Top 10 Longest Non-Stop Flights in History

May 5, 2022 | Articles, Aviation, Lifestyle

At the beginning of March this year, Emirates made history by launching the longest nonstop commercial flight. Using an Airbus 380, Emirates organized a commercial flight from Dubai to New Zealand, topping 14,200 kilometers in total. The Airbus left Dubai, and then traveled to Auckland, New Zealand, traveling for more than 17 hours back to Dubai. According to the company, the new flight saves three hours of the existing route that includes stop in Australia.

Traveling for more than 16 hours is not novelty in the flight industry. In fact, there were already several commercial flights topping that number. And with demand for international airline travel going through the roof in recent years, we can expect longer and longer flights. For example, Emirates also plans to start Dubai – Panama City route soon, that will eclipse the distance of the Dubai – Auckland route. That being said, let’s take a look at the 10 longest nonstop flights in history.

1. Dubai – Auckland, 17 hours 15 minutes, 8823 miles

As mentioned, Emirates made history by launching the longest flight, and now occupies the first spot on the list. Emirates will provide gourmet meals and fine wines for all passengers, including more than 2,000 channels of entertainment and information. Every passenger will get an individual screen to help him last through the layover-free hours.

2. Dallas – Sydney, 16 hours 55 minutes, 8587 miles

There was a time when this Qantas route was the longest flight in history. However, the Dallas – Sydney flight is now at second place, with the Australian airline company promising to use Airbus A380s for the flight to make it more enjoyable and comfortable for patients. Promoting the airline for the flight will provide more leg room and more seats for passengers, as well as more and better in-flight facilities.

3. Johannesburg – Atlanta, 16 hours 35 minutes, 8449 miles

To get to Johannesburg, Americans have to fly over the entire Atlantic Ocean in a plane provided by Delta Air Lines. Travelers from around the world don’t have to travel nearly as much to get to the home of the safari riches in South Africa. Sadly for Americans, this is one area where they have to “suffer”.

4. Los Angeles – Jeddah, 16 hours 55 minutes, 8439 miles

Los Angeles has one of the biggest airports in the United States, and many consider the center for airline travel on the west coast. That being said, it is only logical that there are couple of long commercial flights from Los Angeles. One of them is to Jeddah, the jewel of the Red Sea, a city that has magnificent hotel resorts, and a gastronomic scene that leaves much to be desired. Americans traveling to Jeddah will have to spend almost 17 hours in plane.

5. Abu Dhabi – Los Angeles, 16 hours 39 minutes, 8387 miles

Traveling to Abu Dhabi will require passengers to go further down in the United Arab Emirates, which means more miles and more traveling time. However, passengers on this plane have arguably one of the best in-flight benefits, as they travel in Diamond First Class, which comes packed with 6-foot reclining beds, a flat screen TV and much more. Some might say that you might not even want to leave this Etihad’s plane.

6. Dubai – Los Angeles, 16 hours 35 minutes, 8338 miles

Another flight from Los Angeles to the United Arab Emirates makes the list, this time to Dubai. Fun fact: Flying to Dubai might sometime take less time than driving to Vegas, especially during gridlock and traffic jam. That being said, Dubai is a city many people in the world would die to see, including Americans. With arguably the biggest, tallest and best looking skyscrapers in the world, Dubai is a modern looking city that offers comfort by the deep sea.

7. Dubai – Houston, 16 hours 20 minutes, 8167 miles

Los Angeles is not the only city on the West Coast that can take Americans to Dubai. Houston is another popular airport from where passengers can leave for the city in the desert. And the best part is, Emirates offers “cheap” and bargain round trips from the Texas city to the Emirates. Prices start at $1002 per round trip, which is bargain considering the high class prices from USA to UAE.

8. Dallas – Hong Kong, 16 hours 20 minutes, 8122 miles

Texans flying to Hong Kong will surely experience a culture shock, considering that the Chinese city is far away from the barbecue homeland they are used to. The flight was opened in 2014, and represents the first connecting flight between Dallas and China.

9. Abu Dhabi – San Francisco, 16 hours 15 minutes, 8157 miles

Another relatively new flight, Abu Dhabi – San Francisco was launched in 2014 and immediately became popular among Americans. And even though the flight is extremely long, passengers can again experience the benefits of traveling with Etihad Airways, arguably the best airline company in the world at the moment.

10. Dubai – San Francisco, 15 hours 50 minutes, 8103 miles

The United Arab Emirates have two nonstop connecting flights with San Francisco, but also several connections with airports in the United States. Speaking of Dubai – San Francisco, passengers enjoy the full benefits of Emirates airways, including entertainment screens and more leg room than ever for passengers in economy class. The first class seats are fully-reclining, and there are 42 of those seats in the airplane.

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