The 10 Best Documentaries About Money

Sep 6, 2023 | Best Of, Economics, Finance

If you’re looking to learn more about the complex and fascinating world of money, then look no further. The best documentaries about money will provide insight and understanding into the diverse roles that money plays in our lives and societies. From Wall Street to cryptocurrency, from corporate greed to philanthropy, these films offer a unique perspective on one of the most powerful forces in human history.


1. Age of Easy Money

The modern economy is a complex web of intertwined structures and systems. From the Federal Reserve to Silicon Valley Bank, these forces help shape our economic landscape and guide us into an uncertain future. A two-hour documentary examines how we got here, exploring the role of central banks like the Federal Reserve in bringing us to this point.


2. Money isn’t everything

Investing doesn’t have to be solely about accumulating as much money as possible. People are beginning to explore a new definition of wealth that looks beyond profit-making. Take BURN, a Kenyan company creating resource-friendly ovens for rural areas of the country. Many people rely on burning firewood, often leading to deforestation.


3. How Money Became Worthless

In 2008, a financial crisis rocked the world economy. Markets crashed, stock prices fell, and major institutions that were previously thought to be invincible started to show signs of weakness. Governments responded with bailouts and stimulus packages in an effort to prevent total collapse. But these measures have left many people feeling uncertain about the future of money and finance.


4. How the rich get richer

It is clear that the world’s central banks are pushing a policy of cheap money. The ECB, for example, has been buying stocks and bonds to help troubled banks, stimulate economic growth and bail out states facing financial difficulties. But this policy comes at a cost as savers are feeling the pinch – interest rates have crashed to near zero levels.


5. The System of Money

The System of Money dives deep into the financial and economic aspects of our society. Unraveling years of research in a comprehensive way, this documentary will give you an insight into how money works and the influential role it plays in our lives. The psychological elements that shape our spending habits, as well as, government policies are explored to understand the root.


6. Money, Power and Wall Street

After the 2008 economic collapse, Money, Power and Wall Street chronicles the attempts to rebuild America’s economy. Exploring how key choices were made and gaps in thought overlooked, this award-winning series delves into the complex relationship between government leaders and financial institutions.


7. Everything You Need To Know About Money

It’s hard to keep up with the constantly changing global economic landscape. Inflation, stimulus packages, and interest rates are terms that often appear in the news – but what do they mean? Our documentary sheds light on these topics and more. We’ll explore how money works around the world and discuss how it affects people everywhere – from individuals to huge banks.


8. Money, happiness and eternal life

Are we really made happy by money and power? How many of us keep striving for more, even when it seems like we have enough? Our curiosity to know more is a part of our human nature.
But what happens when greed takes over?


9. Corruption, Crisis & Credit

When financial disasters occur, do you ever wonder what’s really at the root of our current social and economic crisis? 97% Owned dives deep into the complex world of money and credit to uncover the truth. This groundbreaking documentary presents evidence on why creating credit is so important in today’s society.


10. History of Money

Money is something we all know, and it’s been around since the dawn of civilization. But have you ever wondered how money came to be? This documentary takes a look at its meteoric rise over the centuries, from barter to bitcoin, and how it has become intertwined with our lives.


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