The Money Lobby

Dec 27, 2023 | Asia, Political, Social, Videos

The 2012 US presidential and congressional elections saw a staggering six billion dollars spent, the most in history. However, the question remains: who is footing the bill for these costly elections? The answer to this lies in Political Action Committees (PACs) and Super PACs, entities that have monopolized the political discourse in the US at the expense of everyday Americans. The documentary “The Money Lobby” explores how PACs and Super PACs have been able to curry favor with wealthy donors, creating a privileged class that ultimately holds sway over our democracy.

The film follows three activists who are determined to break through this money-dominated system and restore power back into the hands of every American citizen. Through interviews with campaign finance experts and grassroots activists, as well as conversations with those inside the political machine, “The Money Lobby” offers an inside look at how power has become concentrated within a select few individuals and corporations. With an urgent examination of current events mixed with an eye on future solutions

viewers gain insight into just how pervasive these lobbying groups have become in modern American politics. By shedding light on one of today’s most pressing issues — campaign finance reform — “The Money Lobby” serves as a captivating call to arms for viewers looking to take up their fight against a system that has long been dominated by economic greed. Whether it be joining activists like those featured in the film or reaching out to your elected officials, citizens have more power than they realize when it comes to setting our country’s future course. We must all use our voices and take action if we are going to make a true change for our society. Watch “The Money Lobby” today and join millions of Americans who are speaking up against inequality in US politics. This thought-provoking documentary provides an essential window into what is possible when we come together for a shared cause: taking back our democracy from those who seek only their own benefit.

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David B