The 10 Best Documentaries About British History

Nov 3, 2023 | Best Of, Geography, History

Documentaries are a unique form of storytelling, allowing us to dive deep into the past and explore different perspectives on historical events. And when it comes to British history, there’s no shortage of incredible stories waiting to be told. From royal scandals to political upheaval, the United Kingdom has a rich and complex history that continues to fascinate audiences around the world.But with so many documentaries out there, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best documentaries about British history that are sure to educate, entertain, and leave you wanting more.


1. The ENTIRE History of The United Kingdom | History Documentary

Get ready to embark on an incredible journey through the rich and intricate history of the United Kingdom. In this captivating documentary, we will delve deep into the past and uncover the events that shaped this great nation.From ancient times to the present day, the United Kingdom has a story like no other. It all began with the Celts, who inhabited the land thousands of years.


2. Britain After Rome // The Age of Arthur – History Documentary

Experience the rise and fall of Britain after the Roman Empire in “Britain After Rome // The Age of Arthur”, a captivating history documentary. Let your curiosity guide you as we explore the tumultuous events that shaped British history.Step into a world where powerful empires crumble and new kingdoms emerge. Witness how the departure of the Romans in 410 AD left Britain vulnerable to.


3. British History Documentaries – Prince Eddy The King We Never Had

Discover the hidden secrets of British history with this captivating documentary, Prince Eddy: The King We Never Had. Uncover the truths and mysteries surrounding one of England’s most controversial figures, Prince Albert Victor “Eddy” Christian Edward.From his birth in 1864 as the eldest son of Prince Albert Edward, to his early death at the age of 28 in.


4. History of Every King and Queen of England – Documentary HD

Take a journey through the rich history of England with this breathtaking documentary in stunning HD. From the ancient monarchs to the modern-day rulers, get ready to dive deep into the lives of every king and queen who have sat on the throne of England.As you watch this captivating documentary, you will witness how each ruler has shaped and influenced British history, leaving their indel.


5. Roman Britain – The Work of Giants Crumbled

British history is full of fascinating events that have shaped the nation into what it is today. From invasions and conquests to revolutions and discoveries, there is no shortage of interesting stories to be told. One such story that has captured the imagination of many is the tale of Roman Britain.The Roman Empire was one of the most powerful in human history, spanning across Europe.


6. The Real Legacy Of The Roman Invasion In Britain | King Arthur’s Britain

The Roman invasion of Britain in 43 AD brought significant changes to the country’s history. With it came new technologies, laws, and cultural influences that would shape British society for centuries to come.One of the most notable legacies of the Romans was the building of roads. The vast network of roads built by the.


7. Monarchy Docu 01 A Nation State

For centuries, the British monarchy has captured the imagination and intrigue of people all over the world. From kings and queens to princes and princesses, their stories have been documented in countless books, films, and television shows. However, nothing quite captures the essence of the British monarchy like a well-made documentary.


8. William the Conqueror & The Norman Conquest Documentary

Join us on a journey through time, back to the year 1066. This was a crucial point in British history, when William the Conqueror and his army of Normans invaded England, changing the course of the nation forever.The Best Documentaries About British.


9. History of Scotland – Documentary

Scotland is a land steeped in rich history, filled with tales of battles, kings and queens, and rugged landscapes. For centuries, this country has stood at the forefront of European history, shaping the continent through its own struggles and triumphs. And now, with the rise of documentary filmmaking, we have the opportunity to delve deeper into Scotland’s past than ever before.


10. British Royal History From Above | Royal Britain: An Aerial History of The Monarchy

Scotland has a rich and fascinating history, filled with triumphs and struggles. From the ancient Celts to the fierce Highland clans, this small country has seen it all. And what better way to learn about Scotland’s past than through an engaging documentary?In this documentary, we will explore the story of Scotland from its earliest inhabitants to modern times. We will witness how this.

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