The 10 Best Documentaries About Lion Brothers

Jul 15, 2023 | Animals, Best Of

Deep in the wilds of Africa, a pride of five brothers reigns as kings. Roaring through the savanna and dominating their territory, these mighty lions capture our imaginations with their courage and strength. But what is it like to follow them on their everyday journey — from sunup to sundown? Get a glimpse into their world with these documentaries about five lion brothers.The incredible footage of their lives will leave you in awe and admiration for these majestic creatures.



The Sabi Sand region in Kruger National Park has a story to tell. It is the tale of the legendary Mapogo lion coalition, six male lions who sought to dominate and rule this area. Led by Makhulu, with Rasta, Deadlocks, Pretty Boy, Kinky Tail and Mr. T at his side, these lions embarked on an incredible journey that changed the face of this region forever. This documentary explores their legacy and how it continues to shape wildlife conservation today.



Discover the incredible stories of some of Africa’s most popular lion coalitions! From the Mapogo Lions to the Selati Lions, this documentary provides an in-depth exploration into these magnificent creatures and their fascinating social dynamics. Learn how five separate groups have managed to make a name for themselves over time, and how each coalition has left its own unique mark on African history.


3. Mapogo  Lions: Beginnings of the world famous Lion Era

This captivating documentary follows the story of Mapogo Lions, a group of six male lions that rose to fame in South Africa’s Kruger National Park. Witness how these incredible animals formed an alliance and laid claim to their own territory, ultimately becoming one of the most famous lion prides in history. Follow along as we explore the beginnings of this remarkable era and discover what drove them to become such a powerful force!



Mighty Majingilane Lions are some of the most incredible animals on Earth. In this educational video, you will be taken on a journey to learn more about them and their lives in the wild. Discover how they hunt and communicate with each other, as well as their unique behavior when it comes to social interaction. You’ll also gain insight into why these lions have been such an important part of African culture for centuries! Get ready to explore the fascinating world of Mighty Majingilane Lions!


5. The Most Epic Comeback Since the Expulsion From the Pride

Witness the most incredible comeback since The Expulsion From The Pride! This documentary follows a group of lions who were once exiled from their pride and forced to survive on their own. Through adversity, they find strength in each other and ultimately make an epic return to reclaim their rightful place. Watch as these brave lions fight for survival against all odds!


6. LIONS – Kings of African Wildlife

Experience the wild side of nature with this amazing wildlife documentary film! Get up close and personal with a lion pride, and be moved by their strength, grace, and power. Our filmmakers Oleksii Mandryko and Robert Hofmeyr bring you into the heart of Africa’s savanna to learn more about these majestic beasts. Listen to the pleasant voice of our narrator as you immerse yourself in this virtual safari experience. Marvel at high-quality footage that showcases lions in their natural habitat, radiating energy and awe. Enjoy an incredible distraction from life’s troubles while gaining insight into these kings of the jungle!


7. Brothers in Arms

The Majingilane male lions have been a force to be reckoned with for over a decade. These 5 males were born around 2004 or 2005 and forced to leave their natal area in 2009, when they decided to work together as one powerful coalition. Their intimidating presence has sent animals of all species running for cover ever since! In this video, you’ll learn about the history of these majestic creatures and how they’ve become such an influential group on Londolozi.


8. Last of the Lions

This incredible documentary follows the last pride of lions in their fight for survival. Embark on a journey with National Geographic and witness the majestic creatures up close as they battle against all odds to secure a future for their species. Watch as these powerful predators take on competitors, search for food, nurture young cubs, and struggle to stay alive in an ever-changing environment. Get ready to experience a life-like never before seen – this is Last of the Lions!


9. 8 Most Unique Lions On Earth

Lions are some of the most majestic creatures in the world, but did you know there are many unique types that have features like no other? In this video we explore 8 of the rarest and most fascinating lions out there – from mythological lions to ones you may not have even heard of. See how these big cats differ from each other and learn more about their habitats, behaviours and much more!


10. Uprising: Lion King Slayer

Sekekama, a proud leader of his own Pride, takes great risks in order to protect the future of his people. But as he leads them into bloody wars against old and new enemies, treachery within his own ranks may be the greatest challenge yet. See how Sekekama faces down this danger and fights back against all odds for the sake of his people!


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