The 10 Best Documentaries About Lake Mead

Aug 29, 2023 | Best Of, Nature

For fans of Lake Mead, the National Park located between Arizona and Nevada is an awe-inspiring destination. Not only does it boast a stunning landscape of canyons, mountains, and forests, but its expansive reservoir has become an iconic symbol for the region. Whether you’re looking to learn more about the area or simply be inspired by its beauty, here are the best documentaries about Lake Mead. From thrilling histories to captivating wildlife, these films will provide an exciting look into the park’s unique environment. So grab some popcorn and join us for a journey to one of America’s most treasured national parks!



The Haunted Nevada Killing Fields is a documentary that will take you for a journey through Lake Mead’s dark past. This film investigates the unsolved mysteries of the lake, which have puzzled people and researchers alike for decades. It’s an exploration into the paranormal and supernatural activity that still lingers in this isolated area, with reports of ghost sightings, strange lights, and unexplained disturbances. The documentary follows a team of paranormal investigators as they attempt to uncover the truth behind these horrifying events. The investigation involves interviewing local witnesses, visiting haunted locations, and utilizing cutting-edge technology to detect possible supernatural activity in the area.


2. Lake Mead FINALLY Dried Up

Welcome to Futureunity, the perfect destination for discovering some of the most awe-inspiring wonders of our world. From majestic Lake Mead to the grandeur of outer space, we explore it all! Learn about the inner workings of life on earth and take a journey into the unknown. Our team of science experts will guide you through a host of fascinating topics such as the latest technological advancements, incredible discoveries in biology, and even space exploration. Whether you’re a science enthusiast or just looking for an enthralling experience, Futureunity is here to provide hours of educational entertainment. Join us on this journey that will leave your mind enlightened and inspired!


3. The Story of Hoover Dam

The planning and construction of Lake Mead on the Colorado River is a true feat of engineering. A documentary movie created by the Department of Interior and Bureau of Reclamation, offers a unique insight into how Hoover Dam was designed as an answer to taming this powerful river and providing much needed water resources for those living in the arid Southwest region.


4. Lake Mead Third Intake

The Southern Nevada Water Authority faces a daunting task: tunneling deep into Lake Mead. Taking on one of the most challenging projects in the world, they embarked on an incredible race against time. Seven years later, their goal was achieved and with it, a third intake that provides water from the bottom of the lake.


5. Lake Mead: America’s Deadliest National Park

Situated in the desert of Nevada, mere minutes away from Las Vegas, lies a lake that has seen more tragedy than many would expect: Lake Mead. Originally created as part of the Hoover Dam project, this reservoir is now known for its dark and dangerous history. It was designated as America’s first National Recreational Area, but it has also gained infamy as the deadliest National Park in the United States – with a death rate almost 50% higher than its closest rival.


6. HAPPENED With Lake Mead SHOCKED Scientists

Lake Mead, the largest artificially created water body in the US, has been host to millions of people and their livelihoods for many years. But recently, it’s been drying up at an alarming rate and revealing its secrets. What are these secrets? Where will this leave those who relied on the lake for water supply or electricity?



Colin Brown and Twin Paranormal are no strangers to ghost hunting, but their exploration of Lake Mead was unlike anything they’d experienced before. After discovering several bodies at the lake, they wanted to find out more about this strange place. It didn’t take long for them to discover that there may be a paranormal presence lurking beneath the surface.


8. Ghost Hunting On A Haunted Lake Mead

Welcome to the captivating world of Lake Mead, a stunning reservoir shrouded in mystery. Located in the heart of the Mojave Desert, its waters hold secrets that have been hidden for centuries. As we venture through this enigmatic body of water, known as The Lake Of Death or simply Lake Mead, you’ll be mesmerized by tales of hauntings and stories.


The waters of Lake Mead are receding quickly, uncovering lost artifacts and secrets from beneath its depths. On this journey, I’ll take you on an adventure of discovery to explore the strange and unique items exposed by the severely diminishing lake levels. Join me as we search for remnants of a past civilization, from barrel-encased bodies to sunken vessels that were once part of the thriving Lake Mead ecosystem. If you’re looking for an exciting tour of one-of-a-kind finds, then this is the journey for you. Follow me as I embark on a Lake Mead treasure hunt and bring back stories of amazing discoveries! Be sure to check out my Lake Mead update video to see what I find along the way.


10. Lake Mead Water Level

Journey with us to uncover the hidden truths behind the Great Western water shortage. From our home state of Nevada to other regions, let’s explore and discover where all the Colorado River water has gone! We’ll look at more than just the drought – this is a multi-part series full of insight into unique causes for the phenomenon. Get ready for an adventure that will have you questioning what you thought about the water crisis! Join us as we discover why this is happening, and how it can be reversed. There are many answers to the questions of our time, so let’s find out what they are together! Uncovering these truths won’t be easy, but nothing worth doing ever is.


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