The 10 Best Documentaries About Astronauts

Oct 27, 2023 | Aliens/UFO, Best Of, Science

When it comes to the exploration of space, few stories capture the imagination as much as those of astronauts. From Neil Armstrong’s historic ‘one small step for man one giant leap for mankind’ to Buzz Aldrin’s reflections on man’s place in the universe and beyond, we have long been enthralled by their adventures in space. And with that fascination has come a wealth of documentaries that capture the bravery, intelligence, and sheer wonder of these astronauts. From feature films to short films to biopics, this list will give you an idea of some of the best documentaries about astronauts out there.


1. Life As An Astronaut

The dream of conquering space has been a part of mankind since the dawn of time. With advancements in technology, we are now able to explore and experience what lies beyond our planet.It takes us on an incredible journey with astronauts André Kuipers and Alexander Gerst from the International Space Station. Through 3D footage, they guide us through their training at the Johnson Space Center and show us unique perspectives of the vast universe. Through their eyes, we discover a new world that is full of wonder and amazement. Witness this incredible historic moment as you experience the beauty of space first-hand through it.Let it open your mind to the possibilities that lie beyond our planet.


2. How to become an astronaut

If you’ve ever wanted to see Earth from space, then Spacetime is the documentary for you. Prof. Dr. Ulrich Walter has been an astronaut and a space expert for many years and he’s here to tell us all about it. From the rigorous training requirements needed to become an astronaut today to legendary tales of astronauts in the past, this episode is packed with fascinating information.


3. Astronauts: Life, Love and Sex in Space

It has been 40 years since humans have ventured into the unknown realm of outer space. Starting out with Salyut and Skylab, to today’s International Space Station (ISS), astronauts have experienced a unique lifestyle that is unlike any other. So what is it like living in space? There are many challenges that come with everyday activities such as showering, eating and sleeping in a zero-gravity environment. Astronauts must use special techniques to counter the effects of weightlessness and establish a normal routine while living away from their home planet.


4. Life Inside The International Space Station

This is a documentary about the amazing lifestyles of astronauts inside the International Space Station. It takes viewers on a journey that uncovers the secrets and wonders of living and working in space, from discovering what it’s like to be weightless, to exploring how astronauts’ diet and exercise are adapted for zero gravity. This film also dives into how the ISS crew deals with the intense mental and physical challenges of living in space, as well as how they have to deal with the psychological aspect of being isolated for long periods. The documentary also features interviews with astronauts and their insight on their unique experiences aboard ISS. It is an incredible opportunity to experience the wonders of life inside the ISS, one that will leave a lasting impression on viewers.


5. Astronaut Training

Are you curious to know what it’s like to be an astronaut? Then you need to watch Prof. Dr. Ulrich Walter, a renowned astronaut and space expert, shares stories of the legendary astronauts of today and tells us all about the rigorous training they have to go through. Get first-hand knowledge of the demands asked of applicants for this prestigious job and find out what it takes to make it into space. With this episode of Space Science, you’ll find out if being an astronaut is really the dream job that people imagine it to be! Get ready for a thrilling journey through the exciting world of space exploration! Tune in and explore our universe with it.


6. Astronaut Spent 12 Months in Space

Do you ever wonder what it’s like to live in space? Is it possible for a human being to survive outside of our planet? What would happen if an astronaut were to give birth beyond Earth? These questions and more are explored in the documentary.The film follows the journey of astronauts who left the safety of their home world and ventured into the unknown. From their shuttle, they observe the effects of being in space on human physiology and mental health. We learn that even the most physically fit people can experience negative changes to their bodies when exposed to space for extended periods of time.


7.  Astronauts were Lost in Space

In April of 1970, a mission launched into space that would become one of the most iconic stories in history, and one of the most remarkable tales of human ingenuity. That mission was Apollo 13, and its story is now remembered as a triumphant example of humanity’s determination to conquer even the harshest elements.


8. Actual Reason of Astronaut Kalpana Chawla Space Shuttle Disaster

Kalpana Chawla, an American astronaut of Indian origin, tragically died in 2003 during the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster. The cause of the accident was a piece of foam insulation that broke off from the external fuel tank and damaged the left wing of the spacecraft. This caused it to break apart as it re-entered Earth’s atmosphere with Kalpana and her six crewmates aboard.


9. Astronaut Chris Hadfield and Chef David Chang Test Gourmet Space Food

This is a documentary unlike any other. It follows the story of Chris Hadfield, a celebrated astronaut who serves aboard the International Space Station. He faces incredible challenges in terms of food preparation and nutrition, as he has to rely on pre-packaged meals and snacks for sustenance. To confront this problem, Jamie and Adam enlist the help of celebrity chef David Chang. David is tasked with developing a recipe for Commander Hadfield that he can test in space – a challenge that stretches the limits of cooking and nutrition! He follows Chris as he embarks on his mission, determined to prove how even the most challenging circumstances can be overcome when you have innovation and determination.


10. Astronaut Chris Hadfield and Chef Traci Des Jardins Make a Space Burrito

Chef Traci Des Jardins has set herself the challenge of creating delicious dishes for astronaut Chris Hadfield while in micro-gravity aboard the International Space Station. She discusses her efforts to combine ingredients to make flavorful meals that Chris can savor during his six-month tour of duty. Additionally, Commander Hadfield reveals what food he misses most since departing Earth’s atmosphere. The amazing story of Mahabuba not only showcases Traci’s incredible cooking skills, but also reminds us all that although astronauts are millions of miles away from home, they still have a craving for the foods they know and love. Tune in to experience a one-of-a-kind documentary about conquering space cuisine!


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