The 10 Best Documentaries About MGM GRAND

Oct 22, 2023 | Best Of, History

MGM Grand in Las Vegas is an iconic and luxurious hotel and casino that has hosted some of the most important celebrities, stars, and world leaders. But did you know that it’s also been the backdrop to some of the greatest documentaries ever made? Take a look at this list of 10 must-see documentaries about MGM Grand! From political scandals to heartwarming tales of life at the casino, these documentaries are sure to captivate any audience. From intimate interviews with staff to gripping footage from inside the hotel, you’ll be enthralled by each story. So sit back and enjoy these ten amazing films about MGM Grand!


1. The MGM Grand Hotel Disaster – A Short Documentary


2. Stayed at Every MGM Resort in Las Vegas

This full length documentary by MGM Resorts is a must-watch for anyone looking to get the inside scoop on what stays at the world famous Las Vegas Strip. From luxurious hotel rooms and top tier restaurants, to jaw dropping pools and entertainment venues, this is your one stop shop to get an up close and personal tour of the best that MGM Grand has to offer. In addition to a full tour of the premises, this documentary also dives deep into the history and culture of Las Vegas. From its humble beginnings as a dusty railroad town, to its present day status as one of the most visited cities in the world, you’ll get an eye-opening look at how much has changed over the years.


3. The History of the MGM Grand Las Vegas – Wizard of Oz Themed Hotel

The casino floor has an array of classic games, live entertainment and restaurants that made it a premier destination. Guests were welcomed at the main entrance with a grand lobby fountain and showroom under the signature lion head canopy. To this day, MGM Grand is one of the largest hotel complex in Las Vegas. To commemorate their success MGM Grand has recently opened the MGM Grand Museum. This museum features an interactive exhibit that documents the history of the casino from its grand opening in 1993 to present day.


4. MGM Grand fire

The incident at the MGM Grand has been the focus of several documentaries exploring different perspectives and angles. Documentaries such as The Las Vegas Fire: One Year Later, which investigates what caused the fire and its impact on the city’s future, or No Exit: The MGM Grand Fire, which dives into interviews with survivors of the tragedy, provide an in-depth look into this devastating event. The documentaries also touch upon the other issues surrounding the MGM Grand fire – from building code violations to insurance fraud. Some of them even focus on how hotel chains have improved safety regulations to prevent such a tragedy from happening again.


5. LAS VEGAS MGM Grand is Possibly The Best Resort! – Best Pool in Vegas

The MGM Grand Hotel & Casino stands out as one of the most iconic hotels in Las Vegas. Boasting a total of 5,044 guest rooms and suites, it is the largest single hotel in the U.S. It also offers great amenities such as an indoor theme park, dozens of restaurants, shops, casinos, bars and clubs making it a popular destination for business travelers and vacationers alike. We had the pleasure of staying at the MGM Grand this past summer and wanted to share our experience with you. From the moment we checked in, it was clear that this hotel outshined all others in terms of size and service. The staff was incredibly helpful, friendly and accommodating throughout our stay, making us feel like we were their priority. The rooms were spacious and well-appointed, and the views of Las Vegas from the MGM Grand were spectacular.


6. MGM Grand Hotel & Casino – The Best All-Around Resort in Las Vegas

The Grand Ballroom at the MGM Grand is one of the biggest and most glamorous ballrooms in Las Vegas. The ballroom has been used for performances by some of the world’s greatest entertainers including Celine Dion, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and more. At the heart of the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino is its casino floor. The casino floor is filled with slot machines, table games, and more. There is something for everyone whether you want to try your luck at blackjack or take a spin on the roulette wheel. The MGM Grand also offers its guests many other entertainment options such as nightlife venues, bars, and lounges, shopping outlets, buffets, and much more. With so many options, it is easy to see why the MGM Grand is one of the most popular destinations in Las Vegas. The hotel and casino also offer a variety of shows and events throughout the year such as concerts, comedy shows, magic shows, and more. There are always something new and exciting happening at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino.


7. History of Bally’s Las Vegas & The Original MGM Grand Hotel & Casino – Devastating Fire

The opening of the MGM Grand Las Vegas was a notable event. Celebrities, politicians, and members of the public filled the grand ballroom to witness the ribbon cutting ceremony. The hotel boasted then-modern amenities such as televisions in every room and an endless selection of restaurants and shops. The casino floor was something to behold with its bright lights, loud music, and intense gambling action. It was an overwhelming experience for many. The sheer size of the MGM Grand dwarfed all other casinos in the city and it quickly became one of Las Vegas’ most iconic attractions.


8. The MGM Grand Disaster – A Deadly Fire Documentary

The tragedy of the MGM Grand Fire has been captured in many documentaries, both film and TV. Here are some of the best documentaries about the MGM Grand Fire and its legacy: “MGM Grand Disaster: The Story Behind The Blaze” – This gripping documentary by ABC News chronicles the events that led up to the tragic fire, including interviews with survivors, first responders, and the families of those who perished. “The Las Vegas Inferno: The MGM Grand Fire” – This History Channel documentary gives a detailed account of the night of the fire and its aftermath. Through interviews with witnesses and experts, it tells an unforgettable story about survival and loss in America’s playground. “The Curse of the MGM Grand” – This Discovery Channel documentary explores the unspoken superstitions surrounding the old MGM Grand and its ongoing legacy of tragedy, from mysterious accidents to unsolved murders.


9. MGM Grand Las Vegas –  Coolest Luxury Hotels

Experience Vegas like never before with a stay at the iconic MGM Grand Hotel and Casino. With its distinct architecture, luxurious accommodations, world-class dining options, and sophisticated entertainment venues, there’s something to please everyone. The property also offers some of the best documentaries around that explore the history and culture of both Las Vegas and MGM Grand itself. Here are five of the best documentaries about MGM Grand that will help you get to know this legendary hotel even better. This documentary, released in 2010 and hosted by actor Kelsey Grammer, takes viewers on a journey through the history of Las Vegas from its early days as a frontier town to its current incarnation as an international entertainment Mecca. From the rise of organized crime in the city to the evolution of the Las Vegas Strip, “The Story of Las Vegas” is an informative and entertaining look at how this desert oasis became one of the most popular destinations in the world.


10. Watch this before staying at MGM Grand Las Vegas

The MGM Grand has long been known for its star-studded events, celebrity chefs, and world-class performances. It’s also one of the best places in Vegas to find some of the most innovative and creative restaurants. With a wide range of flavors from around the world, you can sample classic American dishes like steak and potatoes, or explore international cuisines like Japanese sushi and Korean BBQ. There are even vegan and vegetarian options available! When it comes to entertainment, MGM Grand is home to some of the best shows in Las Vegas. Experience music, dance, comedy, and acrobatics at one of the many productions or explore a variety of bars and lounges which provide an exciting atmosphere filled with live music from resident DJs. With all these options for food, drinks, and entertainment, MGM Grand is the perfect place for a night out on the town!

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