The 10 Best Documentaries And Videos About Kyrie Irving

Jan 20, 2024 | Best Of, Sports

Kyrie Irving has had an impact on the basketball world since 2011, when he drafted to the Cleveland Cavaliers. His talents have seen him play for multiple teams and receive numerous awards, including being named an NBA All-Star six times. But his achievements don’t just stop there–his influence in the world of documentaries is equally impressive. Whether it’s inspiring stories about his childhood, or exploring why he’s such a great player – the documentaries about Kyrie Irving are both insightful and entertaining.


1. The Full Kyrie Irving Experience

Dive into the Mind of Kyrie Irving Take a journey into one of the most enigmatic and intriguing athletes of this generation. Explore the world of Kyrie Irving as you watch fascinating documentaries about his life, career, and unique brand. From intimate interviews to stories about his rise to fame – get an up-close look at why he is so beloved across.


2. How Kyrie Irving Became The Most Polarizing Player in the NBA

Kyrie Irving’s journey to becoming one of the most polarizing players in the NBA is one that has been filled with highs and lows. From an early age, he showed natural talent on the court, and his penchant for making clutch shots made him a star. But as he entered the professional league, Kyrie quickly found himself tangled up in drama over contract disputes and off.


3. KYRIE IRVING: “I’d Probably Be In LA [with Lebron James]” | I AM ATHLETE

Kyrie Irving is one of the most talented and enigmatic figures in sports today. He’s a player who has had a very unique journey, from his rookie season with the Cleveland Cavaliers to his time with the Boston Celtics and now, as a Brooklyn Net. His story is filled with moments both inspiring and controversial, making it ideal for documentary exploration.


4. Kyrie Irving – WikiVidi Documentary

Kyrie Irving’s life has been one full of successes and triumphs. From his NBA Rookie of the Year award to his four championship rings, Kyrie is a basketball legend. But his story isn’t just about on-court performances – it’s also about personal growth and resilience.


5. Mini Kyrie Irving Documentary

Mini Kyrie Irving Documentary is the perfect way to get a glimpse into the life of an NBA superstar. This short documentary gives viewers an inside look into how Kyrie Irving has risen to the top of professional basketball and what he stands for. From his childhood in West Orange, New Jersey, to his college career at Duke University, and finally arriving as one of the greatest.


6. Kyrie Irving Documentary & Mixtape – Part One: Young Drew

Kyrie Irving is a unique story of determination and drive. The documentary, “Young Drew,” follows the career of a young basketball player who was determined to make it in the NBA despite the odds. Through interviews with coaches, friends, and family, viewers will gain insight into Kyrie’s life and the challenges he faced on his journey to greatness.


7. Kyrie Irving Suspended for Sharing “Anti-Semitic” Documentary

Kyrie Irving’s recent suspension from the NBA sparked controversy over his sharing of an anti-Semitic documentary. The film, entitled “The Kyrie Irving Story,” was created to expose perceived injustices in the NBA, but ultimately led to a two-game suspension for Irving after it was revealed that its content contained offensive and inflammatory language. While some have argued that the suspension went.


8. The ‘free thinker’ and flat-earther promoting an anti-Semitic documentary | KYRIE IRVING

Kyrie Irving is a fascinating figure to explore. His story of going from one of the most promising young basketball players in the world, winning an NBA championship and leading his own team to multiple playoff appearances is inspiring. But it’s also intriguing when you consider how much he has changed throughout these years. From becoming an outspoken advocate for flat Earth theories and anti-Semitic documentaries.



Kanye West and Louis Farrakhan have long been vocal in their support for Kyrie Irving. Both of them have now come together to create a documentary that tells the story of how they were both moved by Irving’s courage and conviction to stand up for what he believes in, despite pressure from the NBA and society at large. The documentary explores the lessons of identity.


10. Kyrie Irving FULL CAREER Highlights So Far! (2011-2021, Regular Season AND Playoffs!)

Kyrie Irving is one of the most electrifying and talented basketball players of our time. His career has been full of highs and lows, as seen in his many spectacular games—both regular season and playoff. To celebrate his unique style, we’re taking a closer look at Kyrie’s unforgettable highlights so far! From his 2011-2021 seasons, check out the.

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