In addition to quite exceptional archaeological wealth, Athens is also a modern city. Proud of their The Greek islands, despite their geographical remoteness, contain a wealth of archaeological wonders as well as modernity. Pierre Brouwers’ documentary takes viewers on an unforgettable journey across the Aegean sea and into the heart of Greece. Exploring past and present, Brouwers presents a multifaceted portrait of the country, from its breathtaking geography to its vibrant culture.

From a geographic perspective, the islands stretch across multiple climates ranging from temperate to Mediterranean to alpine. This variety gives rise to an abundance of unique flora and fauna throughout each region, some of which are found nowhere else in the world. The economy focuses largely on tourism with additional industries including fishing and agriculture. Local populations remain deeply rooted in their traditional values while also adapting to modern society’s needs. Their everyday life is a delightful mix of ancient customs and contemporary conveniences.

The documentary shows how Greece’s rich history forms an integral part of its present-day identity without detracting from its charm or beauty. In addition, it provides insight into varying aspects such as religion, education, marriage practices and more that could not be obtained through reading material alone. By delving even deeper into this country’s amazing geography, economy and people than most travelers ever get to experience first-hand, Brouwers truly captures all that Greece has to offer in one captivating film for viewers everywhere.


If you’re looking for a true glimpse into eternal Greece with more than just surface level clichés about the culture then Pierre Brouwers’ documentary is for you! Through his visual storytelling you’ll get an immersive view into what makes this country so special – something that no book or article can replicate! Whether it’s for inspiration on your next trip abroad or simply out of curiosity about one of Europe’s oldest civilizations, this film will give you an unparalleled understanding of why Greece remains such a beloved destination today.