The Story of the Lost Nuke

Oct 15, 2023 | Asia, History, Videos

On February 13th, 1950, a nightmare scenario unfolded high above the skies of Canada: a United States Air Force B-36 bomber experienced tremendous engine failure and the crew had to abandon the plane mid-flight. Sadly, several crew members were lost in the accident, as well as its hazardous cargo – a Mark IV nuclear bomb.

The crash site was located in the remote mountain ranges of British Columbia, far away from any potential dangers. It took three days for a rescue team to locate and collect the debris, bringing an end to a frightening episode for all those involved.

This fateful event is now part of history and has been documented in numerous books and films throughout the years. Most notably, it was featured in “The Plutonium Incident”, an award-winning documentary that tells the story through interviews with survivors and experts on the topic.

If you’re curious to learn more about this incredible feat of human survival amidst such chaos and danger, we recommend that you watch “The Plutonium Incident”. The film provides important insight into one of America’s most dangerous accidents during its nuclear age, while also highlighting how some good can come out of tragic events such as these.

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David B