The 10 Best Documentaries And Videos About Bill Clinton

Oct 30, 2023 | Best Of, Celebrities, Political

As one of the most influential presidents in recent history, Bill Clinton changed America and impacted millions of lives. Now, documentaries are here to shed light on his remarkable story. From his rise to power to his incredible accomplishments, these top documentaries about President Bill Clinton offer a unique look into what it takes to lead a nation. From tales of his successes and controversies to the myriad of people who supported his campaigns, these documentaries provide viewers with a detailed account of the presidency that shaped an entire era. Through audio interviews, captivating footage, and inspiring stories, these films showcase Bill Clinton’s impact on American politics – and how he made history.


1. Hillary Clinton & Bill Clinton Untold Story

The political power couple of Hillary and Bill Clinton is undoubtedly one of the most interesting couples in US history. Witness their incredible story by watching a series of documentaries about them, from Bill’s days as Governor of Arkansas to his two-term presidency and Hillary’s campaign for president in 2016. Get an insider’s look into their tumultuous relationship—from marriage to parenthood to Hillary’s major political losses, and everything in between—and gain a deeper understanding of the Clintons’ influence on US politics. Get to know more about Bill’s early life as an attorney and his time as Governor of Arkansas, his election campaigns, his presidential term, and the controversies that surrounded him.


2. Bill Clinton, 42nd President of the United States

Discover the amazing story of Bill Clinton, a man who transformed the landscape of American politics. Follow him on his journey from growing up in rural Arkansas to becoming the 42nd president of the United States. Examine his role as a husband and father, including his marriage to Hillary Rodham Clinton and their involvement in public life together. Analyze historic legislation like NAFTA and the crime bill, and hear about his impeachment trial. Learn how Clinton established the Clinton Foundation after leaving office to help with global issues, including AIDS prevention.


3. Monica Lewinsky’s affair with Bill Clinton re-examined

In this fascinating docuseries, Monica Lewinsky opens up about her side of the story and offers insight into how it has been interpreted over the years. As society’s attitude towards her experience shifts in this new era, “Nightline” dives deep to explore whether public opinion about Bill Clinton has changed since then. Follow Nightline as they examine how America’s perception of the scandal has shifted over time and uncover the truth about one of the most controversial presidential stories in history. Lewinsky’s tale is as captivating now as it was 20 years ago – watch this new series to glimpse a whole new perspective on the complex legacy of Bill Clinton.


4. Shearer Lecture with Bill Clinton

This lectureship, sponsored by Brown University and the Goldway/Shearer Family, was created to honor the memory of Casey Shearer ’00. A vibrant young writer and aspiring sportscaster with an ardor for life, Casey tragically passed away days before his college graduation. In commemoration of Casey’s life, the university annually bestows the Casey Shearer Memorial Award for Excellence in Creative Nonfiction, an accolade recognizing exemplary creative writing. As a tribute to Casey’s love of the written word and his passion for storytelling, this lectureship stands as a beacon of hope for future generations of aspiring writers.


5. Bill Clinton Interview: Reflections on Presidency & Legacy

President Bill Clinton remembers fondly the valuable lessons his beloved mother taught him. At 16 he had a chance to meet John F. Kennedy, which left an indelible imprint on his young spirit. By the age of 32, he was elected Governor of Arkansas and eventually became President in 1992. During his time in office Clinton believed strongly in second chances and has since given his thoughts regarding his 1998 impeachment hearing. Historians now look back at the time Clinton spent in office and reflect on all that he achieved. He was a man who strived for growth and progress, leaving behind an inspiring legacy of determination and endurance. His example serves as a reminder to strive for greatness no matter what obstacles may stand in our way.


6. Obama Yells at Bill Clinton to Get on Air Force One

On his return from Israel, ex-President Clinton hitched a ride on Air Force One with former US President Barack Obama. It was an emotional journey for both men as they paid their respects to late Israeli leader Shimon Peres at his funeral. During the flight, America’s two most powerful leaders reflected on their lives and legacies and shared fond memories of the departed leader. The flight was a poignant reminder of the friendship, mutual respect and admiration between Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. Having collaborated on numerous projects during their presidencies, they were connected by a bond that could not be broken.


7. Monica Lewinsky on Early Flirtation with Bill Clinton

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8. From the archives: Bill Clinton denies having affair with Monica Lewinsky

In 1998, the political world was rocked by President Bill Clinton’s involvement in a sexual misconduct scandal with Monica Lewinsky. CBS News reporters Dan Rather and Scott Pelley covered the story from Washington D.C., giving their viewers an inside look at the developing drama as it unfolded. The resulting series of reports made history, becoming one of the most widely watched documentaries about a sitting president. As the story continued to unfold, more and more Americans tuned in to see what would come next. The scandal was an intense period of national interest that has left a lasting impact on the nation.


9. Chris Tucker Impersonates Bill Clinton And Barack Obama

Chris Tucker had a great time when he was part of Bill Clinton’s tour in Africa. From the sunny skies to the exotic wildlife, they experienced it all. But one event sticks out in Chris’ mind and that is when Barack Obama got Bin Laden. It was a monumental moment for America and for the world, and Chris will never forget what happened that day. With his own eyes, he witnessed an incredible moment in history that changed the course of human events. He was proud to have been part of it. It’s no wonder why documentaries about Bill Clinton and Barack Obama are so popular. From exciting tales of political intrigue to inspiring stories of personal courage, these films offer a unique glimpse into two remarkable presidencies.


10. President Bill Clinton Teaches Inclusive Leadership

Discover the unique and inspiring journey of Bill Clinton in this powerful documentary. Follow the 42nd president of the United States as he navigates challenging times, bridges deep divides, and ultimately teaches others how to become effective leaders. Get a glimpse into his own personal framework that has shaped him to grow into an empathetic leader. Learn how he’s been able to build, inspire, and empower diverse teams, mediate conflicts, and manage criticism. See how his decisions have impacted the world on a global scale as well as within his own close circle. Watch as he uses his platform to encourage others and make the world a better place.

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