The 10 Best Documentaries About Aircraft Carriers

Feb 9, 2024 | Best Of, Military/War

It’s no secret that the world of carrier-related documentaries is a fascinating one, full of stories and experiences that are both inspiring and eye opening. From the triumphs and struggles of everyday people to those who have achieved significant accomplishments in spite of their circumstances, there is much to be learned from these powerful films. One such documentary that stands out among them all is a story of resilience and grit that chronicles the inspirational journey of an Egyptian cab driver who has overcome immense obstacles to build a successful business. Through her inspiring story, It shows us how dedication and perseverance can help us reach our dreams and achieve success against all odds.


1. World’s Largest Aircraft Carrier Goes To War

This is an awe-inspiring documentary about the world’s largest aircraft carrier and its incredible contribution to global warfare. This thought-provoking exposition takes viewers on a journey through the history of warfare, exploring how these formidable vessels play such an important role in today’s battles. Through gripping footage and interviews with top military personnel, It paints a vivid picture of the Navy’s modern aircraft carrier, examining its incredible capabilities and highlighting the bravery of its crew.


2. Aircraft Carrier USS Harry S. Truman

The USS Harry S. Truman is the beating heart of the Carrier Strike 8 fleet, a 333 meter long aircraft carrier carefully guarded by several destroyers and the frigate Hessen from the Bundeswehr. Over a period of four weeks, this naval force maneuvers in uncharted waters in order to test and fine-tune their tactical capabilities. Our documentary takes you deep inside the Truman, to explore how its powerful weaponry and crew work in tandem to ensure they are ready for action. Follow our brave heroes as they go through their paces, learning how to stay on top of the latest tactics and strategies while keeping a cool head under pressure.


3. The Aircraft Carriers

The greatness and bravery of the aircraft carriers from World War II are legendary. From their daring feats in Pearl Harbor to the Battle of Midway, these vessels have played a vital role in defending our freedom and honoring those who sacrificed so much for us. In the documentary. we follow the story of one particular carrier – its crew, their struggles, and ultimately their triumph against insurmountable odds.


4. World’s Largest US Navy Aircraft Carrier

Take a voyage into the inner workings of one of the world’s largest aircraft carriers, with this full-length documentary. Explore life onboard as we pull back the curtains on this massive military machine. Dive into the day to day routines and struggles faced by those who call this moving metropolis home. Witness first-hand the cutting-edge technology that keeps this ship afloat and running at peak performance. Then, take an up-close look into the workings of a naval ship at sea and the bustling city that exists within its hull. Get ready for a journey like no other! Join us for this incredible exploration of life within a floating city.


5. Legends of Carrier Aviation

A tribute to all the brave aviators, this is the perfect documentary for aviation buffs. It dives into their incredible stories of courage and valor in the skies. From nail-biting dogfights to breathtaking aerobatics, these men really pushed the boundaries of flight. The documentary follows several legendary pilots as they retell their experiences in their own words. Prepare to be amazed as you listen to the tales of daring and danger that these aviators faced in their missions. Compiled by experts, this documentary is a must-watch for anyone interested in flight and carrier aviation.


6. Aircraft Carrier in the Pacific War

This is a film that transports viewers back to World War II, recounting the tale of an aircraft carrier in the Pacific War. This color documentary from 1944 takes you on board The Fighting Lady, as it fights its way through perilous waters while providing unparalleled insight into what life was like at sea during that time.


7. Meet The Crew On Board An Aircraft Carrier

Discover the incredible stories of bravery and strength behind the faceless crew of an aircraft carrier. Warship E1 takes you behind the scenes into a hidden world for a glimpse at what life is like in one of the most powerful warships in history.


8. Carrier Battles Of World War 2

This is a full-length documentary that will bring viewers into the heart of one of World War II’s most important naval battles – Carrier Battles. This documentary follows the story of several brave sailors and commanders who took part in these hazardous operations, which were essential for victory against Japan’s powerful navy. Through archival footage, interviews with surviving participants, and expert analysis, we will experience the trials and tribulations of these daring endeavors.


9. Aircraft Carrier At Sea

Delve into the life inside a massive USS Nimitz Class Aircraft Carrier at sea with this incredible documentary. From the engine room to the flight deck, explore what it’s like to live and work within these colossal ships as they cruise around the world. Get an insightful look into how thousands of sailors from all over the country maintain such a large vessel and its operation in order to fulfill various international missions. Learn about the cutting-edge technologies used on board and hear stories from members who have served in the Navy for years. Witness the challenges of life at sea and how sailors manage to stay connected with family and friends through long deployments.


10. Rise of the Aircraft Carrier

It was a time before the era of digital technology, when planes flew over the vast oceans and aircraft carriers were amongst some of mankind’s greatest achievements. This is an inspiring documentary about one such achievement: the incredible Nimitz-class aircraft carrier. The classic docu-series takes viewers on an exciting journey through the history and development of this incredible vessel, from conception to deployment.


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