The 10 Best Documentaries About Maine

Sep 21, 2023 | Best Of, Geography

Maine is a region of vibrancy and history, full of stories that are just begging to be heard. If you’re looking for an authentic glimpse into the culture, history, and unique experiences of this beautiful state, then take a look at some of the best documentaries about Maine. From stunning visuals to tales of struggle and achievement, these award-winning documentaries are sure to capture your attention and give you a deeper understanding of this extraordinary place. So, sit back, relax, and get ready for an in-depth exploration of the Land of Vacation! The first documentary that truly captures Maine’s culture is “Maine: An American Portrait”.


1. HOME: The Story of Maine “Land of Liberty

For many years after the Revolutionary War, immigrants and veterans alike flocked to Maine in search of a better life. They were determined to establish a new home for themselves in the serene forests between Kennebec and Penobscot Rivers. The land promised by the colonial government was freely available to them as they had bravely fought for independence during the war, and it was here that they chose to settle and build their own communities. At the same time, certain influential figures seized this opportunity to acquire large tracts of land for low prices in hopes of making a hefty profit by reselling it.


2. A Tour of Maine, From Forest to Sea

It’s a beautiful time of year to explore Maine – from the lush and verdant forests, to the rolling hills cascading down to the shimmering sea. Join us as we take a journey through this magical land, discovering all that lies between the woods and waves. From our starting point in Chopps Creek, its natural flow will lead us across meadows and marshes, through wetlands and valleys, to the confluence of the Kennebec River. Along the way, we’ll witness sights both majestic and humble – sparkling rivers, shimmering pools, hidden coves and rushing rapids. Finally, our course will reach its end in the mighty Atlantic Ocean; a place of immense power and beauty that awes all who behold it.


3. Maine America’s Coast – Dobbs Productions- Bar Harbor, Maine

Maine is a land of inspiration – from its rugged coastlines to its pristine forests, it has captivated the imaginations of some of America’s most talented creatives. From poets to painters and ponderers, this stunning landscape has been inspiring for centuries. Today, millions continue to visit Maine for recreation or respite, with many drawn in by its untouched beauty and unique offerings. This is the coast that shaped a nation, and for many, this is where true America begins – from Bar Harbor to its wild shores, Maine is a place of profound beauty and tranquility.


4. Maine Survivors Remember The Holocaust

Maine is home to some of the survivors of the Holocaust, and their stories are incredibly powerful. In this 1994 documentary produced by the Holocaust Human Rights Center of Maine, contemporary music from Ed Van Fleet, Hillel Zakai and Martin Davidson accompanies these brave individuals as they share their memories of life during WWII in concentration camps. Through this journey we are able to understand more deeply the power and impact of human suffering, and how it can lead to new courage and resolve. By hearing these stories we are also shown the struggle of those who must put their faith in others for survival, and to ultimately live through such unimaginable terror.


5. Hear Old-Time Mainers Describe Life In Small Town Rockport, Maine

As I journeyed to the small town of Rockport, Maine back in 1975, I could already feel a certain kind of energy and spirit emanating from the area. Even through the chilly winter air, it seemed to scream out “welcome!” After building my life there over the next 25 years with my family and community members – both old-time Mainers who had been around for generations as well as newcomers who sought to find a new life in Maine – I decided to commemorate the town’s anniversary with a documentary film.


6. Guide to Acadia National Park: Maine’s Coastal Jewel

Welcome to the enchanted realm of Acadia National Park, located amidst the picturesque coast of Maine. Whether you’re an avid hiker, camper, or just a fan of the great outdoors, this breathtaking park has something for everyone. From magnificent trails winding through lush forests and rolling hills to stunning shorelines and glittering lakes; Acadia is truly an outdoor paradise.Here you can explore the flora and fauna of Maine’s beautiful coast, watch for whales in the bay, experience a variety of wild animals in their natural habitat, or simply relax and take it all in.


7. Discover Maine Public Lands

Discover the Unseen Beauty of Maine’s Public LandsMaine is home to some of the most breathtaking and secluded locations. These areas are managed by a team of professionals with respect to natural resources, recreation, wildlife, and timber. Untold Secret takes viewers on an adventure through these alluring public lands. From majestic mountains to lush valleys and tranquil lakes, each region of Maine has something unique to offer. There’s no better way to explore these hidden gems than with an eye-opening documentary about Maine’s Public Lands.


8. HOME: The Story of Maine “Rolling Back the Frontier

As the new settlers arrived in Maine, they were presented with untouched natural resources and an opportunity to create a life of their own. Despite facing immense difficulty from the harsh climate, varied cultures between English, French and Native populations, these new inhabitants created something lasting by rolling back the frontier in their own way. Their hard work meant that they could build an entirely new world in the Province of Mayne, where they could find abundance and create a unique identity for themselves. This was a chance to not only survive but thrive, and these settlers made use of every opportunity that came their way.


9. This Is Maine – Episode 1 – Portland

As I plan my move to Maine, I’m so excited to explore and experience all the beauty of this amazing state. My first visit is right around the corner, and I can’t wait to wander its winding roads and take in the stunning scenery that awaits me. Your videos have given me a much deeper appreciation for all Maine has to offer. Watching them again will be a great way to prepare for my trip, as I hope to become part of the community and give back in any way I can. Thank you for capturing the essence of Maine with these wonderful movies.


10. HOME: The Story of Maine “The Struggle for Identity”

Maine is a land of many stories, but one struggle for identity stands out—the state’s history-defining battle with Canada, Britain and Massachusetts over its boundaries. The Aroostook War of 1839, though nondescript in terms of bloodshed, was far from peaceful. This contest stretched all the way to Madawaska and Edmunston, New Brunswick, and ended with the establishment of military outposts such as Fort Fairfield and Fort Kent. The documentary HOME: The Story of Maine brings this all to life in a vivid and engaging manner, providing viewers a glimpse into what it meant for Maine to finally find its own unique identity.

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