The 10 Best Documentaries About Dementia

Sep 18, 2023 | Best Of, Health

When it comes to understanding the complexities of dementia, there is no better way than watching documentaries to get an in-depth look at how this debilitating condition affects people and families alike. From powerful narratives that explore the impact on individual lives to healthcare professionals who explain the medical aspects, these films provide a comprehensive overview of this debilitating disease. We’ve selected the best documentaries about dementia that you should definitely watch to get a better understanding of this condition. From heartbreaking personal stories of loss and grief to inspiring tales of courage, these films will help provide insight into this difficult health issue.


1. What is Dementia? – This Is Dementia Documentary 2020 with Dr. John DenBoer

What is Dementia? This comprehensive documentary featuring Dr. John DenBoer gives a look into the world of this debilitating disease, its effects on the lives of those suffering from it, and potential solutions that can help reduce the impact it has. We discover what dementia is, how it progresses, and why certain lifestyles may accelerate memory loss. As we hear stories from those who have been close to people with dementia, we learn about the importance of early detection and preventive measures. From understanding the need for better research on brain health to engaging in activities that can help protect our cognitive abilities, this film provides a powerful insight into the world of dementia.


2. The race to find a treatment for dementia | Four Corners

Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most feared conditions associated with aging. However, despite years of research and dedication from scientists, treatments for this condition remain elusive. In recent times, researchers have been racing to find a breakthrough that will bring relief to those suffering from dementia – especially its most common form, Alzheimer’s. Through documentaries like Four Corners, a deeper understanding of this devastating condition can be explored.


3. Documentary: Late Life: Facing Dementia

This documentary, Late Life: Facing Dementia, dives into the complex realities surrounding dementia and provides insight into how people cope day to day. Through heartwarming stories and riveting interviews, viewers will gain a deeper understanding of the challenges that come with caring for someone with dementia. Music, intimacy of family connections, and the support provided by adult day services are all discussed as ways to make it possible for those living with dementia to live well.


4. FULL STORY: Dementia – The Unspooling Mind

FULL STORY: Unravelling the Mind – DementiaIt’s a difficult and emotional journey that many families must face, but with our special one-hour presentation, 16×9 will take you around the world to explore dementia on three continents. In the Netherlands, we’ll show you an extraordinary village entirely inhabited by dementia patients – a testament to the significance of care and concern for those suffering from cognitive decline. We’ll then travel to Thailand, where a husband must make an emotionally difficult decision in order for his wife to get the care she needs.


5. 1 On My Mind dementia and delirium Documentary

Do you ever find yourself forgetting something that you know is important, but can’t seem to remember it? That’s the experience many people with dementia and delirium go through on a daily basis. On My Mind is a documentary that explores this journey of memory loss, and paints an intimate portrait of how those affected by these conditions live their lives. From the struggles of living with dementia to the joys of remembering forgotten memories, On My Mind takes an in-depth look at how individuals cope and adapt to this life-changing event.


6. Losing Greg: A Dementia Story

Greg Kelly was faced with a difficult diagnosis: early-onset dementia at the age of 59. His family’s lives were turned upside down, and he wanted to see what could be done to help improve his care. In this documentary, viewers are taken along on Greg’s journey as he discovers a Danish dementia village. With an intimate look into the unique care model, this documentary shows how Greg’s life is affected, and the hope for a better future.


7. Controversial new dementia treatment – Prescribing care instead of medicine

No longer does medication and immobilization have to be the only choice for people with dementia. IT IS NOT OVER YET, a documentary about a new treatment called “care treatment,” explores the alternative of compassion, communication, and joy to bring comfort to those afflicted by this debilitating disorder. This tactic embraces hugs, touch, talking, humour and eye contact – activities that can help bring a sense of purpose and belonging to victims of dementia. Together with a caring community, these measures can offer effective relief from the symptoms associated with this condition.


8. Dementia: A Love Letter

Dementia is a heartbreaking condition for any couple, but when it strikes in someone’s young adulthood, the effects can be particularly devastating. In this documentary, viewers explore the intimate story of one couple that faced these challenges head-on. Through candid interviews with family members and personal reflections, we’ll see how the couple continued to support one another while navigating the effects of this devastating disease. We’ll also gain insight into how their loved ones found strength in their perseverance and courage, even in dark times.


9. Living with Alzheimer’s and Dementia | Aging Matters

When it comes to Alzheimer’s and Dementia, Aging Matters. This documentary takes a closer look at how these diseases have affected individuals, families, and communities on a personal level. It delves deep into the stories of care partners living with dementia and their struggles along the way. Commentary from leading experts gives insight about common stigmas and misconceptions that have prevented better living and care. It also exposes the realities of financial, physical, and psychological costs associated with these diseases. Upon viewing this documentary, viewers will have a clearer understanding of the disease process as well as ways to provide care for those affected. Furthermore, it gives insight into the support systems families need in order to give that care more efficiently.


10. World’s Untold Stories: Dementia Village

Dr. Gupta from CNN invites you to the remarkable and inspirational Hogewey, a small village of Weesp in the Netherlands. Here, every resident is living with severe dementia – yet it’s far from an ordinary place. The village is designed for those living with dementia, allowing them to experience normalcy while engaging with their peers and caregivers. Through its extraordinary approach to dementia care, Hogewey has created a world-renowned space to promote independence and quality of life for its residents.

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