The 10 Best Documentaries About Overtourism

Nov 7, 2023 | Best Of, Travel

Are you looking for a fascinating insight into the world of overtourism? There’s no better way to do so than by watching one of these riveting documentaries about this growing phenomenon. From the eyes of locals directly impacted by the influx of tourists, to those who are seeking out solutions to mitigate the impact, dive in and explore what it really means when tourism gets out of hand. Here are some of the best documentaries about overtourism that you won’t want to miss!


1. Thailand and the fallout from mass tourism

With the influx of tourists over the last decade, Thailand has seen both immense social and ecological consequences. The picturesque beaches are now scattered with plastic waste from tourist boats, while many coral reefs have been severely damaged by trawl nets used for fishing.


2. Crowded Out: The Story of Overtourism

Overtourism is a global issue that has been impacting destinations around the world. When too many visitors flock to one destination, it can have a lasting and devastating effect on the local environment and its people. Rent prices skyrocket as tourist homes take over the market, roads become congested with tour buses and cars, and iconic sites are overrun by tourists who can’t get close enough to experience them. This is the reality of overtourism, and it’s something we need to be aware of and combat against.


3. Overtourism in Amsterdam

Millions of tourists flock to Amsterdam each year, seeking the vibrant culture and history that this city has to offer. While traveling can be an enjoyable experience for those visiting, it is important to remember the impact that excessive tourism can have on a destination.


4. Are Amazing Cities Being Overrun By Tourism?

Exploring a city can be an amazing experience. But, when too many people come to the same destination at the same time, it can have damaging effects on local communities and ecosystems. Take a journey with me through Porto, Portugal to see the impact of over-tourism via Sao Bento Train Station and Livraria Lello.


5. Overtourism on the rise

Global tourism is becoming an ever-growing industry that has been driving more people to explore the world. But in some cases, its effects are so overwhelming that it can have a devastating impact on certain places. The city of Venice, Italy has seen tremendous amounts of tourists flock to its picturesque canals and historic buildings every year – leading to a depopulation of the city as residents have been forced to leave.


6. Is sustainable tourism possible?

The 2020 Olympics in Tokyo is sure to draw a huge number of tourists from around the globe. Japan is expecting record numbers this year, and it’s essential that they properly manage their tourism in order to prevent overtourism. How can we help ensure that our presence doesn’t negatively impact the environment?


7. overtourism is ruining barcelona

Have you ever wondered what happens when beloved places start to crumble just from the simple act of tourist arriving in droves? Is it possible to still enjoy the beauty of a destination without ruining it? In this video, I’m shining light on these important topics and asking, is travel really worth it if we’re destroying the very thing that makes us want to visit in the first place? We’ll discuss the current solutions and give you plenty to think about in order to make an informed decision. So get ready for a fascinating exploration into overtourism.


8. Overtourism

Overtourism has been a growing concern in the travel industry over recent years. As more and more people seek out unique destinations, some of these places have become overwhelmed with tourists. This can lead to congestion, environmental damage, and an overall decrease in quality for visitors.


9. Over Tourism in Venice Italy, City Tourism and the Associated Problems

Venice is an iconic city that has been treasured by many generations for its idyllic beauty and remarkable cultural heritage that dates back over 1600 years. However, in recent years the City of Canals has been placed on UNESCO’s Heritage in Danger list due to the unwavering swell of tourists overwhelming the small Venetian borough.


10. Travel Porn, Overtourism, & The New Colonialism

From ever-growing cities to remote paradises, overtourism is a growing issue around the world. Travelers have been drawn to places not only for their beauty but also to meet new people and experience new cultures. But what happens when we visit too often? We’ve all heard of the term “ travel porn”; photos of gorgeous beaches that make us all want to run away and never come back. But there’s more to this concept than meets the eye.

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