The 10 Best Documentaries About 70s Music

Jul 17, 2023 | Best Of, Music

If you’re looking to take a trip down memory lane, there’s no better way than with the iconic music of the 70s. From rock anthems to disco classics, this era had it all and today we can experience it all over again through documentaries about 70s music. From stories of forgotten bands who made history to classic concerts that changed the face of music, these films bring us closer to the people and stories that have made this era so special.


1. History of Rock n Roll

Experience the evolution of rock ‘n’ roll! From its roots in blues, jazz and country music to the modern day hits of today, this documentary covers it all. Take a journey back through time and revisit some of the most iconic songs from the 1970s that have shaped our musical landscape today. Learn about how these classic tunes were made and why they still resonate with us decades later. Discover new artists who kept the genre alive during this era, as well as those who pushed boundaries and created an entirely new sound. Get ready for a rocking trip down memory lane!


2. History of Rock & Roll – The 1970s

Discover the history of Rock & Roll in the ’70s – from iconic bands to genre-defining albums and hits. Take a journey through this transformative decade with us and learn how music changed for generations! Plus, watch our EXTRAS video where we explore some of the lesser known but equally influential artists who made their mark on ’70s music.


3. Black Music in America – The ’70s

This documentary takes you on a musical journey through the world of Black music in the 1970s. You’ll see over 75 groups and their growth and influence, from Motown’s Diana Ross to Donna Summer’s Disco beat. From Issac Hays to Dionne Warwick, this video shows how these incredible performers shaped the sound of the decade! Get ready for an exciting exploration into ’70s Black music!


4. History of Rock: The 70s

Discover the incredible music of the 70s with this amazing documentary. Get an in depth look at some of rock’s most iconic stars, including Tom Petty, Lindsey Buckingham, Jimmy Page & Robert Plant, Ozzy Osbourne and many more. With rare 90s interview clips from these legends as well as David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen, Steven Tyler, Chrissie Hynde and Alice Cooper to name a few. Plus hear insights from Mick Fleetwood and David Gilmour! Delve into the history of Rock: The 70s today for an unforgettable experience.


5. 70’s Disco Explosion VH1

Take a trip back to the 70’s and experience the rise and fall of disco music with this VH1 documentary. From its meteoric climb in popularity to its sudden collapse, you’ll get an inside look at the vibrant culture that was born out of the Disco Explosion. Find out what made it so popular and why it all came crashing down. Relive one of music’s most thrilling eras with this classic film!


6. Quiet Storm: How 1970s R&B changed late-night radio

Discover the story of how one man changed late-night radio forever. Melvin Lindsey, a student at Howard University, was given an opportunity to host his own show at WHUR – a Black university station. He chose his favorite R&B ballads and it was an instant success! This documentary uncovers the impact that Melvin’s Quiet Storm had on 70s music, how it has shaped today’s soundscape and the legacy he left behind for generations to come. Watch this video to explore the history of 1970s R&B and find out why The Quiet Storm is still so beloved today.


7. Evolution Of Rock Music (1949-2022)

This documentary is a journey through the evolution of rock music! From its roots in 1949, to modern day 2022, this video will explore how the genre has grown and changed over time. We’ll cover some of the most iconic artists and bands from metal, punk, and classic rock that have made their mark on history. Join us as we look back at 70 years of incredible music!


8. PRINCE – A Behind the Scenes Documentary

Prince was an icon of the 70s music scene, a multi-talented musician and performer. This documentary takes you behind the scenes to explore his life and legacy. Learn about his unique style, extravagant dress and makeup, expansive vocal range, as well as his innovative work in both acting and philanthropy. Get an inside look at how this musical genius revolutionized popular culture with his groundbreaking artistry!


9. Brian Wilson – Songwriter 1962-1969 – Amplified

Follow Brian Wilson’s incredible journey as a songwriter from 1962 to 1969. This documentary explores his life and work through performances and recordings, featuring rarely seen later works that are essential to understanding the full story of this legendary musician. Get an amplified view of this iconic composer with this amazing doc!


10. 70s Legends Wrote This Song as a JOKE

Led Zeppelin’s Immigrant Song was written as a joke, but it became one of the greatest rock anthems of all time. This 70s classic was composed by Jimmy Page and sung by Robert Plant with John Paul Jones and John Bonham taking it to its iconic heights. Join us in this documentary as we explore why Immigrant Song is hailed as one of the most powerful battle cries in rock music history! We’ll look at how humor got lost in translation and how Led Zeppelin reigned supreme over the 70s music scene.


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