The 10 Best Documentaries About Raccoons

Nov 5, 2023 | Animals, Best Of, Nature

Raccoons are one of the most fascinating and mischievous creatures in the animal kingdom. They may be small, but they are incredibly smart and can easily outwit humans if given the opportunity. And their unique physical appearance and behavior only adds to their charm. But what is even more remarkable is that their antics have been captured on film, giving us a unique look into their world. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best documentaries about raccoons that take you on a journey to explore these fascinating creatures. From looking at how they survive in urban environments to uncovering some secrets of their behavior, these documentaries will give you an amazing glimpse into the lives of raccoons.


1. Raccoons – Curse or blessing

This is a fascinating documentary that explores the story of raccoons and their journey to Germany. From the perspective of those who brought them there, to the horror stories circulating about these animals, It dives into what can be believed and verified when it comes to this species. It delves deeply into how raccoons have become such an international topic of conversation, and how the German population has reacted to their presence. As a result, viewers will gain a better understanding of these animals and how they have been perceived in recent times. Furthermore, it is an eye-opening exploration into why raccoons continue to be such a controversial species around the world, despite their undeniable charm and curiosity.


2. National Geographic Animals – How Smart Are Raccoons

This is a compelling documentary about the intelligence of raccoons. With its wide-ranging behaviors and adaptive nature, it’s no wonder these creatures have been part of folklore for centuries! In this film, we take a closer look at how these crafty critters navigate their environment and outwit both predators and humans alike. From clever problem solving to untamed enthusiasm, the world of these furry creatures is something to behold. We also explore how raccoons interact with their environment and other species in unique ways. From beach scavenging to tree climbing acrobatics, this documentary gives us a glimpse into a complex and fascinating creature! Full of exciting moments and heartwarming scenes,It is an essential viewing experience for those .


3. Orangs, Raccoons, & Cool Cats

Welcome to the world of National Geographic Wild, an amazing place where you can explore the animal kingdom and discover fascinating facts about your favorite animals! From raccoons to tigers, elephants to giraffes, our documentaries will take you on a journey of discovery that’s sure to captivate everyone. Whether it’s learning more about the behavior of these creatures or discovering their fascinating habits, you’ll be sure to have an unforgettable experience.


4. Raccoons Gone Wild

The story of the wild raccoons and their never-ending journey for survival. In this thrilling documentary, join us as we dive deep into the lives of these fascinating creatures. From their unique behavior to their curious nature, you’ll get to see first-hand what it takes for them to survive in the wild. Follow our bandit patrol on its journey as they monitor and observe raccoons in all of their natural habitats. From the lush forests to the bustling city streets, you’ll experience the thrills and challenges that come with living alongside these amazing creatures. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure as we explore the fascinating world of wild raccoons!


5. Raccoon Valley | Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom

Welcome to Raccoon Valley, a place of wonder and amazement! Home to one of nature’s most fascinating creatures, Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom presents an intimate look at the lives of the friendly raccoons that inhabit this secluded locale.


6. Nature’s Most Invasive Species

This is an eye-opening documentary that examines the impact of non-native species on a single ecosystem. From the raccoon to the Asian tiger mosquito, many of these imports have thrived in Germany and are now fighting for their place in the environment. This film dives into how some exotic species have managed to dominate and alter entire areas, resulting in a multitude of problems. It looks at the economic damage and health concerns these animals can cause, all while attempting to understand why some species have adapted so successfully.


7. Baby Raccoon Learns to Scavenge

On this wildlife edition of Nannies, we meet Zorro the 8-week-old raccoon who is eager to learn the ropes from his nanny Julia. From climbing, scavenging for food and more – Zorro has a lot to take in! Dr. Michael is looking after two baby storks called Max and Moritz at his Stork Sanctuary, with hopes to find an adoptive family for them. Will he be successful in the mission? Plus we check back with a recovering foundling who is determined to take off and fly again. Tune in to this episode of Nannies to discover the thrilling journey of these amazing wildlife creatures!


8. Mobbed by Raccoons

Heard a strange noise coming from your backyard the other night? Well, if you live in an urban setting chances are you heard and her family of raccoons! This documentary follows the unique life of Raccoons and her 11-strong clan as they make their way through alleys, streets, and backyards. Through this one-of-a-kind glimpse into the life of an urban raccoon family, viewers can learn about the unique behaviors of these intelligent animals.


9. The Intelligence of Raccoons

Raccoons are remarkable creatures. While they may appear to be mischievous and somewhat dimwitted, raccoons have actually proven themselves to be quite intelligent. This is a documentary that will explore the cognitive abilities of this species, is set to provide viewers with insight into just how complex the minds of raccoons can be!


10. Raccoon Dogs

This is the curious and charismatic raccoon dog, is a species that has proven to be incredibly adaptable. From surviving warm summers and snowy winters to being a successful breeder, It is amazing abilities have been documented in films across the globe. Known for its endearing nature and mischievous behavior, this docile creature has captured the hearts of many, with its adorable facial markings and its tendency to be both a hunter and a scavenger. It’s not hard to see why this species of raccoon has become such a beloved figure worldwide! Films have documented these animals’ lives in depth, from their playful interactions with humans to the way they hunt for food.


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