Who Is Torsten Hoffmann, The King of Crypto Documentaries

Jan 9, 2024 | Articles, Media

Bitcoin and other top cryptocurrencies have been around for more than a decade now. It’s mindboggling to think that billions of people still have no idea what this crypto revolution is all about. Of course, the film-making community has always had the ability to fill these knowledge gaps. All it takes is a good documentary or two to catch the eye of the “average Joe” and word starts to spread like wildfire.


Introducing Torsten Hoffmann – The King of Crypto Documentaries

It’s no mistake that German filmmaker Torsten Hoffmann (born in 1977) started making documentaries about the ongoing crypto revolution. After all, the man secured his MBA Degree in Finance from Oxford University. It was his interest in world finance that led to his curiosity about the inner workings of cryptocurrencies.

What has resulted from his curiosity is two (2) award-winning documentaries that chronicle the progress that cryptos have made through the years. His documentaries are consistently targeted towards helping the general population become more comfortable with the concept of using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin as a means of exchange for goods and services.

There is evidence that his work and the work of others are helping spread the news. It’s becoming increasingly common for people to use their favorite cryptos to make online purchases and get involved with online endeavors like crypto casinos.


Hoffman’s Crypto Filmology

Hoffman’s career as a documentary filmmaker started in 2014. That was the year that he turned to crowd-funding to raise $13k in capital for a movie concept on which he had been working. It was early the next year that he unveiled his first film “Bitcoin: The End Of Money As We Know It” at the Freedom Fest 2015 in Las Vegas. The film caught the eye of distributors and by the end of 2015, the film was released across several key video platforms.

“Bitcoin: The End Of Money As We Know It” starts by following the history of money over several centuries. It discusses the role the government plays in establishing the value of their currencies through central bank organizations like the U.S. Fed.

As the film points out the ways that governments are able to manipulate currency markets, it segways into how cryptos like Bitcoin offer a viable currency alternative. It’s presented as an alternative that is out of the reach of the government and other currency markets.

In an early video interview, Hoffmann stated:

“The documentary reveals some surprising and little-known facts about the money we use every day and introduces Bitcoin as a potential alternative. Our film is targeted at anyone who wants a crash course about this disruptive technology and has yet to find good and balanced media coverage. We suspect that the film will be popular among young adults working in the technology, start-up, and finance sectors as well as anyone interested in Libertarian ideas. ”

Next up in Hoffmann’s crypto filmology was “Cryptopia: Bitcoin, Blockchains and the Future of the Internet” (2020). It had been five (5) years since his prior film and much progress had been made throughout the world in terms of crypto’s acceptance as a means of exchange. While he had originally wanted to release this film in movie theaters, he ended up back on the internet with the release of this film.

In this film, he focuses a lot of the discussion on the inner workings of blockchain technology. He discusses how the technology has allowed for a decentralized approach to controlling currencies out of the reach of greedy powerbrokers. The film goes on to further discuss how blockchain technology has endless applications regarding things like inventory control.


One of the key players in the film was “crypto evangelist” Andreas Antonopoulos. In his interview with Hoffman’s crew, he discusses how crypto is still very much in its infancy. The marketplace still hasn’t decided whether or not crypto will be viable as a widely accepted means of exchange years from now.

In another interview, Bitcoin.com’s Executive Chairman Roger Ver astutely pointed out that governments print paper money to finance wars. Would not removing the value of paper money prevent the starting of wars if participants had no access to money?


More to Come in the Future

After his involvement with the Christian-focused documentary “Marketing the Messiah” (2020), it became clear that Hoffman’s interests go far beyond what is happening in the crypto space. His most recent endeavors are focused on taking filmgoers on a journey to space where new technologies are sure to expand our reach into the universe.

As for the world of Crypto, he is most assuredly not done. Progress is being made in crypto markets all over the world, and Hoffmann is expected to be a voice that will keep the masses informed.

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