The 10 Best Documentaries About Candy Montgomery

Aug 6, 2023 | Best Of, Crime

Introducing Candace Lynn Montgomery – the woman who killed her lover’s wife Betty Gore in Wylie, Texas on June 13th, 1980. Immerse yourself in the story behind this notorious case and discover all the best documentaries about this complex figure. From interviews with those closest to her to exploring the legal intricacies that surrounded her trial, we take a deep dive into the controversial life of Candace Lynn Montgomery – her motivations, her story and her legacy.


People Magazine Investigates S06-E13 (2022)

In a quiet neighborhood, the discovery of a young teacher brutally murdered on Friday the 13th sends shockwaves through the community. As rumors of a vicious killer spread, residents fear for their safety and lock their doors at night. But what begins as a terrifying mystery soon turns into an unimaginable truth that will leave audiences speechless even four decades later.



Snapped S30-E15 (2022)

A small Texas community is left stunned when a young teacher is brutally murdered on Friday the 13th. As investigators dig deep into the case, they soon uncover shocking secrets surrounding a local church that may hold the key to solving this grisly crime. With an unlikely suspect in their sights, the truth behind this horrifying murder slowly comes to light.




The 10 Best Free Documentaries About Candy Montgomery


1. The True Story of Candy Montgomery

Candy Montgomery was put on trial for the murder of her friend Betty Gore in 1980. But what really happened that fateful day? This documentary dives deep into the true story of Candy Montgomery and reveals how a woman’s life changed forever after an alleged act of self-defense. We’ll explore the evidence and testimonies presented at trial, along with interviews from those who were close to both women. Join us as we uncover The True Story of Candy Montgomery!


2. True Story of Candy Montgomery: BRUTAL Texas Axe Murder

This true crime documentary dives deep into the shocking and brutal murder of Candy Montgomery in a small Texas town. We explore her seemingly normal life, as well as her complex web of deceit, lust, and betrayal that may have led to this heinous act. Was it an intentional move or was she pushed beyond her limits? Follow us on our journey to uncover the truth behind this gruesome murder!


3. Lust Turned a Loving Mom Into a Killer : Candy Montgomery

Candy Montgomery was a loving mother and wife living the everyday life of an average Christian. But when she got involved in an affair with another man, her story takes a dark turn. In this documentary, you will discover how Candy turned into an axe murderer and what led up to this heartbreaking event. Follow along as we uncover the truth behind one woman’s tragic journey from loving mom to convicted killer.


4. Church wife bludgeoned her friend with an Ax

Do you want to learn about the extraordinary story of Candy Montgomery? This documentary takes an in-depth look at how this church wife and mother bludgeoned her friend with an ax, setting off a legal battle that shook their small Texas town. From interviews with those involved to archival footage, get an inside view of the events leading up to this fateful night and its aftermath.


5. Candy Montgomery: Behind the Crime of the Axe-Wielding Housewife

What happens when a steamy affair, depression and jealousy mix? A shocking true story of the axe-murderer Candy Montgomery and her best friend Betty Gore. We are uncovering the hidden details behind this case that has been captivating true crime enthusiasts for decades. Join us to explore this controversial case with your favorite drinks in hand! Get ready to be stunned by what we will uncover about these two women who have become notorious for their actions.


6. The Real Suburban Axe Murder: Candy & Betty

On a hot summer day in 1980, Allan Gore was worried. He had been calling his wife Betty for hours and getting no answer. She never failed to pick up when he tried to check in on her while he was away from home. When the neighbors finally broke into their house, they were met with an unimaginable horror that changed all of their lives forever. This documentary tells the story of Candy Montgomery and Betty Gore’s suburban axe murder—a shocking crime that still haunts those who remember it today.


7. True Crime Locations – Candy Montgomery

We take you on a journey to the outskirts of Dallas, where we explore one of the most notorious true crime stories in recent history. In 1980, Candy Montgomery brutally murdered her neighbor Betty Gore and was convicted for it. Join us as we uncover this story and find out how she managed to get away with murder for so long!


8. Candy Montgomery: An axe murder takes place in 1980

In 1980, Candy Montgomery committed a shocking and highly publicized axe murder in Texas. Now, the story of this infamous woman is coming to life with Jessica Biel starring in the new Hulu miniseries about her. In this documentary, we explore what happened that fateful day and take a closer look at how the scandalous affair between Candy and Betty Gore’s husband led to one of America’s most notorious murders.


9. Candy Montgomery And Betty Gore

Take a deep dive into the story of Candy Montgomery and Betty Gore, two women whose lives were forever changed after an infamous 1980 murder case. In this documentary, we explore how their individual stories intertwined to create one of the most notorious cases in Texas history. We’ll also uncover what led up to the fateful night that would change both of their destinies – and examine how society’s views on gender roles influenced the outcome of events. Join us as we uncover The Story Behind The Show Candy!


10. Candy Montgomery : The Mystery of A Gruesome Ax Murder

Candy Montgomery, a woman seemingly living the perfect life in Texas suburbia, experienced an unimaginable tragedy when her friend and neighbor Betty Gore suffered at the hands of an ax-wielding murderer. This documentary examines the mystery surrounding this heinous crime and explores how it changed Candy’s life forever. From interviews with key people who were involved to never-before-seen evidence, follow investigators as they uncover secrets that have been hidden for decades about this gruesome murder.

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