The 12 Best Documetaries About Boeing 737 Max

Jul 17, 2023 | Aviation, Best Of

It’s been a turbulent time for Boeing’s 737 Max aircraft – but now, we’re getting to the bottom of the story. Through documentaries examining this disastrous plane, viewers are able to gain valuable insights into what went wrong and how it affected people all over the world. Join us as we explore some of the most compelling documentaries about the 737 Max that have been released so far.


1. Boeing’s Fatal Flaw

Investigate the tragedy of Boeing’s 737 Max airplane with FRONTLINE and The New York Times. Uncover what Boeing knew about the potential for disaster, and how this led to the death of 346 people. This documentary reveals all that went wrong, and is a must-watch for anyone interested in aviation safety.


2. Boeing – what caused the 737 Max to crash?

Have you ever wondered what caused the Boeing 737 MAX to crash? In this documentary, we look into the shocking events surrounding both tragedies and investigate systemic failure widespread in the industry. We explore whether Boeing cared more about profit than safety, examine how market forces led to fatal errors, and learn how production structures of commercial aircraft have to change if we are to avoid similar crashes in the future. Get all of your questions answered with this revealing insight into one of aviation’s darkest days.


3. Scandal: Boeing’s 737 Max Disaster

The 737 was once the world’s best-selling airliner, but a series of design flaws have put it in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Scandal: Boeing’s 737 Max Disaster is an eye-opening documentary that shines a light on how a rush to keep up with competitors led to disaster. Uncovering hidden design flaws, see how this tragedy unfolded and learn what can be done to prevent similar disasters from occurring again.


4. Rogue Boeing 737 Max planes with minds of their own

Investigate the tragic Boeing 737 MAX disaster with Liz Hayes. This documentary looks at why two supposedly safe and advanced planes crashed, killing 346 people. You’ll learn what pilots fear when they fly the 737 MAX and whether or not Boeing could have prevented these catastrophes. Find out more in this gripping documentary about Rogue Boeing 737 Max planes with minds of their own.


5. The disaster aircraft: should Boeing’s 737 MAX ever fly again?

The 737 MAX disaster is a corporate catastrophe that shook the aviation industry. Join us as we explore what caused two Boeing planes to crash and take the lives of 346 people. Our panel of experts will analyze these terrible crashes, while Liz Hayes takes you into the cockpit of an aircraft designed with a fatal flaw. Will Boeing’s 737 MAX ever fly again? Find out in this documentary!


6. MCAS: The Silent Killer on the 737 MAX

Boeing’s 737 MAX has been the source of much controversy and tragedy. In this documentary, you will get an in-depth look at the cost-cutting measures that led to deadly crashes and a public outcry for answers. Uncover how corporate misconduct was exposed, lawsuits were filed, and public trust was shattered – all as a result of one plane model. Learn more about MCAS: The Silent Killer on the Boeing 737 MAX!


6. Why The Boeing 737 Max Is Flying Again

The Boeing 737 Max is finally taking to the skies again after two tragic crashes that killed 346 people and a worldwide grounding of almost two years. But can we trust the revisions made to the jet and software updates to the MCAS system? In this documentary, we explore why The Boeing 737 Max has been allowed back in our airspace, as well as look at how safety measures have been improved. Hear from experts who are both for and against this decision — so you can make up your own mind about whether or not it’s safe to fly on these planes again.


7. The Economics That Made Boeing Build the 737 Max

Learn the inside story of why Boeing decided to build the 737 MAX aircraft. This documentary takes you through the economics and financial decisions that led to the creation of this controversial plane, with interviews from industry experts and analysis of key data. Uncover what really happened behind-the-scenes at Boeing, so you can make informed decisions for yourself about air travel safety in light of recent events.


8. The History Of The Boeing 737

The Boeing 737 is an iconic aircraft that has been a crucial part of aviation history. From its first flight in 1967, the 737 has evolved into one of the most successful and reliable planes ever. This documentary dives deep into the story behind this legendary plane, from its many variants to how it became one of the most delivered aircraft in history. We’ll explore what makes this jet so special and why it remains a top choice for airlines today.


9. Did the 737 MAX Just Become Dangerous AGAIN?

The Boeing 737 MAX has recently been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Did this airplane just become dangerous again? In this documentary, we look at what happened to cause these issues and how they can be addressed. We’ll also explore some of the safety measures that have been put into place to ensure this never happens again. Join us as we uncover the truth about why the 737 MAX is once more under scrutiny and discover if it is truly safe to fly.


10. Who needs the Boeing 737MAX NOW?

The Boeing 737MAX is set to make its return to the skies after being grounded in March 2019, but the aviation industry now looks much different than it did then. So why are airlines not cancelling their orders of new aircraft? In this video I’ll explain four reasons that may be behind this decision. From a financial perspective and beyond, find out what’s driving these decisions and how they could affect the future of air travel. Please leave your thoughts in the comments below about the MAX returning to service and any other factors you think might be important here!


11. Boeing 737 That Started Disintegrating Mid-Flight

Witness the incredible story of Flight 243, a short island hop from Maui to Honolulu that quickly turned into a nightmare. When the plane reaches its cruising altitude of 24000 feet, a loud bang is heard and an unbelievable sight appears – a large chunk of the plane’s roof and walls has vanished! But against all odds, the plane manages to land safely. Find out what caused Flight 243 lose body panels in this thrilling documetary “Mayday: Air Disaster” from Season 3 Episode 1 “Hanging by a Thread”. Uncover how it might be linked to the mysterious disappearance of one of the flight attendants.


12. Inside the Boeing 737 MAX Scandal That Rocked Aviation

Unravel the story of Boeing’s 737 MAX 8 crashes, and the investigation that followed. Learn how this scandal rocked aviation and discover what the flying public can expect in the future. Our reporters break down all you need to know about this complex situation, so don’t miss out on this fascinating documentary!

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