The 10 Best Documentaries About Numbers

Sep 10, 2023 | Best Of, Education, Science

If you find yourself intrigued by the mysterious world of numbers, then look no further. Here’s a list of the best documentaries about numbers that will take you on an amazing journey through the hidden secrets and surprising facts behind some of the most important figures in history! From mathematical geniuses to ancient numerals, these films are sure to educate and entertain in equal measure.


1. Prediction By The Numbers

Today, predictions have become a part of our everyday lives. From predicting the weather to determining sports and medical decisions, the accuracy of these forecasts has increased with the growth in digital technology and knowledge. However, some predictions are more successful than others due to various factors.


2. BBC Magic Numbers Mysterious World of Maths

Math has always been a fascinating subject, full of mystery and surprises. BBC Magic Numbers Mysterious of Maths is a documentary that delves into this mysterious world and reveals the hidden beauty that lies within it. This captivating series takes us on a journey of discovery, exploring the history of mathematics and uncovering its many secrets.


3. Decoding the Secret Patterns of Nature

Take a journey into the hidden depths of mathematics – an adventure that reveals the incredible power of numbers. From Pythagoras to Einstein, we explore the language and logic that shapes our world and beyond. Uncovering math’s signature in nature, from a nautilus shell to a galaxy swirl, as well as in discoveries such as the Higgs.


4. Magic Numbers

Math has been around for centuries, and it’s a subject that fascinates people from all walks of life. In her documentary, Dr Hannah Fry takes us on a journey to explore the mysterious world of mathematics. We discover why math is so powerful and how it has shaped the way we live today.


5. The Story of (almost) All Numbers

Do you ever gaze at a numerical figure and wonder ‘where did this come from?’ Well, now you can find out! Dig in to the history of numbers with a special series of documentaries. Trace their roots back to ancient times, witness how they evolved over time, and discover the incredible impact they have had on our lives today.


6. The Man Who Loved Numbers

On March 22, 1988, the life and accomplishments of Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan were celebrated in a biographical documentary. Featuring interviews with scholars and experts, this film was an inspiring look at the man who changed the face of mathematics.


7. The Man Who Is Obsessed With The Number

Hugh’s life is one of ritual and counting. Every day, he must perform his painstakingly ordered rituals in order to keep himself safe from the anxieties that fuel his compulsive disorder. He is unable to leave his home without performing these rituals a certain number of times, and with each passing moment, the fear of not completing them correctly intensifies.


8. The Numbers Game

In today’s professional sports, one team stands out as a role model for the rest. They have invested in analytics to uncover mounds of data which can be used to gain the winning edge on and off the field. Not only have they identified potential players who fit the mold, but they also employ experts to do the math so all their decisions are backed by hard numbers. As a result, they have won countless championships and continue to be one of the most successful teams in their sport.


9. Number station documentary

Simon Hollis is a daring producer who takes his viewers on an adrenaline-filled journey deep into a mysterious world. From the top of each hour, tune in to shortwave radio and be prepared for a strange experience – voices reading seemingly random numbers and odd sounds.


10. History by Numbers

The 1920s were a pivotal decade for the United States. Change was in the air as people began to break away from traditional thinking and embrace modernism. With advancements in technology, scientists and inventors pushed boundaries and aviators made progress towards human flight. The country was booming and Americans had money to spend, creating an unprecedented level of optimism.

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