The 10 Best Documentaries About The 4th Dimension

Jul 14, 2023 | Best Of, Science, Technology

Have you ever wondered what the 4th dimension could be? Could it be a place where time and space bend to different rules of reality or even a gateway to another reality altogether? Whatever the case may be, there are some amazing documentaries that can help us explore this idea. From mind-bending explorations of theoretical physics to historical looks at the development of our understanding of the 4th dimension, these 10 best documentaries about the 4th dimension are sure to enlighten and engage viewers.


1. The Fourth Dimension

Rituals are an integral part of life, providing a bridge between the past and present. In her groundbreaking digital video, Trinh T. Minh-ha examines this concept in detail, taking us on an evocative journey through time and ceremony. Through this work she explores how ritual can be used to make sense of our daily lives while also connecting us with our ancestors. As we travel along with her, we gain insight into the power of these ancient practices and their ability to bring us closer together.


2. What Will You See in 4th Dimensional Space?

Are you curious about what lies in 4th dimensional space? This documentary will explore this fascinating concept and explain how it differs from the dimensions we know. We’ll discuss the various theories of 4D space, including string theory, quantum mechanics, and more. Along with that, we’ll look at some of the strange properties associated with this mysterious realm. Join us as we dive into the unknown to discover all there is to learn about 4th dimensional space!

3. What If You Could Access the FOURTH Dimension? Interstellar explained

What if you could access the fourth dimension? It’s a fascinating idea that has been explored in science fiction for decades. In this video, we explore what it would be like to travel through this mysterious realm. We take a look at how interstellar space exploration works and how scientists are trying to unlock its secrets. We also discuss some of the implications of accessing this unknown universe and uncover some mysteries along the way! So come join us as we journey into the fourth dimension and discover what lies beyond our world!


4. 4th Dimension Explanation

Are you curious about the fourth dimension? Have you ever wanted to visualize a tesseract? In this video, we’ll take a journey from 0D all the way up to 4D, exploring how different shapes change as we move through dimensions. We also explore examples from Flatland and show how 2D objects view 3D shapes. Join us on this exciting exploration of the fourth dimension!


5. We Might Be Living in Higher Dimensions Unknowingly

Do you ever feel like there’s something more out there? Ever wondered if our reality extends beyond what we can see, hear and touch? In this video, we will explore the possibility that we might be living in higher dimensions without even knowing it. Discover how this concept could change our understanding of the universe and ourselves! Learn about theories suggesting that extra spatial dimensions exist around us – all while uncovering evidence to support these ideas. Finally, find out why some scientists believe that uncovering the truth behind these hidden realms could bring us one step closer to unlocking a deeper understanding of existence.


6. Where Are All The Hidden Dimensions?

Have you ever wondered what lies beyond our three-dimensional universe? Join us as we explore the hidden dimensions of space and time. From string theory to quantum mechanics, we’ll dive deep into the mysteries of these unknown realms and discover how they could shape our reality. Learn about the potentials for multiple universes, parallel realities, and other mind-bending concepts that may be hiding in plain sight!


7. Four Dimensional Maths

Are you interested in understanding the fourth dimension? In this entertaining talk, Matt Parker will show you how to make 4D frames from drinking straws and pipe-cleaners, love hearts from Mobius strips and other maths tricks. You’ll also learn what happens when your mum knits a three dimensional shadow of a four dimensional donut – to wear on your head! Watch this video now to discover the challenges of visualising the fourth dimension.


8. Higher Dimensional Aliens

Have you ever wondered if there are other forms of life beyond our own? In this documentary we explore the possibility of higher dimensional aliens. We look at scientific evidence that suggests their existence, and discuss theories about what these creatures might be like. We also talk to experts who provide insight into how we can use technology to search for signs of extraterrestrial intelligence. Join us as we take a journey through the stars in search of answers!


9. 4th dimensional thinking: “it unlocked complete control”

Imagine having complete control over your life. Unlocking the power of 4th dimensional thinking can give you just that – a way to take back the wheel and steer your life in whatever direction you desire. In this documentary, we explore how 4th dimensional thinking has allowed people to unlock their true potential and gain total control over their lives. From financial stability to emotional freedom, learn how 4th dimensional thinking gives us all the tools necessary for success!


10. This Kid Explained About Fourth Dimension, Then Went Missing

Have you ever wondered what the fourth dimension is? It’s an abstract concept used to explain complex phenomena such as time and space-time. In this video, we explore the fourth spatial dimension and how it relates to length, width, and height. We’ll also look at examples of its use in physics, mathematics, and philosophy. Join us on our journey into the mysterious world of the fourth dimension!



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