The 10 Best Documentaries About Richard III

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Are you fascinated by the life and times of Richard III, the controversial English king? If so, these ten documentaries about Richard III are essential viewing. From insight into his fascinating life story to a study of his legacy, these documentaries provide an in-depth look at this captivating figure from history. Join us as we explore the 10 best documentaries about Richard III! The first on our list is ‘Richard III: The Making of a King’, which provides an intimate look at Richard’s rise to power. This documentary includes interviews with historians and experts on the life and times of Richard III, coupled with rich visuals of the sites associated with his reign. It offers a unique perspective into how this controversial king seized the throne and what he did during his brief rule.

1. Richard III – Guilty or Innocent

The documentary covering Richard III’s life will feature interviews with historians, family members, and other experts who can provide their insight into this iconic historical figure. It will also include footage of his battlefields (such as Bosworth) as well as other locations that were significant during his reign. Images from his time period and contemporary artwork depicting him will bring the story to life. The documentary will look into Richard III’s upbringing and his rise to power, as well as the many highlights of his reign such as the Battle of Bosworth and the Wars of the Roses. We will also take a close look at how he shaped the history of England in his short life, and why he remains such an iconic figure today.


2. Facts About Richard III – History’s Most Reviled King


3. Richard III – The Last of the Plantagenets Documentary

This documentary is a must-watch for anyone interested in gaining a greater understanding of the life and legacy of Richard III. The film provides contextual background to Richard’s rise to power, his reign, and the conspiracy theories surrounding him. It also looks at the discovery and identification of his remains nearly 500 years later. This exquisite documentary does more than inform viewers on the history of the man, it helps bring him to life. It is a vivid and compelling look into the story of Richard III that will leave viewers with a deeper understanding of this fascinating figure in British history.


4. Did King Richard III Really Murder His Own Nephews

This is an essential watch for anyone interested in discovering the history behind one of Britain’s most notorious kings. Robinson’s journey also takes him to Leicester, where Richard was slain at Bosworth Field and then hastily buried beneath a Leicester car park. He speaks to archaeologists uncovering what remains of his body and hears from historians about how it has been reimagined by modern day playwrights and screenwriters.


5. Richard II – England’s Most Tragic King Documentary

Richard III is one of the most infamous monarchs in English history. His reign was marked by civil wars, political intrigues, and family feuds that would have a lasting impact on England’s future. To this day, Richard remains a fascinating figure in British culture and has been portrayed in countless plays and films. We’ve put together a list of the best documentaries about Richard III, which explain his life and legacy from different perspectives. Each documentary is unique in its own right, offering an in-depth look at this complex figure in history. First on the list is “The Ricardian Revolution”, which looks at how Richard III has been portrayed in literature and art over the centuries. It examines the various interpretations of Richard, from Shakespeare’s version to more modern adaptations.


6. King Richard III New Evidence of His Spinal Deformity

From archival footage to modern day interviews, these are the best documentaries about Richard III and the discovery of his remains. Searching for Richard: This gripping documentary follows a team of historians, archaeologists, and scientists as they uncover new evidence about one of England’s most famous kings. Featuring exclusive access to excavation sites in Leicester, the film reveals in-depth details about Richard’s life and reign. The King In The Car Park: This documentary takes a more scientific approach as it looks at the DNA analysis used to identify the remains of Richard III. With interviews from leading scientists and medical experts, this film will teach you all about how science has played a role in uncovering the truth about Richard III. Discovering Richard III: With never-before-seen footage and personal testimonies, this documentary looks at how the discovery of the King’s remains has changed public perception of him and his reign.


7.Richard III – Unearthing the King’s Secrets

We’ll take a look at some of the best documentaries ever made about Richard III, from the BBC’s classic series “The War of the Roses” to modern releases like “Richard III: The King in the Car Park”. We’ll also explore some lesser-known works, such as “The Last Plantagenet”, an independent docudrama that delves into the life and times of this controversial king. No matter which documentaries you choose to watch, you’ll be sure to gain a deeper understanding of Richard III’s place in history and his role as a divisive figure in late medieval England. Get ready for an unforgettable journey back through time – let’s explore the daring life of Richard III! For those wanting to explore further, there are plenty of books and websites dedicated to the life and times of Richard III. From biographies to academic papers, you’re sure to find a wealth of information on this intriguing figure. As well as exploring the world of documentary filmmaking, take time to delve into some reading and discover more about this key historical figure.


8. The Tyrant Who Destroyed England’s Greatest Dynasty

In this documentary, Richard III was one of the most controversial figures in British history. This episode provides an insight into his reign as King of England and examines how he came to power, his ruthless tactics, and the legacy he left behind. It also includes interviews with historians, experts, and those who were affected by his rule. With its compelling narrative and cinematic visuals, this documentary offers an in-depth look at the life of Richard III and his lasting impact on England. This documentary also dives into the mystery surrounding Richard’s disappearance after his death. With a mix of reenactments and historical accounts, viewers will be taken back to medieval times to learn more about the man whose ambition led him through many tumultuous years of power and war. The documentary also features a look into the major battles of Richard’s reign, including Bosworth Field where the decisive battle took place that changed English history forever. Through expert interviews, archival footage, and vivid reenactments, viewers can truly feel as though they are in the presence of royalty.


9. King Richard III The Burial of the King – Live Reburial

The Best Documentaries About Richard III looks at the life of this iconic English King and the political intrigue that surrounded him. This series is a must-watch for anyone interested in British history, political dramas, or curious about how the story of Richard III’s remains was uncovered after 500 years. In this must-see documentary for fans of history, you will hear stories about the events surrounding Richard III’s reign, as well as gain insight into the key players in his death. Additionally, this film features exclusive interviews with experts who have been researching and uncovering evidence on Richard III for decades.


10.King Richard III – Unseen Footage of His Skeleton

The documentary also includes interviews with royal historians and other experts who explain the historical context of Richard III’s life, death, and possible motives that could have lead to his demise. Immerse yourself in a tale that mixes science, mystery, history, and archaeology that will leave you enthralled from start to finish. Tune in to this amazing documentary and see for yourself why Richard III is still such a controversial figure even today. For those who want an even deeper dive into the history of King Richard, there are plenty of other documentaries out there. From re-enacting the Battle Of Bosworth to exploring various theories about his death, these documentaries offer viewers insights into the life and times of Richard III like never before. So whether you’re a history buff or just curious about this mysterious figure, check out these documentaries on King Richard III for an in-depth look into one of England’s most enigmatic kings.

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