The 10 Best Documentaries About Johnson & Johnson

Nov 25, 2023 | Best Of, Business

Are you a fan of Johnson & Johnson? Are you interested in learning more about their brand, history, and products? If so, then you should definitely check out the top 10 documentaries about Johnson & Johnson. From stories of how they revolutionized the healthcare industry to tales of personal triumphs over adversity, these documentaries are sure to be informative and entertaining.


1. Why The Biggest Pharma Company In The U.S. Is Breaking Up

In November 2021, Johnson & Johnson announced a groundbreaking move to spin off its consumer business into an independent publicly-traded company by 2023. With this decision, the global pharmaceutical giant is not only making a smart business choice but also taking advantage of potential opportunities.


2. Johnson & Johnson – Bigger Than You Know

Johnson & Johnson has had an immense influence on the world of medicine and beyond for more than a century. The company’s brands are part of our daily lives, but many don’t realize just how far-reaching their impact is. This is why documentaries about this influential brand make such powerful viewing; they provide insight into the history and current operations of Johnson & Johnson, as well as the positive and negative effects their products have had on people’s lives.


3. Inside the Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder Controversy

From its beloved baby powder to its latest prescription drugs, Johnson & Johnson has been synonymous with healthcare for generations. That’s why a recent spate of lawsuits over the safety of one of its products has drawn so much attention. Thousands have come forward alleging that talc-based versions of Johnson’s Baby Powder gave them cancer, and J&J denies the claims.


4. Looking at Johnson & Johnson and Their Asbestos Scandal

Johnson and Johnson has a long history of putting profits before people—especially when it comes to their infamous baby powder. For decades, the company was aware that its product contained traces of asbestos yet failed to take any action. Now, they’re attempting to dodge responsibility with a dubious legal technique known as the Texas Two-Step.


5. Johnson & Johnson Our History, Our Mission

Johnson & Johnson has been a leader in the healthcare industry for over 130 years. From creating innovative products to playing an active role in global health initiatives, J&J has always put people first. This documentary takes a look at the company’s history and mission, showing how it has evolved since its beginnings as a family-owned business.


6. Why 40,000 Cancer Patients Are Suing Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson is one of the world’s most famous companies. Although they started as a family business, corporate greed has taken over and created a rich history of scandals. One of the biggest issues J&J had to face was related to their baby powder, which allegedly contained asbestos and caused cancer. Instead of addressing this issue, it seems that the company decided to sweep it under the rug in the 1970s.


7. Johnson & Johnson stock up, CFO weighs in on earnings, demand

Joe Wolk, CFO of Johnson & Johnson, recently explained to Yahoo Finance Live how the company has seen a resurgence in surgical procedures and new product launches contributing to their success. He also appealed to the public about the Inflation Reduction Act, which he referred to as an “assault on innovation.” This act could diminish patient care and negatively affect healthcare companies such as Johnson & Johnson.


8. Johnson & Johnson’s $300 Billion Bankruptcy Loophole

Johnson & Johnson is a company known for its high-quality healthcare products and the trust that consumers put in them. However, they have also been involved in controversies due to their business practices. One of these is their alleged $300 billion bankruptcy loophole. This documentary dives deeper into this topic, with expert interviews and testimonies from people who were affected by it.


9. Johnson & Johnson’s Massive Talc Powder Scandal Explained

In this video, we explore the Johnson & Johnson talc powder scandal that has been ongoing for decades. We investigate how a company renowned for its safety standards could have allowed such dangerous claims to be made against them. The controversy revolves around reports of asbestos in their consumer talc baby powder and whether or not the levels are actually harmful.


10. Reasons to Buy Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) Stock

As one of the oldest corporations in existence, Johnson & Johnson has an incredibly long and well-documented history. From its humble beginnings as a family business to becoming one of the most important names in healthcare, the story of this company is remarkable. In 2023, JNJ is set to take a leap into the next chapter. For those looking to invest in a stable, reliable corporation, Johnson & Johnson should be on the top of their list.

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