Hong Kong : Star Of China

Nov 1, 2023 | Aviation, Culture, Environmental, Videos

The documentary ‘City of Ambitions‘ by Pierre Brouwers is a captivating exploration into the heart of Hong Kong. In a city where modern skylines are reflected in the still waters of its bay and neon illuminates the night, one can’t help but be entranced by the beauty and significance that this hub of Asia offers.

The documentary showcases various aspects of this bustling metropolis such as city-planning and architecture, cinema, Feng shui, Chinese medicine, Tai-chi, tea houses, sound and light shows, horse races as well as many other cultural elements which can all be seen in full color on screen. With expert narration and stunning visuals that take you deep into the rich culture and vibrant lifestyle that Hong Kong has to offer, City of Ambitions will leave you wanting more.

Not only does the documentary provide insight into some of Hong Kong’s defining features, it also captures life in all its complexity; from natural landscapes to high rise buildings and from ancient rituals to modern lifestyles. The film’s subtle yet effective use of music adds further emotion to an already powerful story; painting an image that tells much more than words ever could.

In City of Ambitions there is something for everyone: no matter what your interests may be or if you have prior knowledge about Hong Kong or not – you’ll find something intriguing every step along the way. This is truly a must-watch documentary as it brings to life not only a city but an entire world within it. For those seeking adventure or just a good story – this is worth your time.

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David B