Deadliest Journeys – Guinea: The Land Of The Forgotten

Dec 26, 2023 | Beauty, Culture, Environmental, History, Lifestyle, People, Travel, Videos

Guinea Conakry is a country full of potential in West Africa, yet the people are living in extreme poverty and battling many serious illnesses. At the center of this story is a race against time for desperate bush Taxi drivers to deliver much needed drugs and vaccines to those in need. In less than 24 hours they must traverse treacherous roads, hoping that the sick people and children awaiting their arrival can afford the medicine that will save them.

This story is told through a documentary called Guinea Conakry: The Race Against Time, an eye-opening exploration into this unique part of the world where infrastructure has been severely compromised by decay. From villages with no electricity to nurses using ambulances as their only form of transportation, it’s clear that Guinea Conakry is suffering from a deep lack of resources. Poverty has further crippled families, forcing children as young as 6-years-old to work and support their households.

The documentary takes viewers on an unforgettable journey through a landscape filled with medical challenges and resilience. It humanizes the plight of those in Guinea Conakry who are tirelessly fighting for access to basic healthcare provisions and encourages viewers to think twice about how privileged we are in other parts of the world.

We should all take some time out of our busy lives and watch this astonishing documentary so we can better understand what life is like for people living in Guinea Conakry – if we do not take action then who will? This film gives us an insight into some of the struggles faced by individuals in West Africa which should be acknowledged, respected and discussed, so please watch it today!

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David B