popular farm animals around the world. With interviews from experts and a behind-the-scenes look at different chicken farms, The Natural History of Chickens is sure to delight viewers of all ages. So don’t miss your chance to learn more about these amazing creatures – watch The Natural History of Chickens today The Roosters of Madison County Another popular documentary on roosters is The Roosters of Madison County.


3. The Private Life of Chickens

Have you ever wondered how chickens live their everyday lives? What do they do when they’re not being eaten for dinner or used in farm operations? Well, the documentary “The Private Life of Chickens” dives into this very topic! It follows the fascinating and diverse behavior patterns of these birds found in both rural and urban settings. From their courtship rituals to their gang-like behavior, the film shows us how each rooster has its own unique personality and quirks. The documentary is full of humorous moments as well as some heartwarming ones that make it a great watch for everyone. It further delves into the plight of backyard chickens, which are widely seen as pests in many places. We also get to see how these birds are able to adapt and thrive in urban settings, even despite the odds that are stacked against them. Finally, viewers can learn about the conservation efforts being undertaken to protect these beautiful creatures.


4. Chicken Planet – True Story Documentary Channel

The following list of documentaries will take you on a journey around the world, to discover chickens in all their diversity and beauty. From raising heritage breeds to fighting cocks, these stories will give you a deeper appreciation for this incredible species. Chicken People: This award-winning documentary follows three chicken breeders as they compete at the Ohio National Poultry Show for “Best in Show”. Big Birdman: The Amazing Story of Chris Morant and His Clucker Army: This documentary follows the incredible story of Chris Morant, who raises chickens with his family in Brooklyn and uses them to inspire people throughout New York City.


5. Daily Chicken Care Documentary

This documentary is a must-see for anyone looking to get an inside look into chicken care. Plus, you can learn some valuable tips and tricks along the way – like how to make homemade chicken treats or what our chickens love more than anything else! So come on in and join us as we explore the life of backyard roosters! From morning until night, you’ll get a glimpse of how our chickens live their day-to-day life. Don’t miss out on the fun! Get ready to experience roosters like never before in this exciting documentary. We guarantee that it will be an experience you won’t forget, and you just might learn something new about roosters along the way. So what are you waiting for? Watch our documentary and get ready to experience the world of chickens up-close! You won’t regret it! So join us on this journey and let’s explore the exciting world of backyard chicken-keeping together! It promises to be a fun adventure that you will not soon forget


6. Largest cockfighting ranch in U.S. history seized in California

For those interested in this story, there have been a few documentaries made about the illegal cockfighting industry in the United States. “Cockfighters” takes an intimate look at the lives of rural Arkansas residents whose livelihoods depend on raising and fighting roosters. Audiences will be able to get an inside view into a world of illegal animal fighting that hasn’t been seen in a documentary before. Another great documentary is “The Fighting Life: A Look Inside the World of Cockfighting.” This film takes a deep look into exactly how the cockfighting industry works, from breeding to training to actually waging war against other roosters. It also looks at the effects this industry has on the people involved and the animals they are fighting. “Cockfighting USA” is yet another documentary about the illegal cockfighting industry in America, depicting a world where animal welfare takes a backseat to human greed.


7.  Roosters And Hens That Show Other Animals Who Is The Boss

There’s nothing quite like watching a rooster take on a flock of turkeys. It’s the ultimate battle of wits and strength. Not only does this make for some great entertainment, but it also helps us understand the behavioral patterns of these animals in their natural environment. Watching how they interact with each other can give us insight into their social dynamics as well as their temperament and diet. It’s amazing to see how these animals can adapt to different environments, and how they interact with the other animals around them. Whether you’re a fan of chickens or not, you will be amazed at some of the documentaries that feature these fascinating creatures! When it comes to roosters, there’s only one thing that’s certain: they are among the most beautiful birds in the world.


8. From 2 wild chickens, now I have more than 100 wild chickens

My family and I are passionate about chickens, so we decided to make a documentary series about the roosters in our flock. We wanted to share with other people our experience with these amazing animals and show them how beautiful and fascinating they can be. In this documentary series, we follow some of our roosters through their daily life, from the moment they wake up to when they go to sleep. We also cover some of the major milestones in their life, like moulting, mating and hatching chicks.


9. How Do Chickens Mate All You Need To Know

The best documentaries about roosters will reveal the different strategies and methods that roosters use to achieve dominance in their flock. The mating ritual of roosters provides an intriguing insight into the behavior of these animals. From crowing at dawn to strutting around a hen, it all happens quickly and with purpose. In some cases, roosters will fight for the chance to mate with a hen, and these competition displays of aggression can be quite intense. Documentaries about roosters give viewers the opportunity to witness this behavior in its natural state. It’s an interesting look into just how important mating is not only to the strength of the species, but also for survival in general.


10.  Most Beautiful Chickens In The World

Throughout the world, there are all kinds of chickens kept for a variety of reasons. Today, many people keep roosters as pets or show animals. They can be used for their eggs (called “broilers” in some countries) or even to provide meat (called “fryers” in some countries). Others may be kept solely for ornamental reasons. The beauty and uniqueness of the rooster has been captured in many documentaries over the years. Some of these documentations focus on the history, culture, and science behind cockfighting and chicken farming. Others take a more artistic approach and explore the symbolism of chickens around the world.

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