The 10 Best Documentaries About King Edward VIII

Nov 21, 2023 | Best Of, History

Have you ever been curious to learn more about the life of Edward VIII? Did you know that there are several documentaries available on his reign and legacy? These films explore his fascinating family tree, impactful decisions, and controversial abdication. Whether you’re a history buff or just want to deepen your understanding of one of Britain’s former kings, these documentaries are sure to give you a captivating introduction. In this article, we will be reviewing the best documentaries about Edward VIII.


1. Edward VIII – The Traitor King Documentary

The Edward VIII – The Traitor King Documentary is a gripping look into an often overlooked chapter in British history; the story of Edward VIII and his abdication from the throne. Through interviews with historians, royal family members, and those who were close to him, this documentary provides insight into why he chose.


2. Edward VIII the traitor king

Edward VIII, the man with a plan – and a title. His story is one of intrigue, love and betrayal that spans the world from Britain to America. This documentary dives deep into the life of Edward VIII, exploring his journey from becoming King of England in 1936 to his abdication in December 11th 1936 due to his relationship with American divorcée Wallis.


3. The Heartbreak Behind The Marriage of King Edward VIII & Wallis Simpson | Secret Letters

It’s a royal drama that has captivated audiences for decades–the love story between King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson. The documentary dives into the events leading up to Edward’s abdication, from his secret letters with Wallis Simpson to the scandalous court hearings. It examines how the intense pressure of royalty weighed on this doomed couple as they faced difficult decisions that.


4. Edward VIII – The Plot to Topple a King

Unravelling the Unbelievable – Edward VIII, The Plot to Topple a King is a documentary that takes viewers on an intriguing journey into the past. Through it, we begrudgingly follow along as we learn about the life of Edward VIII and his abdication from the throne in 1936. With rare archival footage, interviews with experts.


5. Edward VIII: Britains Traitor King

Edward VIII: The Man Who Would be King. He was an icon of British royalty, a beacon of tradition and power. But his eventual abdication from the throne created seismic ripples throughout history that still reverberate today. This documentary offers a provocative and in-depth exploration into the life of Edward VIII – from his rise to fame as the Prince of Wales.


6. The Secret Diaries Of Edward VIII’s Wife | Wallis Simpson

Wallis Simpson and Edward VIII were one of the most talked-about couples in history. Their love affair caused an international scandal that shook the foundations of the British monarchy. In The Secret Diaries Of Wallis Simpson, we explore the untold story behind their relationship through personal letters, diaries, interviews and rare footage. The documentary follows Wallis’s life from.


7. Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson – Full Interview with Kenneth Harris – 1970

One of the most remarkable stories of the 20th century was that of Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson. It is a story of love, royalty, scandal and politics. The documentary entitled “Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson – Full Interview with Kenneth Harris – 1970” is an intimate look at this remarkable couple through their own words. Through conversations with Kenneth Harris in 1970.


8. In Love With Wallis Simpson: The Real Reasons Edward VIII Abdicated

This fascinating documentary examines the real reasons Edward VIII abdicated from the British throne in 1936, including his controversial love affair with Wallis Simpson. Through interviews with scholars and biographers, archival footage and photographs of the couple’s travels together, viewers can gain a better understanding of why this iconic love story created such a stir in pre-World War II Britain.


9. Wallis Simpson & Edward VIII Exposed – Whatever Happened to The Windsors

Discover the true story of Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson, a scandalous love affair that changed British history forever. Learn the secrets behind their astonishing journey together – from their first meeting through to their abdication when he gave up the throne for her sake. Explore how they lived in exile on the French Riviera and beyond, and find out what happened.


10. Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson – Interview with Kenneth Harris (video)

For anyone looking to gain an insight into the life of Edward VIII, the Kenneth Harris interview is a must-see. This rare and fascinating documentary features interviews with those closest to the former King – including Wallis Simpson, Lord Moyne and Princess Marina of Greece – along with candid footage from the 1920s and ’30s. Through these conversations, viewers can get.

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