The 10 Best Documentaries About Meat

Dec 23, 2023 | Animals, Best Of, Food/Drink

With the ever-growing concerns over animal rights, environmental impacts and human health, documentaries about meat have become increasingly popular. Whether you’re an ardent vegan, a sustainable eater or just curious to find out more about the meat industry, these documentaries will educate and inform you of the realities of our food system. From factory farming to alternative proteins debate, these films explore all topics related to meat and its production. Get ready to have your beliefs challenged and your perspectives changed as you watch these enlightening films about the darker side of our food system!


1. The world of meat substitutes | DW Documentary

When it comes to meat eating, there are a lot of ethical questions that must be taken into consideration. For those of us who care about our health and the environment, we now have an alternative: meat substitutes! The documentary ‘The World of Meat Substitutes’ shows viewers just what this new world looks like, exploring the science behind these products as well as their potential impact.


2. Do we need to eat meat?

Do we need to consume animal flesh in order to provide sustenance for ourselves and our families? Is it an essential dietary component? Or are there other sources of nutrition that are better than consuming meat, such as plant-based meals or dairy products?The Best Documentaries About Meat dive into the questions of why we eat meat – both historically and societally.

3. Corrupt Food Industry | Lobbying Against Health | Meat Consumption

The food industry can be a murky and corrupt business, with powerful lobbies working behind the scenes to influence health regulations in their favour. One of the best documentaries about meat is one that exposes this hidden world by looking at how it affects our health and environment. The film follows the journey of people affected by industrial farming practices and animal welfare issues, as well as those advocating.

4. Ethics and meat consumption

Meat consumption is a highly controversial subject, and documentaries about meat offer an excellent opportunity to explore the ethics around it. With the rise of ethical veganism, more people are beginning to question how their meat consumption affects animals and the environment. Documentaries about this topic seek to analyze these issues from all sides, helping viewers understand why some choose to eat meat, while others abstain.

5. Global Warming Documentary: MEAT THE TRUTH (HD, full length • 4 subtitles)

Meat the truth is a documentary that investigates climate change through an insightful approach to its meat production. The full-length film explores the environmental impacts of animal agriculture, examining how the industry contributes to global warming and air pollution on a massive scale. It features interviews with experts from around the world, offering their perspectives on why animal farming has become such an important contributor to climate change.

6. The Carnivore’s Dilemma: Is It Ethical to Eat MEAT from Industrial Farms? | ENDEVR Documentary

For many carnivores, eating meat is part of their identity and culture. But when it comes to the ethics of consuming meat from industrial farms, things become a bit more complex. In this documentary, we take a deep dive into the ethical implications of large-scale animal farming in America. We explore how modern agribusiness has drastically changed the way animals.

7. How the MEAT Industry is Damaging Small Producers and the Environment

As the demand for meat continues to skyrocket, it is having a devastating effect on small producers and the environment alike. The industrialization of the meat industry has created an overexploitation of natural resources and rising global temperatures due to increased greenhouse gas emissions. Small producers are facing competition from large-scale corporate farms that use monoculture farming methods and other methods that poll.

8. The world’s biggest meat company is built on corruption and it’s growing in Australia

Australia is home to one of the biggest meat companies in the world. This giant, however, has been built on a foundation of corruption and it’s only getting bigger. Through unethical practices such as paying off agricultural workers at below-average wages, this multi-billion dollar conglomerate have been able to amass even greater wealth and power. As its influence continues to spread, more.

9. Eating less Meat won’t save the Planet. Here’s Why

Eating Less Meat May Not Have the Earth-Saving Impact We Want. Here’s Why The planet is in crisis and many people are looking for ways to help save it. One of the most popular solutions is to reduce meat consumption, including beef, pork, poultry, fish and other animal products. But while this action may certainly help reduce our environmental footprint, it.

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