The 10 Best Documentaries About Genetics

Aug 10, 2023 | Best Of, Health, Science

If you’re looking for an exciting learning experience, look no further than a great documentary about genetics. There’s something fascinating about exploring our DNA and the science behind it – but if textbooks and lectures your style, why not take a break with some of the top documentaries on genetics?


1. DNA and Genetics

Genetics is a fascinating field of study, exploring the complexities of variation and heredity in living organisms. Unravelling its mysteries provides us with invaluable insight into our own existence, as well as the biology of other species. The Best Documentaries about Genetics offer an absorbing look at this intriguing discipline, taking viewers on a journey of scientific discovery and exploration.


2. Genetics Documentary

The human genome project has been hailed as the single largest discovery in history. It has unlocked the door to understanding how exactly we came to be, and what lies ahead of us on our journey through life. The double-helix structure of DNA is a marvel of science, akin to the Mona Lisa in painting.


3. All In The Genes

The world of genetic engineering is a mix of wonders and fears, as research continues to unlock the secrets of our DNA. For those suffering from genetic diseases like Hunter syndrome and Alzheimer’s, hope lies on the horizon in the form of potential treatments developed through genetics.


4. The Rise Of Genetic Engineering

Genetic Engineering is fast becoming the world’s most powerful tool for transforming our future. From mundane tasks to seemingly miraculous feats, gene-editing technology like CRISPR and PRIME editing are revolutionizing the way we think about biology and our environment.


5. The Genetic Revolution

The Genetic Revolution is a captivating journey into the world of DNA manipulation and genetic engineering, something that once seemed impossible but now has become reality. This thought-provoking documentary takes a deep dive into the implications of this groundbreaking science, featuring a diverse team of scientists from around the world who are utilizing advanced technologies like CRISPR to rewrite our future.


6. Human Race and Genetics

Genetics is a fascinating subject, for it allows us to understand how the human race has evolved over time. It seems that much of our physical and behavioral traits are passed down from one generation to the next. For instance, you may have inherited your mother’s eyes or your father’s nose.


7. The Era of Genetically Modified Superhumans

As we enter the late 21st century, an unprecedented era of Superhumans is approaching. Due to advancements in technology, scientists now have more power and precision than ever before to alter human DNA with gene-editing tools like CRISPR. This revolutionary technique has given us a glimpse into what it could mean for humanity’s future.


8. The Controversial Future of Genetic Testing

How far are parents willing to go in the pursuit of a healthy and successful future for their children? A relatively new technology promises families the ability to reduce or even eliminate risks of certain genetic diseases from embryos. But this same technology also has the potential of being used to enhance physical traits, intelligence or other desirable attributes.



Genetic engineering is far more complex than the media would lead one to believe, and its implications are nothing short of revolutionary. From correcting genetic defects in plants and animals to editing out diseases in humans, CRISPR and PRIME have changed the way we think about genetics.


10. The Genes We Lost Along the Way

We all come from a unique set of genes, but have you ever stopped to think about the ones we’ve lost along the way? Our DNA contains thousands of dead genes, and science has just begun to unravel their stories. It’s amazing how our evolution shapes us – not just by what we’ve gained, but also by what we’ve forgotten.

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