The 10 Best Documentaries And Videos About Queen Charlotte

Sep 25, 2023 | Best Of, Comedy

Here’s a look at some of the best documentaries about Queen Charlotte that offer unique and insightful perspectives on this extraordinary woman’s legacy. From timeless classics to recently-made productions, these documentaries all offer a glimpse into Queen Charlotte’s world and continue her story for the modern day audience.


1. The life of the real QUEEN CHARLOTTE of Mecklenburg-Strelitz | Who was married to George III

Discover the captivating story of Queen Charlotte, wife to George III and mother of George IV. Delve into her life as a consort married to a mad king, and explore the Regency period in which she lived. Learn about her many children and how she navigated such a tumultuous time with grace. This video offers all the answers you need about this remarkable woman, and will surely leave you with a greater appreciation of her courage and resilience. By following the journey of Queen Charlotte, viewers can gain historical insight into an extraordinary life that is too often overlooked. So be sure to join us on this compelling journey as we explore the life of Queen Charlotte!


2. The Story of Queen Charlotte & King George

Last weekend was a fun, royal affair! The Story of Queen Charlotte and King George is an incredibly interesting documentary that tells the story of two monarchs whose love for each other and commitment to their kingdom has been long-lasting. Through a series of interviews with experts, this documentary reveals the fascinating lives of these two beloved figures who have left a lasting legacy on England and the world. Viewers will learn about Queen Charlotte’s incredible life from her early days as a princess to her becoming queen and all of the struggles and successes that she faced along the way.


3. Kris Bowers Performance of Queen Charlotte Composition

Kris Bowers’ composition inspired by Queen Charlotte is captivating viewers on Netflix. This masterpiece dives deep into the history and legacy of one of Britain’s most beloved monarchs, providing an unforgettable experience for its audience. From intricate music arrangements to beautiful visuals, this documentary takes viewers through a journey in time, showcasing the beauty and magnificence that surrounded Queen Charlotte’s reign. With its emotional and powerful soundtrack, viewers can feel her presence throughout the entire documentary as it celebrates her strength and courage.


4. Netflix’s Queen Charlotte: Does Race Swapping Payoff

Queen Charlotte, Netflix’s new period drama series, has been met with an overwhelming amount of praise from viewers. Not only is it a thought-provoking look at race swapping and representation in media, but its stunning visuals and captivating storyline have also gained the show a great deal of attention. Also making headlines recently are actress Jada Pinkett Smith, Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham, and entrepreneur Elon Musk. Pinkett Smith is speaking out against racism in the entertainment industry for its role in the harsh reception of Cleopatra’s remake.


5. Janine & Michelle Travel Vlog | HAIDA GWAII QUEEN CHARLOTTE ISLANDS

Explore the wild and remote beauty of Haida Gwaii, an ancient archipelago located in the northern Pacific. Take part in a travel vlog journey full of breathtaking sights and engaging experiences. Visit Queen Charlotte Islands and explore its pristine landscapes and unique wildlife with Janine & Michelle. Get to know the culture, customs and history of this remarkable Indigenous community as you interact with locals and enjoy the island’s natural wonders. Discover an untouched paradise of lush rainforests, snow-capped mountains, and pristine beaches teeming with life.


6. WE’RE SWOONING ALREADY! | Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story – 1×01 “Queen to Be” reaction


7. Inside the Set | Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story | Kevin Downey SDSA & David Ingram

King George III and his Queen consort, Princess Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, have been brought to life on the small screen in Shonda Rhimes’ NETFLIX series QUEEN CHARLOTTE: A BRIDGERTON STORY. Set Decorator Kevin Downey SDSA and Production Designer David Ingram were tasked with creating two worlds: one of the past, when Charlotte and George first meet; and the other of the present Bridgerton.


8. Queen Charlotte: a Bridgerton story ‘Review’

Queen Charlotte: A Catalyst for Historic Change The life of Queen Charlotte is a remarkable one, full of moments of courage and change. From her birth in 1744, she lived through a tumultuous time period full of warfare and political unrest. But it was also an incredibly exciting time to live in as the world began to modernize at lightning speed. Throughout her life, Queen Charlotte used her position to spearhead historic change. She was a major advocate for the abolition of slavery and spoke out against oppressive laws. In addition, she helped advance the cause of women’s rights by providing mentorship and support to young female leaders in the field of education.


9. Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story Aftershow Podcast

HCA members Kathia Woods, Stacey Yvonne, and Monica Gleberman come together to explore Netflix’s Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story. Join them on an enlightening journey of discovery as they discuss the powerful messages shown throughout the series and how it has impacted their lives. Learn more about the inspiring history behind Queen Charlotte and her accomplishments that make her a true role model to many. Gain insight into the importance of representation and how it is impacting the world today. This thought-provoking podcast will leave you with an enlightened perspective on Queen Charlotte and her legacy that lives on through Bridgerton.


10. It was monumental…..QUEEN CHARLOTTE-A Bridgerton Story REVIEW

It was an incredible journey to witness the life of Queen Charlotte, from her royal beginnings in 1744 to her story’s conclusion. Michelle Fairley gave a stunning performance that made us truly believe the words she said! Not only did we get to see the epic love story between her and Prince Augusta, but also gain insight into Princess Augusta’s inner struggle. It certainly felt like the perfect way to end the series, even if we didn’t get more than one season! In hindsight, it was a great decision to use a narrative structure that went from past to present. I am still left wondering what else could have been explored in the story of Queen Charlotte and her legacy.

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