Top 5 Movies for Your Romantic First Date

Jan 9, 2024 | Articles, Love

Few things will bring people together like becoming engrossed in the twists and turns of a well-made movie. Everyone has a shortlist of must-see viewings; those new releases they’ve seen advertised and can’t wait to book tickets for, and all-time favorites that can be re-watched over and over. The most memorable movies concern stories we can all identify with – it’s almost like viewing aspects of our hopes and dilemmas being projected onto a giant screen! This is why romantic films have a particular allure. These features have become a staple aspect of date nights the world over, with couples snuggling together in movie theatres – or on a couch with refreshments and access to the latest streams. Let’s celebrate the inextricable link between dating and film appreciation, topping this off with a suggestion of five movies guaranteed to get you hot under the collar!


Preparing for movie night

You’ll have a far better chance of really enjoying the date night if you ensure you’ve found someone who would be ideal for the situation. So, rather than making a drunken pass at someone in a club or bar, then asking if they’d like to accompany you to the cinema sometime, take this seriously! Your first port of call in searching for an appropriate one night friend should be to register with a platform where you’re guaranteed to come across a selection of single film buffs. You’ll quickly discover a cross-section of amiable individuals, any one of whom would be perfect for a film-themed rendezvous. You can flick through profiles, keeping an eye out for other site users who have listed films among their hobbies.

Alternatively, you could compile search forms where you specify the criteria you are actively seeking in a partner, especially someone sharing your passion for cinema. When you get around to exchanging direct messages, you can chat about everything from your favorite films to actors you particularly admire. Do you like action movies, vibrant nature documentaries narrated by David Attenborough, fantasies involving dragons and medieval sorcerers, or good old-fashioned romcoms? When it comes to a romantic film that will bring you and your significant other closer, the sky’s the limit. A vast film archive has accumulated over the decades, with hidden gems waiting to be untapped, and new titles being released daily.


Top 5 movies that will kindle the flames of passion

Pride and Prejudice (2005)

There have been many adaptations of the classic romantic novel by 18th-century English novelist, Jane Austen (a contender for the title of the inventor of romcoms!) but this spirited version, directed by Joe Wright, is fabulously romantic. The Bennet parents live in a rural, middle-class world where marrying off their daughters is all that stands between respectability and social ruin. This leads to many twists and turns as the respective sisters vie (or reject) the attentions of various suitors. But it’s Kiera Knightley’s electric performance as the high-spirited Lizzy Bennet that drives this engaging story, her presence ranging from coy to angry to passionate with the flick of her eyes.

Titanic (1997)

We all know how this film ends – the true-life maritime disaster when the passenger ship, The Titanic, struck an iceberg off the Newfoundland coast. But director James Cameron invigorates this tragic story with the searing passion of a shipboard romance between an ‘above deck’ passenger, the wealthy Rose (Kate Winslett) and ‘below deck’ street urchin, Jack (Leo DiCaprio). Their relationship may ultimately be doomed, but that just makes it more intense!

Up (2009)

In this animated masterpiece, Carl, an elderly widower, travels to South America with an explorer, to fulfil a promise made to his ex-wife. Although grumpy throughout, the final scenes reveal the depth of his feelings in the first flushes of love.

Some Like It Hot (1959)

This classic romcom has rightly earned its reputation as not only one of the finest romantic movies ever made but one of the greatest-ever films of any genre. Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis play two musicians forced to disguise themselves as, respectively, Daphne and Josephine, to avoid falling foul of Chicago gangsters. Add Marilyn Monroe into the heady cocktail as Josephine’s love interest, together with delightful supporting roles, and you have all the ingredients for a masterful romance.

About Time (2013)

Richard Curtis is one of the most capable rom-com screenwriters/directors of all. In this tear-jerker, when he reaches 21, Tim (Dohmnall Gleeson) discovers he can time travel. He uses this remarkable talent to keep returning to earlier parts of his life to try changing the outcome of key events, especially his attempts to woo Mary (Rachel McAdams). A film full of joy and pathos, this is also about the love of family and is unbelievably warm and wholesome – pretty much perfect for your first date.

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