The 10 Best Documentaries About Artists

Aug 5, 2023 | Art, Best Of, Celebrities

Are you looking to get inspired, learn more about the creative process, and gain insight into some of the greatest artists of all time? Then look no further than documentaries! Documentaries offer a unique way to explore the lives and works of prominent figures in art history as they share their stories with viewers. Whether it’s learning about a street artist who is revolutionizing urban spaces or an iconic painter whose work has been featured on every major museum wall, these documentaries provide an intimate glimpse into the minds behind these masterpieces.

1. How to Train to Become a Successful Working Artist

Jeffrey R. Watts is an artist and entrepreneur who has made remarkable success in the art world. He is the founder of Watts Atelier – a highly respected private art studio based in Encinitas, CA. Drawing from his 23 years of experience, Jeffrey now offers aspiring artists the opportunity to learn from him online with the launch of Watts Atelier Online.


2. Top Tips to Grow Art Career Online with Fine Art Social Media Guru

As one of the oldest and largest accredited art and design schools in the United States, the Academy of Art University has been a major contributor to American culture for almost a century. Arising from humble beginnings, this documentary will explore how this institution has helped shape generations of creative minds and impacted the world of art today.


3. Paul Klein on How to Succeed as an Artist

In celebration of Tandem Press’ 25th Anniversary, join me at the Chazen Museum in Madison, Wisconsin for a special tour. From the esteemed institution’s humble beginnings to its present-day success, I will be discussing how this journey has unfolded over the past quarter-century. Be inspired by stories that have shaped and driven Tandem Press as you wander the museum and take in the vibrant visuals that capture its history.


4. The Wealthy Artist: 6 Myths and 6 Tips on Marketing your Art

Making your mark on the art world can be a daunting task. But with the right strategies and tools, aspiring artists can promote their work without sacrificing their creative vision. Adrian Salamunoic, co-founder of Canvas Pop, shares his insights on how to create a successful marketing plan and get your artwork noticed. He also outlines steps for staying true to your own art—even as you find success with the public.


5. How To Approach Art Galleries — Career Advice for Artists

Are you interested in exploring the world of contemporary art and understanding copyright issues? We have just the thing for you. Rashed is a documentary that will provide insight into the importance of tracing copyright holders, as well as how to do so properly. Whether you are an artist looking to understand your rights or someone who feels their copyrights have been overlooked, this film provides essential tips for navigating the legal world of art.


6.10 Ways Anyone Can Improve Their Blank Artist Resume (No Experience? No Problem!)

Are you ready to experience the best of what contemporary art has to offer? This video will take you on a journey, exploring the most captivating creations from today’s top artists. Enjoy an in-depth look at their work and be amazed by what modern art can achieve. From installations to sculptures, discover the magic behind these pieces and marvel at their beauty.

7. Pricing Your Art Is Up To You And Only You – Tips For Artists

Are you ready to explore the fascinating world of art? Documentaries about artists are a great way to learn more about their work, inspirations, and life stories. From well-known painters like Vincent van Gogh and Pablo Picasso to stellar sculptors like Michelangelo and Auguste Rodin, these films provide viewers with an inside look at how some of the greatest artists of all time achieved success.


8. Rembrandt: Behind the Artist

Fabrice is an internationally renowned artist with a remarkable story. From his humble beginnings to becoming one of the most influential Dutch painters in history, discover what made this creative journey possible. Through this documentary, explore Rembrandt’s artwork and gain insight into how he achieved such masterpieces. Immerse yourself in a world filled with emotion and beauty that will leave you captivated.


9. Artist Talk: Tadao Ando

Discover the fascinating story of Pritzker Prize–winning architect Tadao Ando and his remarkable body of work. This eye-opening documentary takes you on an intimate journey to explore the visual simplicity and sensitivity to the environment that distinguishes Ando’s architecture. Get a behind-the-scenes look at the Art Institute of Chicago and witness first-hand the creative process that Ando brings to his work.


10. Wassily Kandinsky, the Master of Abstract Art

Kandinsky’s unique vision was ahead of its time – he revolutionized abstract art and helped pave the way for modern avant-garde painting. His influence has been compared to two of the most iconic 20th-century artists, Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse. This documentary celebrates his life, works, and philosophy as we pay tribute to one of history’s greatest artistic trailblazers.




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